Some of you may remember St. Joan of Arc Parish aka “Home of the Smug, Self-Satisfied, Suburban Uber-Flakes”. Naturally, one of their teachers is getting an award from the bishop and Catholic Parents Online is not staying quiet about it. Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis 226 Summit Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55102 (651)291-4400 May [Read More...]

Allegedly Catholic Students Shocked that Catholic College Hosts Catholic Speaker “Many of his disciples, when they heard it, said, ‘This is a hard saying; who can listen to it?’” (John 6:60) [Read more...]

A reader writes below, concerning the “Bush made a mistake in good faith” argument (being put forward by those scrambling to justify the war in the absence of any WMDs The good faith mistake hypothesis doesn’t work either. To continue the housewife analogy…The housewife still commits murder, even if mistaken, when she is being informed [Read More...]

Another Lefty wets herself They’re just so fun when they have hysterics! [Read more...]

“There! That oughtta hold the little b******s!” That remark, famously made by a children’s radio show host who thought he was off the air, came to mind as I discovered my blog, Catholic Light and Extreme Catholic were apparently part of some curious experiment hosted by Raving Atheist to show that atheists could be full [Read More...]

Check out my latest on Catholic Exchange [Read more...]

A reader responds to my question… …how we get these eminently practical ideas for reforrm off the pages of a blog and into the hands of people who can do something about them: Here is one way. There are many seminaries in America. Some of these seminaries are also priories or monsteries. So there are [Read More...]

Continuing Joy in Dallas Over the Deft Ministry of Bp. Grahmann [Read more...]

Good Lord! Two “Toldjas” in One Day? Read about it on my blog months ago: From April 29 2002: “And, When People Keep Connecting the Dots The final ploy of the “Defend Dissident Sexuality at All Costs” crowd will be “What’s so bad about sex with children anyway? We need to revisit these irrational taboos, [Read More...]

Apropos “If Something Isn’t Done about Lousy Bishops, I’ll…” a reader sends this along: From St. Francis de Sales, “The Love of God” – a moving piece on anger Self-love often deceives us and leads us away, gratifying its own passions under the name of zeal. Zeal has once made use of anger, and now [Read More...]

NRO Offers One Possible Answer to the “Well? Where are They?” Question I’m willing to give this a bit of credence. Dictators typically cut themselves off from reality because they surround themselves with people who never tell them troubling things. Still, there was that “If you could only see what crosses my desk every day” [Read More...]

End Times Watch: I (partly) agree with Greeley One of the things I had a difficult time impressing on Kiwis was the degree to which 9/11 was *the* watershed moment in American history since Vietnam. Euros (and Kiwis, despite their geographic location, are Euros), just don’t get how traumatizing that event was for a nation [Read More...]

If something isn’t done about these lousy bishops, I’ll…. You’ll what? It’s a question worth asking yourself. You’ll turn your back on Jesus Christ in the Eucharist? You may, but you’ll be sinning to do it. You’ll withhold your tithe? Fine. Just don’t withhold it from the alien, the orphan, and the widow. You’ll get [Read More...]

A reader writes: Mark, with regard to the question about the wholesale canning of bishops, I think there is a common-sense way of proceeding. First, part of the problem certainly seems to be consultation — the current system of promoting bishops is incestuous and perpetuates the problem. I would like to see a group of [Read More...]

Another inspiring story of Bp. Grahmann’s Pastoral Greatness [Read more...]

Different kinds of intelligence It’s a commonplace that actors are dumb bunnies when they start talking about politics. However, I’m fascinated to note that actors (and indeed, artists in general) are often unable to talk very brilliantly even about their own work. I was reminded of this last night as I watched all the fun [Read More...]

When Miracles Happen to Small Groups… …such as the apostles on Easter, congenital skeptics complain that they never happen in front of large crowds. When they happen in front of large crowds, congenital skeptics say it was mass hallucination. Moral: congenital skeptics have a dogma against miracles that is bulletproof against any sort of human [Read More...]

Jeremy Lott Reviewing Yet Another Form of Fiction that Evangelicals Don’t Seem to Be Able to Write It takes a Catholic to give you flying Bible pages, sexually charged juridical parables, and creative swearing along with devout Christian faith. [Read more...]

Bp. Grahmann’s Oddly Selective Vigilance Father a kid by a nun and be accused of rape? No problem! Background checks are optional! Criticize Grahmann’s scandalous leadership: under the microscope you go! [Read more...]

Inside the Vatican on the Latin Indult rumors What will separate serious Traditionalists from the Reaction Lidless Eye crowd will be the reaction to this should it come. Serious Traditionalists will respond with some charity, class and grace. Lidless Eyes will scream that it’s all a ruse perpetrated by the evil modernist Pope for some [Read More...]

Toldja Read about it on my blog months ago. Read about it in the BBC today [Read more...]