Doublethink This article, in translation, seems to say, “The US is hell bent for leather to go to war against a country that has not violated UN Resolution 1441 and they’ll be sorry because Iraq will use all those WMD they don’t have.” [Read more...]

On the other hand… The space program (and sci fi devotees) preserve, at their best, one of the essential components of being human and being a Christian: the sense of wonder and even gratitude. (Even hard-boiled pantheists who think they are atheists like Carl Sagan can’t escape it. See Contact if you don’t believe me.) [Read More...]

WSJ on spirituality and space exploration Makes sense. The main place that serious theological speculation is being done on a massive popular scale is in science fiction. I don’t say it’s very *good* speculation. A lot of it is frankly garbage or embarrassingly shallow (see “Star Wars”). But it’s the only place where people feel [Read More...]

One of the reasons Catholic culture is so great It’s so down to earth! [Read more...]

A reader writes: I’ve included two articles (here and here) from the Columbus Dispatch concerning the attempted removal of three priests after their cases went before the lay review board. Two of the cases are pretty easy. The priests admit to wrongdoing. The third case is the interesting one. Father Weithman has been accused by [Read More...]

Jeremy Lott on Harold Bloom on Gnosticism Actually, I’ve long believed as well that the majority of Americans (including Christians) have a deeply gnostic hue to their faith. There’s a profound distrust of the Incarnation in our post-Protestant culture. Every flashpoint between Evangelicalism (and AmChurch) and actual Catholic faith tends to center around our encounter [Read More...]

Here’s the Vatican thingie on the New Age Movement Warning to American readers: Read twice and put the *most charitable* construction on it before you begin looking for your pet conspiracy. Use only under adult supervision. [Read more...]

St. Francis, Revised Blogging Version “Keep writing always, and if possible, get paid!” By the way, the PayPal button is still fully functional. (Thanks to Amy, who is currently undergoing treatment for withdrawal in my Methadone Comments Boxes.) [Read more...]

Now here’s an idea! Wouldn’t it be fascinating to see an episode on some TV drama where the hero or heroine is given vital moral support, information, inspiration and instruction by faceless people around the world who are members of, oh what should be we call it? “St. Blog’s parish?” I think it could be [Read More...]

This should be interesting… Vatican Weighs in on New Age Movement Haven’t seen the document yet, but the news report describes more or less what I’d expect (and agree with). Black helicopter types will no doubt see something ominous in Rome’s affirmation that New Agers have their good points, but that’s to be expected. As [Read More...]

If Christ Has Not Been Raised… The cover story from the latest issue of Crisis. Details my basic agreement with C.S. Lewis that the only thing more incredible than the Christian claims are the attempts to explain those claims away. [Read more...]

Goodbye to NY Exorcists I’m told by sources that Cdl. Egan is shutting down the ministry of exorcism in New York. Dunno why. It does sort of seem to me like getting rid of all the fire extinguishers in a burning building in order to cut costs. I suspect bureaucrats with little pastoral experience (like [Read More...]

Robert Sungenis Perfects His Captain Queeg Impression Concludes ringing defense against claims that he is anti-semitic by babbling accusatory questions about Roosevelt’s Jewish blood. I can practically envisage him rolling the little steel balls in his left hand as he was drafting this screed in its original crayon. Time to quit while you’re behind, Bob. [Read more...]

Wow! Proof of the Evil Conspiracy! [Read more...]

A friend writes, movingly: When the space shuttle disintegrated yesterday, they made it sound as if came apart over Lubbock or Dallas. I was hoping that the debris wouldn’t get as far as my grandmother’s ranch in southeast Texas.(My 84 year old grandmother singlehandedly runs a cattle ranch just outside a town called Broaddus.) However, [Read More...]

Justin Katz on the Columbia Disaster I felt bad for the astronauts and their families, of course. But it was strange how differently this affected me than the Challenger did. I’m not sure why. Anybody else notice a difference? It wasn’t, for me, nearly as traumatic. Odd. [Read more...]

One snippet from the ongoing bishop-induced trauma of the American Church The fact is, as Fr. Wilson has noted, the Church is bleeding from many wounds, large and small. But because of One Particular Wound which has received a great deal of notice, any attempt to deal with any other wound in the Body of [Read More...]

Nanotechnology Experts Worry about Things Most of Us Haven’t Even Thought About Yet [Read more...]

USF Jesuits: Hard at work Promoting the Radical Gay Agenda Now that that pesky Fr. Fessio is out of the way, the Stalinists at USF can settle down to the hard work of destroying the Church. [Read more...]

Incoming! Egads! All the mail and weblinks Amy used to get are starting pile up in my box! Glub! [Read more...]

Gasp! And yet… I know what she means. These things are giant energy siphons and I’ve got bible studies, articles, and a book to write as well as a fambly to raise. And bills to pay, which is not much helped by the $.02/day wage the average blogger makes. But more than that, there’s something [Read More...]