Remember as you read this… that this is being written by the same sort of people who were screaming “Quagmire!” four days into the war. [Read more...]

Another Sort of Icon of the Resurrection God still confounds the demon and rescues his sheep. By the way, I think they should give Jessie Lynch the Congressional Medal of Honor. [Read more...]

This sounds like a pretty good book on the Resurrection Scott Hahn has spoken well of N.T. Wright. Maybe I’ll check it out. [Read more...]

Easter Carol Spring bursts today, For Christ is ris’n and all the earth’s at play. Flash forth, thou Sun, The rain is over and gone, its work is done. Winter is past, Sweet Spring is come at last, is come at last. Bud, Fig and Vine, Bud, Olive, fat with fruit and oil! and wine [Read More...]

Happily, however: Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! Happy Easter! “Catholic and Enjoying It!” is back on the air! [Read more...]

If Christ Has Not Been Raised…. Then Christianity is meaningless and we should all find something else to do with our time. [Read more...]

Hooray! Thanks! Now Get Lost! For Americans bewildered by the mercurial ingratitude: This might be a good time to contemplate the lesson of Palm Sunday and Good Friday. For our fallen race, it’s never a very great distance from “Hosanna!” to “Crucify!” I’ve learned that myself this year, watching a great Pope become the object [Read More...]

My Easter offering (with special gratitude to Matthew) [Read more...]

Hey Kids! Collect All Ten! Offer void in Land of Goshen. [Read more...]

Presbyterians Grooming Replacement for Bp. Spong Why should Episcopalians have all the fun of laughing at an ecclesial twit? Meet Rev. Dirk Ficca. (Thanks to Evan Donovan for finding this.) [Read more...]

Amy Welborn’s Books for Lent is on the air! [Read more...]

Mike Dubruiel on Fr. Groeschel I pretty much agree with him. I think Fr. Groeschel’s worst failing has been his tendency toward over-the-top “blame the press” rhetoric. If it weren’t for the press, the Scandal would not have come to light. Period. He needs to quit talking as though this is primarily the press’ fault. [Read More...]

Huh? Bush’s hand-picked solicitor general to the Supreme Court — the one who represents the opinion of the White House to the Supreme Court — argued vehemently that sit-ins constitute extortion and that therefore Operation Rescue and Joseph Scheidler were guilty under RICO provisions intended for organized crime. What’s up with this? [Read more...]

Evan Donovan has a blog! E I E I O! [Read more...]

Lileks Points the Way! The solution to the Scandal has been found. If you are a priest given to proclivities for the underaged, just become a screenwriter and you’ll be lionized as a genius who does careful and realistic research! And if you are bishop, just become a director and you can overlook whatever your [Read More...]

A friend near the Beltway writes: This book was listed on the religion page of the WaPo this morning. You might find food for thought in it– Adventures in Missing the Point: How the Culture-Controlled Church Neutered the Gospel It is not yet available on Amazon or B&N.; Did get an e-mail saying it should [Read More...]

A cautionary tale for us all [Read more...]

And now a few words from a fan of the Old South A reader writes: I like Yankees. I really do. In fact, I consider myself a Yankee, having lived in Michigan virtually all my life (I was born in Canada). Nevertheless, I find Yankee sanctimony not merely annoying but historically unfounded, at least as [Read More...]

Dom Bettinelli does an interesting fisk of attempted hatchet job on Fr. Groeschel I saw this over the weekend and had my doubts about the article. Dom confirms them. Also, some good questions about what’s going on in Chicago and a quick glimpse of the slithery slippery eel-like behavior of the utterly disingenuous Cdl. Mahony, [Read More...]

Pete Vere expresses his misgivings about war [Read more...]

Bp. Adamec has a long history of gagging people It’s making me gag right now. [Read more...]