Jon Peters: Get a clue. Act grown up. Start your own blog. A favor to ask from the grownups on the blog. Drop me a line when he intrudes again. Be sure to note whose identity he is stealing. It takes just a second to delete him. It takes a lot longer for him to [Read More...]

And now the obvious question, Andrew… …how vastly disproportionate is the number of Oscar-nominated films by, for or about gays to the actual population of the United States? And, of course, how are these films doing at the box office? That gives a little clue on how the world outside the Hothouse is responding to [Read More...]

Wow! If jittery Wall Street guys in suits are panicking it *must* be Osama! “But Mark! Even Colin Powell cites the tape!” Well, it is rather to be expected when the tape declares a connection between Iraq and Al-Quaeda, innit? Me, I still think our Bronze Age friend is dead. Show me a video of [Read More...]

Rod Dreher on Ted Turner I think he’s on to something. Most of the outspoken atheists I meet aren’t so much disbelieving in God as angry at him. It’s a huge amount of energy to waste on somebody who’s not there. His portrait of Turner reminds me again of Flanner O’Connor’s observation that the South [Read More...]

Christopher Lee Takes Control of Hamas [Read more...]

Yes, but can the Federal Appeals Court in St. Louis make itself sane? In perhaps the looniest paragraph I’ve read this year, Greg Popcak links an article which sez: “The federal appeals court in St. Louis ruled yesterday that officials in Arkansas can force a prisoner on death row to take antipsychotic medication to make [Read More...]

Poets, Madonna and Richard Gere offer their foreign policy wisdom Over on HMS blog, I offer a scenario in which Dubya, Powell and Rumsfeld demand to be taken as seriously by the arts community as the arts community demands to be taken seriously by them. Help me out. I’m wondering what poetry by Dubya would [Read More...]

Lileks sums up my opinion of Michael Savage Talk radio has finally found the enraged Neanderthal that liberals have always feared *all* talk radio hosts were. He’s like a parody, he’s so boorish and abrasive. [Read more...]

On the bright side… Gerard Depardieu has had a deeper conversion experience. [Read more...]

Meet Msgr. Alan Placa “This is a person who was directly involved in the so-called policy of the church to protect children when in fact he was one of the abusers.” It’s too bad they don’t put people in the stocks anymore. However, if Caesar has the evidence and can lock him up, let it [Read More...]

Gluttons for punishment can go… here to read the details of the obscene and destructive crimes committed against the most vulnerable members of the human race (Adobe Reader required). To read it is to feel again the right and proper hatred of sin that Christ felt and that it is no sin to feel. The [Read More...]

More Proud Moments for the American Catholic Church And Caesar very sensibly wants to tighten up the law to keep it from ever happening again. You go, Julius! Feel free to throw as many criminals in the slammer as need to go, including bishops, if they’ve broken the law. Never again! [Read more...]

Boy Does This Guy Sound Threatened! Meanwhile, a reader (a big fan of Cornerstone and “completed Evangelical” who is now happily Catholic yet still, like me, fond of Evangelicals) writes them: Greetings and blessings, brothers and sisters. I just stumbled onto Jon Trott’s review of Open Embrace on your website, and I had to respond. [Read More...]

Who you gonna call? A reader asks: My son is a freshman at an alleged Catholic high school and is taking “The Bible” for his religious ed credit. Tonight he brought home some atrocious material (no author indicated . . . but I figured it out later) saying, essentially, that most of the New Testament [Read More...]

Jeremy Lott on Bush and Just War Lott on the concept of Just War Theory: “I think it at least one of the greatest hypocrisies ever invented” My response: ?! [Read more...]

Abortion: Improving the Lot of Women Worldwide! [Read more...]

Amy Welborn on “My Husband, the Priest” [Read more...]

The ever-helpful Greg Krehbiel on Why Islam is so Appealing [Read more...]

“The reason God created us was to earn heaven” Er, well, not exactly, Mr. Monaghan. But your heart’s in the right place with the college thing. However, forget the football idea. Make a good Catholic college. Don’t try to do an alternative history in which Notre Dame remains Catholic. Speaking of which, note the odious [Read More...]

By the way, we’re at Code Orange which is Your Government’s way of saying “Feel more afraid and helpless.” [Read more...]

The Adventures of Handshake Man “If America does not repent, there will be 50,000 casualties and a six-month war” with Iraq. If he’s wrong, do we stone him to death for being a false prophet? [Read more...]