A very hopeful sign in Quebec! [Read more...]


News on our intrepid Mr. Blix [Read more...]


As a matter of fact… Purgatory is quite biblical. And commonsensical. Which is why the very commonsensical C.S. Lewis believed in it too: “I believe in Purgatory. . . . Our souls demand Purgatory, don’t they? Would it not beak the heart if God said to us, ‘It is true, my son, that your breath [Read More...]


Speaking of repenting… Bill Cork sez: “the bishop remains vicar of Christ for his local Church. And that demands our respect.” He criticizes bloggers who mock prelates of the Catholic Church. What can I say? Guilty as charged. And I apologize. It’s a difficult thing to distinguish the sinful acts of the occupant of the [Read More...]


And now a Word from the Sponsor of the Universe I’m seeing a lot of stories like this and, of course, the duct tape panic, and I can’t help but be reminded of this: I will send faintness into their hearts in the lands of their enemies; the sound of a driven leaf shall put [Read More...]


Bread? Naaaaaah. Have a stone or a snake instead. David Morrison is one of my heroes. [Read more...]


From our “Niggardly! Niggardly! Niggardly!” Dept. Eenie, meenie, minie, moe! The Sawyer Sisters are ridiculous schmoes! The biggest problem facing some members of the black community is not the color of their skin, but the thinness of it. Such people will never find happiness in this life or the next as long as their lives [Read More...]


Greg Krehbiel with Today’s Example of Post-Modernity’s Knack for Learning Exactly the Wrong Thing from Experience Teacher: “Suzy, please use the word ‘airplane’ in a sentence.” Suzy: “The bad terrorist brought a gun onto the airplane and threatened the passengers.” Teacher [shocked and angry): “Suzy! We don’t use that word in this school, and we [Read More...]


Poets for the War weighs in Yes, but has anyone given a serious critical appreciation of Dubya’s sonnets? Alas, no! His literary greatness is neglected by the artistic community! [Read more...]


You guys make my job so easy One reader wrote:”Everyone read Canto XV and XVI of Dante’s Inferno and then explain how priestly pedophilia is a phenomenon of modern homosexuality and the culture of dissent. It isn’t. (Why, there’s mention in XV of a bishop who was effectively “reassigned” by the Pope when he got [Read More...]


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That’s why they call us the Soviet of Washington [Read more...]


Somebody else noticed! George Neumayr notes the bizarreness of those who spend all their time wringing their hands over Pius XII (who saved 80,000 Jews) while simultaneously actively supporting the virulently anti-semitic Radical Islamists all around them. It’s why it’s so hard to take them seriously. Here’s another reason they are so hard to take [Read More...]


Baptists Boycott German Beer and French Wine [Read more...]


I’m reminded of that scene in Independence Day (Possibly the most derivative sci-fi movie ever made. A film that actually *revels* in derivativeness.) But it does have this bit of dialogue that captures the Radical Islamic view of the West: President talking to alien who is using Dr. Okun’s body as a mouthpiece: What do [Read More...]


Duct tape? [Read more...]


Phone the Neighbors and Wake the Kids! Catholic Scripture Study is free! If you haven’t done so, you should really check out our faboo *free* downloadable Catholic Scripture Study of John at Catholic Exchange. This *free* study, which is offered free of charge, is written by Scott Hahn and my wife’s husband and is not [Read More...]


Jon Peters: Get a clue. Act grown up. Start your own blog. A favor to ask from the grownups on the blog. Drop me a line when he intrudes again. Be sure to note whose identity he is stealing. It takes just a second to delete him. It takes a lot longer for him to [Read More...]


And now the obvious question, Andrew… …how vastly disproportionate is the number of Oscar-nominated films by, for or about gays to the actual population of the United States? And, of course, how are these films doing at the box office? That gives a little clue on how the world outside the Hothouse is responding to [Read More...]


Wow! If jittery Wall Street guys in suits are panicking it *must* be Osama! “But Mark! Even Colin Powell cites the tape!” Well, it is rather to be expected when the tape declares a connection between Iraq and Al-Quaeda, innit? Me, I still think our Bronze Age friend is dead. Show me a video of [Read More...]


Rod Dreher on Ted Turner I think he’s on to something. Most of the outspoken atheists I meet aren’t so much disbelieving in God as angry at him. It’s a huge amount of energy to waste on somebody who’s not there. His portrait of Turner reminds me again of Flanner O’Connor’s observation that the South [Read More...]