NY Times on the Bishops’ Conference The hopeful thing here is that Bp. Wuerl, who is one of the good guys, sees progress. [Read more...]


The more I see things like this… The more I think John Granger is right and that Christian Harry-haters are going to have a *lot* of crow to eat. What a beautiful, thoughtful woman J. K. Rowling is. [Read more...]


St. GKC: Ora pro nobis! A reader asks: My problem is more a question of where to go to interact with people who are wading through the same texts at the same time, to get the benefit one would get with well-guided classroom discussion. Think of it! We are living at a time when we [Read More...]


Get out your scorecards! Just got this from author John Granger (The Hidden Key to Harry Potter): Dear friend, Your prayers. It is the day before the day before ‘Harry Day’ and I write to you to give you a scorecard to have at hand as you read ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the [Read More...]


Just because you have a strong maternal instinct doesn’t mean you’re a good mother Use comments for punchline. [Read more...]


Commotion in Dallas Point Counterpoint [Read more...]


Ecumenical Dialogue with a Kick to it It’s the 21st century. Catholics have been praying in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for, oh, 21 centuries. They’ve been saying the Creed for a little less time. Idolatry and paganism have been eschewed by the teaching of the Church for, well gosh, look [Read More...]


Vote for Dick Gephardt Betrayal and abandonment of a spouse is A Okay, if you suddenly discover you are a lesbian. “Whatever is right for her, I trust her,” her father, Dick Gephardt said. I suppose a father could say, “I unconditionally love her”. But why on earth should anybody *trust* her? Showing the moral [Read More...]


God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise, God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong, God chose what is low and despised in the world, even things that are not, to bring to nothing things that are, so that no human being might boast in the [Read More...]


End Times Watch… Andrew Greeley and I agree! [Read more...]


Haloscan is undergoing its weekly lobotomy. Comments will, I presume, be back soon. [Read more...]


Sola Psyche and the Sacramental Economy … from the awesome St. Catherine of Siena Institute. The seven sacraments–including the sacrament of Holy Orders–are the normative way in which Jesus gives us his life. Yes, it’s true that “We are bound by the sacraments, but God is not” and so a Catholic should not presume to [Read More...]


Every development of doctrine spawns a conservative heresy or schism as well as liberal ones Most recently, developments in the area of ecumenism and the dignity of the human person have spawned conservative schismatics like the SSPX and well as all the New Age froot loops types. T’was the same in the New Testament period. [Read More...]


Jesuits: Redefining the Missionary Task for the 21st Century! A reader informs me that the Jesuit Urban Center was voted the best place in Boston to meet gays by Boston Magazine! I bet, (to paraphrase the lawyer of one of his victims) if he weren’t a damned pervert, Paul Shanley would be voted their hero. [Read More...]


Bloody hell His father committed suicide when he was 12. Geoghan took this boy out for ice cream to “minister” to him and then sexually abused him. Ora pro nobis! [Read more...]


APA rejects move to normalize pedophilia… …for now. You think the first attempt to normalize homosexual practice was successful? You think they people pushing for it gave up after one failure? You wanna buy the Brooklyn Bridge? [Read more...]


More on 19th Century Thinking As the story below makes clear, many Catholics are also still stuck in the 19th and early 20th Century in assuming that the structures erected then are still doing the job for which they were erected. They aren’t. With the exception of a *very* few schools, most Catholics college are, [Read More...]


Trading our Birthright for a Pot of Message John Dunlap on AmChurch Academe’s teenage demand for childhood privileges and adult rights. 35 years ago, the American Church said, “Gimme the keys to the car, old man! And stop telling me what to do!” It started sneaking out of the house at night, growing sullen and [Read More...]


Villain Supply.com: Your Online Source for Everything Evil [Read more...]


Speaking of which… One of the saddest omissions from the Protestant canon of Scripture since the Reformation was the loss of the book of Wisdom. Full of… well… wisdom it was a big influence on New Testament and patristic thought and was the source of one of the most remarkably prophetic passage in the Old [Read More...]


The Nightingale Alliance… still busy opposing assisted suicide and euthanasia. And God help them in the fight. Attn: short-sighted Boomers. Support euthanasia today, and your kids will be happy to avail themselves of it tomorrow when you get too old to change the Beatles CD yourself. You can’t say Roe v. Wade hasn’t taught anything [Read More...]