Another step toward defending the culture of sexual depravity Toldja so. Show me a culture the despises virginity and I’ll show you a culture that despises children. In a few decades, the Church will be condemned for opposing what evil clergy are now condemned for doing. It’s almost inevitable. If any form of sexual license [Read More...]

I’m no Young Earth Creationist… …and I don’t have a problem with evolution playing some role in the creation of the human person. However, I do find it fascinating when little tidbits from science fly over the transom and dovetail so suggestively with the story in Genesis. The biggest dovetail in the last century was, [Read More...]

Baloney Anti-semitism is a problem in Europe and the Islamosphere. It’s not a problem here (except on Enlightened College Campuses[TM]). As one Jewish wit has said, “[American] Christians don’t wan’t to kill us. They want to marry us!” By the way, read the body of the text and then try to figure out how they [Read More...]

Fascinating and Beautiful Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God. [Read more...]

Louisville Slugged for Big Bucks …and yet, there’s not enough money in the world that can pay for this evil. Blood of Christ, take away our sins! [Read more...]

Tolkien’s Body Clocked at 9000 RPM [Read more...]

Mustering its best Dr. Seuss Impression, the Arizona Republic begs… “Bishop O’Brien, Will You Please Go Now?” The time has come. The time is now. Just go. Go. Go! I don’t care how. You can go by foot. you can go by cow. Bishop O’Brien, will you please go now! You can go on skates. [Read More...]

The Last Two Essential Things You Need to Know about the Book of Revelation 3. Since Revelation is steeped in the thought, language and imagery of the Old Covenant, it therefore follows that the concept of “covenant” is uppermost in the mind of the author, including the ideas and imagery of the Old Covenant concerning [Read More...]

Kristof Continues the Push to Equate Christian Evangelization of Muslims with Islamic Terrorism Nice to know that the culture at the NY Times is so implacably stupid. [Read more...]

The Second Essential Thing you Need to Know about the Book of Revelation Revelation is steeped in the thought and imagery of the Old Testament and is written with the assumption that you will be too. That means that the author is not expecting you to see his quotations and allusions to the Old Testament [Read More...]

Canada Agrees to be Social Experimentation Lab for United States In a joint agreement with the US, Canada agreed to implement in as hurried and reckless a way as possible, and by judicial fiat, sweeping social changes that overturn millions of years of human experience and hundreds of years of English common law “just to [Read More...]

Mel Gibson Contra Mundi On the one hand, ya gotcher Rad Trad types (like Gibson’s Holocaust-denying dad who thinks jets were flown into the WTC by remote control). Everybody’s worried that the Old Man is the guiding force behind the film’s view of the Jews. On the other hand, you have the fluttery bureaucratic revisionist [Read More...]

Interesting idea! A reader writes: Popcak rightly observes that many of the 90% of Catholics who disagree with Catholic teaching on sex are really unaware of the teaching of the Church on these matters due to poor catechetics at every level. Poor teaching of the faith seems to be the root of many problems. Why [Read More...]

The West: Working to Stay Well Ahead of Al-Quaeda in Menacing Innocent Human Life But we’re waaaaaaaaay morally superior. All our butchery is privatized and sterile. So God is on our side. [Read more...]

By the way, one advantage of this blog… is that I am so sports-disinterested and illiterate that you’ve been able to go for days without ever reading the words “Say it ain’t Sosa” here. Not many blogs can make that claim. One more reason to stay tuned. [Read more...]

Some Pro-War Folks Appear to be Moving from “We’ll find ‘em! Just you wait, you antiwar idiots!” to… “[T]here could have been misstatements made, I think in good faith.” Does this mean they are giving up on ever finding WMDs? Isn’t that a bit premature? If they don’t find them, I think it’s certain *possible* [Read More...]

Bright Lights! Big City! The magic and dazzle of Steubenville, Ohio! Start spreadin’ the news! I’m leaving today! I want to be a part of it! Steeeuuuubenville! (Superior upscale big city Seattleite sneer inspired by HMS blog.) [Read more...]

Is that all? What a piker! I put it at 100%! But then, I have inside information (Matthew 24… the book of Revelation…). Does he know that “apocalypse” was used by Greek-speaking Jews of the first century to refer, not to nuclear war, but to the moment at which the bride and groom disrobed before [Read More...]

Well, Haloscan is working again I expect a few small hiccups more and then smooth sailing. Sorry for the hassle! I’m going to keep it cuz it loads way faster than YACCS. But if there’s another explosion, I will use YACCS as my emergency backup. [Read more...]

Fr. Rob Johansen puts the “God” in Robert Goddard …and muses about how sin makes you stupid, especially if you are a pro-choice Hillary worshipper. (Kudos to Fr. Brian Stanley for that great pun.) [Read more...]

People, people! Why is it that any attempt to point out that our culture is a huge factor in the Situation is always met with defensive stuff like “This doesn’t let the hierarchy off the hook, you know! Why do you keep blaming the laity? It’s the Pope who made these appointments! It’s the bishops [Read More...]