Don’t Mess Wid Da Monk! [Read more...]

Speaking of Addiction to the Drug of Wrath The Lidless Eyes at Novus Ordo Watch detect EEEEEvil at work in JPII’s allowance of a Latin Mass: Vatican Announces Traditional Mass in St. Mary Major for May 24. And what will the Mass be offered for? True Peace? Conversion of Sinners? End to Abortion? Conversion of [Read More...]

“We’re powerless! Nothing we do can change anything!” Well, not exactly. Just got this from a reader who was one of the people who actually tried to *do* something about Abp. Flynn’s announced award to a St. Joan of Arc ninny: May 20, 2003 Dear Martin, Thank you for your e-mail of May 20, 2003 [Read More...]

Each Diocese is Fully Church A bit of theological trivia for you. Just as Jesus is fully present in each host, so the Church is fully present in each diocese in union with a bishop. What this means, practically speaking, is that the full resources necessary to the healthy functioning of each diocese are present [Read More...]

A Grateful Nation Cries with One Voice “Leave! We’ve got a corrupt crime syndicate government, aspiring network of Foaming Bronze Age Fanatics and vendetta system we need to erect and you Yankees are slowing us down!” [Read more...]

US Phasing in Bill of Rights Slowly in Iraq Second Amendment still some time from implementation. First amendment subject to veto in case of free exercise of Bronze Age Fanaticism. [Read more...]

Bp. Grahmann Berates His Stone-Throwing Flock Hey! I’m all for forgiveness and second chances. But there is the little fact that this guy was not only involved in a violation of chastity, but in a credible charge of *rape*. The issue, Bp. Grahmann, is your failure to do a serious background check on the guy. [Read More...]

Thank God for rigid, religiously motivated minorities Though, truth to tell, I miss ol’ Jack Kevorkian. He was the *creepiest* poster boy for euthanasia imaginable: a man who liked to photograph the eyes of people at the instant of death, a man who killed people who weren’t sick and then removed their kidneys for display [Read More...]

I’m getting correspondence suggesting I’m “anti-Israel” cuz I think Evangelicals are rather over-confident about “third Temples” As I say, I think Jews are entitled to a homeland–not unlike Palestinians. Catholic tradition is rather friendly toward the idea that nations have a right to live someplace. That said, I am highly skeptical of Christian eschatological schemes [Read More...]

“I’m.. a victim… too!” This is not a good article to read the day you find out your employer can’t afford to keep up your dental insurance (four kids, 80-100 teeth, lotsa cavities), you are scrambling to make ends meet and figure out how the hell you will afford 5 different necessities and pay the [Read More...]

When Evangelicals Mistake Scripture for a Manual on Foreign Policy “We may have disagreements about who [the Messiah] is,” Mr. van de Hoeven said, “but He is not coming back to a mosque but to a third temple.” He is? That’s news to the Catholic eschatological tradition, as far as I know. I know of [Read More...]

Catholic World News’ Blog Wins the Prize! ….for the most maddening, useless and irritating technology. It’s frustrating. They have terrific writers and really interesting tidbits. But the technology they use makes it impossible to link to the specific tidbit you want. All you can do is post the link to the main site, (like so) [Read More...]

Workload…. Crushing… Must… Distract…Readers! Tons of stuff to do in the next few days and not much time to blog. So, my solution is: get you guys to argue among yourselves! And happily I have just the topic. A few days ago, I posted this in response to people who are muttering in vaguely threatening [Read More...]

Fr. Rob Johansen Agrees that We Pretty Much Have the Shepherds We’ve Asked For He also offers a concrete suggestion for helping to support a positive Catholic “point of light” in the culture: help support Leonardo DeFillipis’ film on the life of Therese. [Read more...]

South Park pro-life? I saw the strangest thing last night. I was flipping through the channels on TV, and came to South Park, that gross-out kid cartoon. I’ve seen it a couple of times, but don’t watch it. However, it was showing Larry King interviewing Christopher Reeve. Christopher Reeve was claiming that stem cell research [Read More...]

Sick and Tired of Miniscule Profits? Why not be Alanis Morrisette and generate whiny music about how hard your life is and how screwed up you are? People will lionize you as the Voice of a Generation. You’ll get to tour and have brow-furrowed profiles of your poetic genius on E! You will need to [Read More...]

The Atheist Superstition: Everything’s an Accident! (Except for the piece of meat behind my eyeballs. That’s totally reliable–as long as it thinks atheistic thoughts.) “If my mental processes are determined wholly by the motions of atoms in my brain, I have no reason to suppose that my beliefs are true. They may be sound chemically, [Read More...]

Walk Like an Egyptian ….terrorist. Federal Investigators Converge on John Cleese [Read more...]

Remember when Rush Limbaugh Personally Urged Tim McVeigh to Blow up the OKC Fed Building? …at least, according to the Al Gore pick for the Greatest President of the 20th Century? Now, however, the guys in Hollywood who bankrolled Clinton assure us that their filmic uber-violence cannot possibly have any inspirational effects for the deranged. [Read more...]

St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Frisco begins to grasp… …we get the pastors we are willing to settle for. I don’t expect they will have their pastor long. It’s an open question whether the rest of the American Church will figure this out. Our bishops were not grown hydroponically. They reflect what we wanted: [Read More...]

The WaPo asks the musical question… “Well? Where are they?” Remember just two months ago when the Pope was an absolute idiot? [Read more...]