Gee, Hitchens is good! [Read more...]

Bravo to Wick Allison! …for his challenge to Bp. Charles Grahmann, the lousy bishop of Dallas who is beginning to pull into the lead for the coveted Worst Still-Serving American Bishop award. You can’t jerk your flock around forever, Bishop. In Persian, they say, “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin”. In Dallas, it’s “Don’t Mess with Texas.” [Read more...]

There are Christians who Define Themselves in Terms of What They Are Not Some Protestants spend virtually no time proclaiming their Faith because they are too busy Not Being Catholic (like the guys at what I affectionately refer to as Theoretically, they are about Jesus. Really, they are about attacking Catholics. Likewise, there are [Read More...]

A Problem That May Be Coming Down the Pike Someday for Christians is the insistence by some conservative Jews that the Temple be rebuilt after the razing of the Dome of the Rock. I’ve given this little thought myself, but I suspect it will throw Evangelical supporters into a tailspin while the Catholic Church (as [Read More...]

The “Progression” from Rational to Irrational Atheism In the good old days, atheists were bold, muscular manly men who courageously offered that they were paragons of Reason bringing the light of Truth to a world huddling in fear and ignorance due to the hoodoo and priestcraft of benighted fools. Science and Reason were the new [Read More...]

Scott Hahn’s Salvation History Site has a Blog! Christopher Cuddy is on the air! Salvation History is a great resource for Catholic biblical study, by the way. Check it out! [Read more...]

Shoutin’ Bill Donahue sez… A Voice of the Fuddled member is the driving force behind yet another attempt to destroy the Seal of the Confessional. But of course. Voice of the Fuddled does not have a *clue* what the Faith is. Naturally, its loopier and most embittered members are going to launch attacks on the [Read More...]

Hitchens: Making Sense Again [Read more...]

Glob of chemicals named “Andy” struggles to show that its epiphenomena are “true” while Christian globs of chemicals have epiphenomena that are “false” and even “ridiculous”. Actually, Andy, the point is that, on your showing “mind” is simply one contortion on the idiotic face of matter. Why should I think it “higher” or more important [Read More...]

By the way… Loved the call for a ban on cloning and partial birth abortion. Let’s see if the Stupid Party tries to weasel with the “health of the mother” escape hatch that renders the ban null and void. [Read more...]

Heard the SOTU Like always, came away liking W and trusting in his basic goodness and intelligence. (Yes, intelligence. Bush lacks verbal intelligence, which is the only sort of intelligence the chattering classes recognize. If you are verbally gifted (like Richard Dawkins) you can be an absolutely blithering idiot in other forms of intelligence (like [Read More...]

She’s been so kind to this blog and I’ve been so remiss So, without further ado, let me point you to a fun new addition to St. Blog’s, Karen Hall’s Disordered Affections. [Read more...]

Celebrity Death Match In this cornah, the Lidless Eyes from Novus Ordo Watch (a bunch of really courageous guys who give absolutely no information on who they are, but who follow the ancient apostolic command to bitch and complain and despair and point fingers.) vs. In this cornah, The Lidless Eye Inquisition (happy warriors for [Read More...]

Down below… I mentioned that both Sts. Ignatius and Teresa noticed the difference between their shallow Catholic youth and the genuine life of conversion they embarked on as adults. Somebody asked what I was talking about. Both saints had profound experiences of deepening conversion in their adult lives which led to them abandoning their former [Read More...]

Andy writes concerning my “globs of chemicals called ‘atheists’” blog To matter – to be of importance. Importance is defined and assigned by the human mind. I consider my life to be important to me, therefore it matters to me – the future heat-death of the universe is of no consequence to my present assigment [Read More...]

Someday you’ll be able to fax your cat Are there any Catholic theologians keeping up with this stuff? A Church that thinks in centuries had better acquire what St. Thomas calls “agility” to deal with these swift changes (note that I do not necessarily call it “swift progress”). We don’t know if these new technologies [Read More...]

Another Surreal Proof that the UN is a Total Waste [Read more...]

Forgot to say I had a wonderful time in British Columbia this past weekend. Redeemer Pacific College is a really happening place and I’m confident we’re gonna see some terrific Christian leaders come outta there. In fact, Jeremy Lott (who I met and with whom I had a delightful conversation) is from there. [Read more...]

The JDL vs. Spike Jones One of the curious things about the difference between the WWII generation and ours is the way in which we deal with the figure of Adolf Hitler. The generation that actually defeated Hitler heaped gobs of ridicule on him: When Der Fuehrer says, “We ist der master race” We HEIL! [Read More...]

“Are you a Christian?” Below, one of my readers has suggested it is somehow insulting to compile a Catholic/Evangelical phrasebook. But I am in earnest. There are lots of things which Evangelicals and Catholics say which the other party either does not understand or, worse, *thinks* he understands. To pick a random example, a Catholic [Read More...]

Conflicted About War I think it’s no secret that I’m conflicted about war with Iraq. I plump, tentatively, in favor of it, but respect deeply some of my friends who oppose it. (I don’t respect all who oppose it since a great many of them seem like ninnies or cads. On the other hand, some [Read More...]