Okay. I’m glad the guy’s Catholic and all but… “If it’s truly a beneficial religion or belief system – whether it’s Catholicism or Islam or Judaism – it will hopefully make them a better person,” he says.” ???? I understand we live in a pluralist culture and I affirm the Church’s teaching on religious liberty. [Read More...]


News for People Who Understand High Finance I’m not among them, but I think Ave Maria Catholic Values Fund seems pretty cool. They invest in companies that take seriously Catholic teaching. [Read more...]


Jonah Goldberg Doesn’t Understand Andrew Sullivan, But I Do It’s fairly simple: anything that advances the cause to which Sullivan has dedicated his existence–his homosexuality–is good. Anything that stands in the way of that is to be fought, no matter how inconsistent on other issues Sullivan becomes. So the “privacy rights absolutist” trashes his principles [Read More...]


POCHWALA KLEPANIA MODLITW or “In Praise of Parrot Prayer“. Another translation of a Sheaving into Polish, courtesy of the indefatigable Jan Franczak. My goal: An email with a “.va” address reading, “Thanks, Mark. I learned a lot! All the best, Karol Woytila” Well, I can dream, can’t I? [Read more...]


Extreme Catholic is starting to agree with me …that abortion is the sacrament of the godless Left. Think about it: a sacrifice of an innocent victim that is the source and summit of unity among the godless Left–the only thing that holds the Left together. A perfect satanic parody. I will not be surprised if [Read More...]


“Did Indians Own Cats?” My six year old, Sean, wants to know. I think they were a European import. Anybody know? [Read more...]


Meanwhile, Liberals Continue to Show They are Jerks Conservatives have their foibles, as my Revised Conservative Version of the Bible shows. But for sheer intellectual vacuity, narcissism, cultural rot, and in many cases, celebration of evil, liberalism is the best game in town. Catholic faith is, as usual, at cross-purposes both with liberal and conservative [Read More...]


Rumors Galore The recently resurrected Fr. Rob Johansen’s “Thrownback” blog reports that there’s talk afoot of the Pope granting “a “universal indult” by the end of the year to permit all priests to choose freely between the celebration of Mass in the so-called Tridentine rite used up to 1962 before the disciplinary reforms of the [Read More...]


John 8:2-16 – Revised Conservative Translation Early in the morning he came again to the temple; all the people came to him, and he sat down and taught them. 3 The scribes and the Pharisees brought a woman who had been caught in adultery, and placing her in the midst 4 they said to him, [Read More...]


Wrap up on NZ On Thursday, I drove with my hosts, the Jensens, out to Matamata. There, we took the “Frodo” van out to the site of Hobbiton, a beautiful sheep farm out in the middle of the North Island. Great rolling hills and the archeological remains of hobbit holes. I got to sit on [Read More...]


Anybody fluent in Italian in the house? An Italian reader wants to translate Catholic Exchange’s Words of Encouragement into…well… Italian. We’d love that. My problem: I don’t know any Italian and so don’t know if his translation skills are any good. Here’s today’s Word of Encouragement and here’s his translation: —————————————— La Verita’ Mistica dell’Uguaglianza [Read More...]


My Favorite Photo From the NZ Eucharistic Convention This is the part of my talk where I pled with the Kiwis for justice and complained over Peter Jackson’s unwillingness to cast me as an Orc, despite my impressive dentition and ability to look and act dimwitted. They were sobbing over the injustice of it all [Read More...]


Scold Culture One of the curious features of the blogosphere is the urge to pass judgment on other people for things that are none of our business. In matters of public good, fine. Judge away. If a bishop lets a priest get away with rape, it’s legitimate fodder for discussion. If the cops are on [Read More...]


Jesuits Continue to Show that Jesus Welcomes Prostitutes Of course, Jesus welcomed *repentant* prostitutes, but those clever Jesuits can explain that part away. [Read more...]


Somebody asked if I saw something called “Planet X” while I was in NZ and sent along this delightful bit of paranoia quoted from somewhere… What are some of the Earth changes expected to take place as this planet approaches the Earth? McCanney: First of all, we don’t have a definite sighting on this object. [Read More...]


This is Cool! A Polish reader has translated my article “In the Breaking of the Bread” into Polish. [Read more...]


Andrew Greeley Lists Some Bad Reasons for Rejecting the Catholic Church I’m way ahead of you, Fr. Andrew. Here’s a list of reasons I compiled some time ago. [Read more...]


A reader asks A couple of years ago I found a list of approximately 200 -300 references made in the new testament to the old testament that were not found in a protestant bible. Have you any idea where I might find such a list? Nope. Anybody? [Read more...]


My Only Comment on the Bennett Gambling Thing C.S. Lewis once remarked that he didn’t offer advice to people about sins to which he himself was not tempted. I try to do the same thing. I’ve never felt the urge to gamble and I therefore don’t know what constitutes too much vs. just enough gambling. [Read More...]


The actual title of this article should be…. “Wayne Madsen Wants to Accuse Bush of Being Anti-Christ: Makes Vague Undocumented Claims That Pope Agrees with Him in Order to Have Hysterics” My comment: Give thou me, I prithee, a break, forsooth. [Read more...]


Un-Freakin’-believable “Psychics Speak at Our Lady’s Parish” Seances at a Catholic parish. It’s okay though, because the pastor is Fr. Walter Cuenin, who publicly dissents from the Church’s teaching and bravely demanded that Cdl. Law resign. Ezekiel’s words to bad shepherds come to mind. Lord, please discipline this lousy shepherd! [Read more...]