My Visual Media Recommendations Just updated ‘em. Check ‘em out. Buy a bunch of them! I get a few cents on the purchase, which will enable me to get The Two Towers DVD when it comes out. [Read more...]

He Must Have *Really* Loved Juanita Broadderick What an amazingly incestuous bunch of slimeballs. And Morris doesn’t impress me for going back to work for the Big He. I hope his new Catholic faith is making a dent and not just affirming him in his okayness. There’s something demonic about the Clintons hold over people. [Read More...]

All of the Above A reader asks: Question: who looks more absurd here – the Lutheran priest who doesn’t believe in God; the female bishop who wants to fire him but can’t; the government that is so secular it employs all the priests, including the atheistic ones; or the theology professor who thinks it’s refreshing [Read More...]

Bp. Kelly of Louisville: The People’s Choice Some background on good Bp. Kelly is here. Resisting the impulse to dub him the “Louisville Sluggard” for his spectacularly negligent and costly oversight of his diocese, I wish to enlist none other than Rod Dreher, with whom I have had a long and friendly disagreement, concerning the [Read More...]

Science! Researchers have identified a pattern in the molestation crisis afflicting the Roman Catholic Church: most of the victims are older boys. In other news, scientists have noticed a definite alternating light/dark pattern in the rhythm of day and night. Noting this trend [!], some high-ranking Catholics have concluded that many abusive clergy are gay, [Read More...]

Sure hope this doesn’t suck The guy playing “Luther” looks awfully dewy and ‘N Syncish. He should be beefier, like Kenneth Branagh. I hope it’s a human portrayal, neither hagiography nor demonization. A fascinating, tragic, courageous, hateful, brilliant, deeply disturbed, intensely pious, tender, sentimental, sensitive, brutal, and (near the end of his life) quasi-deranged man. [Read More...]

Horrid Red Things, Vitamin Theories, and Intelligent Design A reader gripes: [N]on-disprovable philosophies … such as “Intelligent design” only serve to make Christians look ignorant. I assure you that if the Catholic Church maintained such nonsense as articles of faith, no scientist with personal integrity could be Catholic. It would appear to me that the [Read More...]

Dave Pawlak Asks a Question [Read more...]

Feds Create Special Department to Ban Death and Repeal the Second Law of Thermodynamics or at any rate, they might as well do it, since they’ve created a department which promises to achieve the quixotic goal of making sure “we never become complacent again”. Someone in the Homeland Security Department needs to learn the meaning [Read More...]

Pulitzer Takes Prompt Action Toward NY Times Journalist’s Fraud and Lies Jayson Blair was a piker compared to Walter Duranty and his apologias for Stalinist mass murder. The New York Times: The Journal with a Record [Read more...]

Another step toward defending the culture of sexual depravity Toldja so. Show me a culture the despises virginity and I’ll show you a culture that despises children. In a few decades, the Church will be condemned for opposing what evil clergy are now condemned for doing. It’s almost inevitable. If any form of sexual license [Read More...]

I’m no Young Earth Creationist… …and I don’t have a problem with evolution playing some role in the creation of the human person. However, I do find it fascinating when little tidbits from science fly over the transom and dovetail so suggestively with the story in Genesis. The biggest dovetail in the last century was, [Read More...]

Baloney Anti-semitism is a problem in Europe and the Islamosphere. It’s not a problem here (except on Enlightened College Campuses[TM]). As one Jewish wit has said, “[American] Christians don’t wan’t to kill us. They want to marry us!” By the way, read the body of the text and then try to figure out how they [Read More...]

Fascinating and Beautiful Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God. [Read more...]

Louisville Slugged for Big Bucks …and yet, there’s not enough money in the world that can pay for this evil. Blood of Christ, take away our sins! [Read more...]

Tolkien’s Body Clocked at 9000 RPM [Read more...]

Mustering its best Dr. Seuss Impression, the Arizona Republic begs… “Bishop O’Brien, Will You Please Go Now?” The time has come. The time is now. Just go. Go. Go! I don’t care how. You can go by foot. you can go by cow. Bishop O’Brien, will you please go now! You can go on skates. [Read More...]

The Last Two Essential Things You Need to Know about the Book of Revelation 3. Since Revelation is steeped in the thought, language and imagery of the Old Covenant, it therefore follows that the concept of “covenant” is uppermost in the mind of the author, including the ideas and imagery of the Old Covenant concerning [Read More...]

Kristof Continues the Push to Equate Christian Evangelization of Muslims with Islamic Terrorism Nice to know that the culture at the NY Times is so implacably stupid. [Read more...]

The Second Essential Thing you Need to Know about the Book of Revelation Revelation is steeped in the thought and imagery of the Old Testament and is written with the assumption that you will be too. That means that the author is not expecting you to see his quotations and allusions to the Old Testament [Read More...]

Canada Agrees to be Social Experimentation Lab for United States In a joint agreement with the US, Canada agreed to implement in as hurried and reckless a way as possible, and by judicial fiat, sweeping social changes that overturn millions of years of human experience and hundreds of years of English common law “just to [Read More...]