More Reasons Not to Be Catholic! Collect the whole set! Here’s my contribution. [Read more...]

More on John Carroll U and Planned Parenthood A reader sez: Some people are mistakenly thinking that John Carroll University has removed the Planned Parenthood from its suggested Counseling agencies. I noticed this in the comments section of your blog. It has not. It is still on there. Scroll down to “Counseling sites”. Planned Parenthood [Read More...]

WOW! NOW THIS IS BIG NEWS! While the rest of St. Blog’s busies itself today with the latest speculations about such ephemera as the fate of Cardinal Law and the worst scandal in the history of the American Church, your humble scribe sleuths out the really big stories for the ages. FLASH! True Identity of [Read More...]

Boy the Nasties are out in force this week! Stephen Hand lays into Rod Dreher and Amy Welborn in an ill-advised attack. Particularly egregious is the characterization of Amy as not being too astute, which leaves me with the same taste in my mouth as Robert Sungenis lecturing us on his intellectual superiority to Einstein. [Read More...]

Minute Particulars has some challenging comments on the response which episcopal ordination demands from us …even when the person ordained behaves in ways unworthy of the sacrament. Since I’m one of the offending parties here, I feel obliged to highlight the discussion which is, as usual, carefully argued and thoughtful. [Read more...]

How Independent Catholic Thought Proceeds When the Church speaks, Independent Catholic Thinkers flatly declare that they are not going to believe something simply because somebody qualified to teach Catholic theology says so. Okay, fine. Study the matter through yourself. I have enough confidence in the truth of Catholic theology that it will stand up even [Read More...]

Charles Krauthammer for Senate Majority Leader The Typically Right On Krauthammer explains clearly why Lott is an imbecile and must go. [Read more...]

Could be more snap judgements but… A Denver (!?) news channel says Law is going to resign. ‘Course, they may have it from Fox, which apparently jumped the gun, judging from Amy’s blog. This is the problem with the news industry. They are so desperate for scoops they can’t wait an hour or two to [Read More...]

Some folks are sweating that Law will stay in Rome to avoid the heat If the Pope allows that, I will be very surprised. I think Law’s gonna get sent back and still not be allowed to resign. Or, his resignation will be accepted and he’ll be sent back. But I seriously doubt he’ll just [Read More...]

Bill Mallonee is a mysterious secret… …when by all rights he should be famous. Check him out. [Read more...]

Why does Catholic college John Carroll University promote pro-Abortion “Planned Parenthood” on its school website? An excellent question. Go to this link and you can contact the people in charge at JCU and ask them directly. Remember: academic are generally cowards and you therefore have an excellent chance at getting them to back down from [Read More...]

Not everybody who works for Microsoft is a wunderkind See the brainiac who ripped off Microsoft (his employer) and then boasted about his vast quantities of illegal gain here. (Note, however, that the “girl” link is still empty. Apparently, he has not mastered the James Bond charm.) See the brainaic go to jail here. Memo [Read More...]

Kinda like I thought Pete Vere concurs with my wife (and me) that this whole “smoking gun” with Law cast as Nuremburg defendant (“Mein Fuehrer, I vas yust following orders”) is pretty much a non-starter in the “JPII is the Evil Force behind Priestly Abuse” Scoop Sweepstakes. I think the Post badly misread the document [Read More...]

Sorry I’m so scarce I’ve had Rod Bennett, author of Four Witnesses: The Early Church in Her Own Words and editor of the soon to be reborn Wonder Magazine, out to visit from Georgia and he’ll be here till tomorrow morning. Lovely man, bursting with ideas and fun to gab with. But between him, choir [Read More...]

From the “Must. Get. Scoop!” Department of Snap Judgments This piece is simply baffling to me. On the one hand, we are told that the Pope is conspiring to keep molesting priests in office. The proof? A document in which the Pope is agreeing to “defrocking” a priest. Huh? My wife looked at it and [Read More...]

Check out the Catechism of the Catholic Church Internet Study Group It’s a web-based program for the systematic reading, study, and online discussion of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. [Read more...]

So hard to please everybody To some of the more obsessed people who comment over on Amy’s blog, I’m a sycophantic apologist for the hierarchy. Yet, to RC, I am simultaneously among the ranters and ravers who call daily for Law’s resignation. I’ve made no particular secret of the fact that I think the Holy [Read More...]

Law resigns as head of Catholic U board Any other resignations planned, your Eminence? [Read more...]

Say it once, it’s (maybe) a slip of the tongue (though only one an idiot would make) Say it twice and you go to the Long Home of Imploded Political Careers and get replaced by somebody who is not the dead weight you are. Say good night, Trent. [Read more...]

We are all members of the Body of George There’s nothing like conservative American Christianity for combining blasphemy and tastelessness. This ranks right down there with Clinton’s announcement of the Dawn of a New Covenant. The difference is, of course, that Clinton himself appropriated this blasphemous identification of himself with Jesus while this is just [Read More...]

Victor Lams is a deranged genius Scroll down for some terrific posters that capture the true spirit of Planned Parenthood. [Read more...]