End Times Watch: I (partly) agree with Greeley One of the things I had a difficult time impressing on Kiwis was the degree to which 9/11 was *the* watershed moment in American history since Vietnam. Euros (and Kiwis, despite their geographic location, are Euros), just don’t get how traumatizing that event was for a nation [Read More...]


If something isn’t done about these lousy bishops, I’ll…. You’ll what? It’s a question worth asking yourself. You’ll turn your back on Jesus Christ in the Eucharist? You may, but you’ll be sinning to do it. You’ll withhold your tithe? Fine. Just don’t withhold it from the alien, the orphan, and the widow. You’ll get [Read More...]


A reader writes: Mark, with regard to the question about the wholesale canning of bishops, I think there is a common-sense way of proceeding. First, part of the problem certainly seems to be consultation — the current system of promoting bishops is incestuous and perpetuates the problem. I would like to see a group of [Read More...]


Another inspiring story of Bp. Grahmann’s Pastoral Greatness [Read more...]


Different kinds of intelligence It’s a commonplace that actors are dumb bunnies when they start talking about politics. However, I’m fascinated to note that actors (and indeed, artists in general) are often unable to talk very brilliantly even about their own work. I was reminded of this last night as I watched all the fun [Read More...]


When Miracles Happen to Small Groups… …such as the apostles on Easter, congenital skeptics complain that they never happen in front of large crowds. When they happen in front of large crowds, congenital skeptics say it was mass hallucination. Moral: congenital skeptics have a dogma against miracles that is bulletproof against any sort of human [Read More...]


Jeremy Lott Reviewing Yet Another Form of Fiction that Evangelicals Don’t Seem to Be Able to Write It takes a Catholic to give you flying Bible pages, sexually charged juridical parables, and creative swearing along with devout Christian faith. [Read more...]


Bp. Grahmann’s Oddly Selective Vigilance Father a kid by a nun and be accused of rape? No problem! Background checks are optional! Criticize Grahmann’s scandalous leadership: under the microscope you go! [Read more...]


Inside the Vatican on the Latin Indult rumors What will separate serious Traditionalists from the Reaction Lidless Eye crowd will be the reaction to this should it come. Serious Traditionalists will respond with some charity, class and grace. Lidless Eyes will scream that it’s all a ruse perpetrated by the evil modernist Pope for some [Read More...]


Toldja Read about it on my blog months ago. Read about it in the BBC today [Read more...]


Cardinal Maida Does the Right Thing. Aging Dissident Geezer Whines Refreshing! [Read more...]


A reader writes concerning the alleged historical precedent for Popes kicking out bushels of bad bishops… I’m not totally up on my history but I also believe there is little precedent for it. Here is a link for the Cath Encyc art on Theodosius, the Emperor who helped Greg Nazianzen wrap up Arian mess. See [Read More...]


Just Got This from a Friend We just saw “Matrix Reloaded” at Microsoft, as a “morale event”. It is pretty fun — more of the same as the original (which I only saw for the first time on Sunday). More fights, more bullets, more swirling black leather trench coats. Differences from the first: no icky [Read More...]


Some years ago… First Things published a piece (later expanded into a book) called How the News Makes us Dumb. The thesis is simply that lots of information does not impart wisdom, and that the great vacuum cleaner maw of the news requires something–anything–so that media outlets will have something to chatter about and keep [Read More...]


The Nightingale Alliance Seems to be Doing Good Work [Read more...]


Chewing things over with Rod Rod replies to my comments on his piece: I think, Mark, you’re parsing things too finely. In the context of this article, it seems to me that my meaning of “the Church” as a stand-in for the hierarchy of the Church is clear. Calling “the Times” arrogant is not meant [Read More...]


The New York Daily News sez… The Grey Lady refused to cover the Holocaust while it was happening. That would be the “paper of record” that wrings its hands about Pius XII’s alleged “silence.” And, of course, this is the paper that has never returned Walter Duranty’s Pulitzer. So the Blair Debacle is only “a”, [Read More...]


The American Prospect Drums its Fingers and Says…. “Well? Where are they?” I note as well that the rationale for the war seems to shifting (once again) to “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. Memo to those with TV-induced attention spans: we did not fight this war to liberate Iraq, just as we are not fighting other wars [Read More...]


The Romans 3:23 Effect The biblical teaching that “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” is one of those teaching that does not affirm us in our okayness very much. It’s something that utopians like to forget in their deathless faith in the perfectibility of man. One excellent way to forget [Read More...]


Thinking of the Church in Light of Biblical Revelation Like Dom, I think Rod got carried away in writing, “There’s a world of difference between Times Square and St. Peter’s Square, but they are alike in one way: Both are headquarters to institutions of enormous reach, influence and – it goes with the territory – [Read More...]


The Times has its Dallas Moment It would be nice to see somebody who “takes full responsibility” then actually go on to take full responsibility (Bp. Grahmann, you reading this?). Raines’ “I loved not wisely but too well” thing was oddly uncontrite. [Read more...]