What’s with the celeb fascination with outre forms of Judaism? First, Madonna’s little kaballah fashion craze, now Whitney Houston? Do any celebs ever convert to just workaday Judaism or Christianity, or does it always have to be unbelievably esoteric stuff that nobody’s ever heard of? Is there some celeb handbook that advises celebs in choosing [Read More...]


Saw “Dune” the other day Got it on DVD from the library. I’m a sucker for sci-fi, even (sometimes especially) bad sci-fi. I loved, f’rinstance, the Queen of Outer Space, which should be part of every film lover’s library of deliciously dreadful movies. But Dune is one of those films the falls through the cracks. [Read More...]


Lay vs. Clergy Perceptions of the Scandal I’ve been arguing for several days that one of the things Catholics are going to have to face is that we pretty much have the bishops that we’ve been content to settle for. I’m not saying that to excuse the bishops who have lied to and betrayed their [Read More...]


Hey! Good news! Scott Hahn Named to Cardinal Pio Laghi Chair at the Josephinum I’m tickled to hear it! There’s an interview with him at Zenit too. [Read more...]


When Scripture says… “Thou art my King and my God, who ordainest victories for Jacob. Through thee we push down our foes; through thy name we tread down our assailants. For not in my bow do I trust, nor can my sword save me. But thou hast saved us from our foes, and hast put [Read More...]


John Granger (author of the Hidden Key to Harry Potter) posted this in a comments box below (on one of the Harry Potter threads): A helpful distinction that may clear some of the smoke and heat from these exchanges is the one between incantational and invocational magic. Revealed traditions all condemn invocational magic; the Faustian [Read More...]


“I’m for gun control, he’s against it. I’m against capital punishment, he supports it. I’m for the right to abortion — even though I’m a Catholic — and he’s against it.” Canadian PM Jean Chretien, who was elected by a majority (including a majority of Catholics), helpfully illustrating that the majority of Catholics are pretty [Read More...]


The NY Times Returns to Knee-Jerk Evangelical Bashing Given the choice between Foaming Bronze Age Fanatics and Evangelicals, the NY Times reliably portrays the latter as the greater danger. How this thesis will sell to the people living on the south end of Manhattan who witnessed recent unpleasantnesses is unclear. For my part, I think [Read More...]


Was this really necessary? The Orange County Register has a quote from the brother of the priest who jumped to his death yesterday: In a statement read by his brother John, of Costa Mesa, the Widera family said Siegfried Widera “was not a threat to society as various government agencies have reported to the news [Read More...]


When Judging is a Virtue From this past weekend on Catholic Exchange. [Read more...]


When James “I’ll Challenge Any Catholic with a Pulse to a Debate!” White Decides You are Kooks Who Don’t Represent Catholic Faith Anymore ….perhaps that should be a clue that it’s time to stop calling yourself Catholic Apologetics International. If you are jumping up and down, waving your arms and shouting, “Me! Me! Debate me!” [Read More...]


If only rabbis could marry, this would never happen! [Read more...]


Amy’s having an interesting discussion of “Self-Mortification and Religion” One of the commenters writes something I’ve heard many times: i think the reason the institutionalized church didn’t come down harder on such self-mortification is because it essentially makes people docile toward authority (they’re not worthy), and any docility toward authority works in the favor of [Read More...]


More Evangelicals Mistaking the Bible for a Foreign Policy Manual “If they do anything other than make Jerusalem the capital of Israel, they would be messing with the word and the power of God.” Must be nice to be so sure of just what God is saying. [Read more...]


Greeley Gets Shrill and Irrational Point 1: Bush should have been able to instantly undo the screwed up military and intelligence apparatus bequeathed him by the Greatest Presidential Rapist of the 20th Century. Point 2: Bush should have instantly produced bin Laden’s head on a platter (instead of buried under Tora Bora, which is his [Read More...]


An Interesting New Catholic Evangelization Initiative Just in case some of my readers are interested in doing more than complaining about the Church. International Congress for the New Evangelisation and city mission in Vienna From May 23rd to June 1st 2003 the first International Congress for the New Evangelisation takes place in Vienna, Austria. This [Read More...]


Be afraid! Be very afraid! At Heathrow Airport today, an individual later discovered to be a public school teacher was arrested trying to board a flight while in possession of a compass, a protractor, and a graphical calculator. Authorities believe he is a member of the notorious al-Gebra movement. He is being charged with carrying [Read More...]


“Mahony is putting a severe strain on satirists.” [Read more...]


Believing More in Caesar Than in Hell Peter Isely, Milwaukee coordinator of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, said it was a shame Widera could not stand trial. “This man unfortunately leaves behind him countless and countless lives destroyed and families ruined,” said Isely. “If he had been brought to justice, it would [Read More...]


Victor Lams is My Hero [Read more...]


Proof that I Don’t Control All the Content at Catholic Exchange I think Fr. Aguilar is all wet in charging Harry Potter with gnosticism, but we at CE like diversity of opinion. [Read more...]