They’re tunnelling under your house! They’re taking over the world! Something for the Worry Wart in your life to be paranoid about. [Read more...]

Ick. Greg Krehbiel writes Can you imagine letting your kid do something like this? Of course you can’t, sensible reader, because to you, the concept of “letting your kid” do something makes sense. Those words register in your mind as a real concept. But to a large number of parents, that concept is meaningless. They [Read More...]

Bp. Grahmann Continues to Rack up… applause and accolades. [Read more...]

Hitchens on How the Truth of Romans 3:23 Fouls Up Reconstruction in Iraq No. He doesn’t really cite Romans 3:23, but it’s still true. [Read more...]

Wick Allison Weighs in on Bp. Grahmann’s Continuing Boffo Job [Read more...]

Wick Allison Weighs in on Bp. Grahmann’s Continuing Boffo Job as Bishop [Read more...]

Kevin Jones Thinks Bush is Blasphemous Scroll down to “Bush the Blasphemous and his Messianistic Nationalism” I think Bush is, well, typically American. This sort of rhetoric goes all the way back to the desire of Pilgrims to make America a city on a Hill (thereby arrogating to the US the role of the Church). [Read More...]

Yoiks! Readers object! “How can you say the bishops have a sense of responsibility! etc. etc.” I was not really trying to paint the American bishops as paragons of responsibility. My point was that the NY Times Troika were even *more* pathetic. Sort of like saying “Irish cooking is like English cooking, except without all [Read More...]

Busy tomorrow, so not much blogging I’ll check in, but it’s crunch time in the Hebrews bible study writing department for the next few weeks. Meanwhile check out Catholic Exchange’s study of John (written by Scott Hahn and yer humble scribe) . It is, ahem, a very fine one if I do say so myself. [Read More...]

First, the Catholic Church. Now, the Grey Lady Being a firm believer in the superstition that bad things always come in threes, I would like to start a pool to bet on what will be the third trusted cultural institution to implode in a dramatic and messy way. Said institution has to be trusted to [Read More...]

More odors wafting from Dallas The thing I don’t get is why “the Los Angeles County child-support department recently urged her to settle the matter for $1,000 and to sign two documents: one agreeing not to accuse the church further and the other stating that Monsignor Villaroya is not the boy’s father” if she’s got [Read More...]

A glowing sign of the health of our Republic Even if the Dems *weren’t* a pack of whining ciphers, I think it’s a very good sign that most Americans have more important things to think about than these guys. [Read more...]

A proposal Everytime you pray a prayer for victory of US troops against Bronze Age thugs, offer two prayers for the equally courageous apostles to the Islamic world. [Read more...]

Yet another study shows reality of post-abortion trauma “Shut up!” explain pro-abortion zealots. [Read more...]

Case in point This guy would benefit much more from the way the Pope interacts with human beings than from having his Mom called a “towelhead.” Without a lot of pushing, many Muslims in the Mushy Middle would like to draw closer to the West (and some are even very curious about Christ. I’ve corresponded [Read More...]

So Am I Saying Bronze Age Thugs Shouldn’t be Challenged? No. I’m saying that there are smart and stupid ways of challenging the Bronze Age Thugs at the darkest end of the Islamic spectrum. The stupid way is for the leaders of the Catholic Church to do as faux valiant comment box writers demand and [Read More...]

St. Wayne Newton, ora pro nobis Actually, this sounds kinda fun. The Lidless Eyes over at Novus Ordo Watch are, of course, in high dudgeon (“The perversity and wickedness and absurdity of the Novus Ordo Religion knows no bounds!”). But then all forms of human merriment cause their sphincters to slam shut. [Read more...]

NY Times Management: Like American Catholic Bishops Except Without the Sense of Responsibility For all their slowness to criticize themselves in any meaningful way, at least the American bishops were capable of mustering this back in Dallas: The Penance that is necessary here is not the obligation of the Church at large in the United [Read More...]

Read it here on May 8 Read it on on May 13: The Larger Question: The editor-in-chief of the New York Times, one Howell Raines, now famously has said that no paper can protect itself against a liar. This would indicate that the filters, checks and balances that Big Media spoke so high-mindedly about [Read More...]

“We’ve got to say how peaceful they are, or they’ll kill us” Both Evangelical missionaries in Islamic lands and the Vatican tend to take the same tack toward Foaming Bronze Age Fanatics: try not to piss them off unnecessarily since they tend to kill innocent people with little provocation. Plump, comfortable suburban people with absolutely [Read More...]

Madonna Gets Religion I certainly hope Madonna internalizes something besides the worship of Madonna from this latest fad in the ever-changing kaleidoscope of new identities and personas. It would be a step, however meager, from her almost total self-absorption if she did. But one gets the impression that this is simply the latest fashion accessory, [Read More...]