Speaking of Violent Culture Kopp gets the book thrown at him. Good. [Read more...]


Cooling off after yesterday’s gun fracas Several points to make: 1. I don’t regard all or even most gun enthusiasts as nuts or freaks. My remarks were limited to those who regard *any* attempt whatsoever to limit accessibility to any sort of weapon whatsoever, no matter how lethal, as leading straight to Nazi Germany and [Read More...]


The Reason I Was Never Able to Warm to Calvinism (summed up in verse) A Hymn For The Reformed Child (Sung to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me.” Sing it out loud–it is even funnier that way). 1. Jesus loves me, this I think, If I’m wrong, to hell I’ll sink, Little ones to Him [Read More...]


Don’t tell me. He was kinda quiet, kept to himself. And his neighbors are shocked and never imagined he’d do something like this. Meanwhile, gun rights advocates are saying, “Hey! Owning a machine gun can be both fun and beneficial! And who says that just because a weapon is designed for nothing besides the mass [Read More...]


Becoming what you despise Bill Cork is right. One of the odd dangers of the sin of reactionary dissent is that, over time, you can become the sacrament despiser that you set out to oppose. Most Lidless Eye types fall into Reactionary Dissent because they are angry about the way liberal dissenters have trashed the [Read More...]


Somehow, I picture him calling her back and saying, “I. Will. DESTROY IT!” Still, I bet 5000 Quatloos that she wins. [Read more...]


More “Springtime of the New Enema” Fodder (see the last paragraph) [Read more...]


Nice to see the Dems being so honest Of *course* they’re scared. Their entire raison d’etre is power and anything that threatens that frightens the living daylights out of them. [Read more...]


Gasp! An American Bishop Actually *Acts* on Ex Corde Ecclesia? “NEW YORK ARCHDIOCESE SAYS MARIST COLLEGE ‘NO LONGER CATHOLIC’” Is this the “Springtime of the New Enema” (to really mix a metaphor)? [Read more...]


Toldja So! Somebody as prophetic as me deserves a lot of Paypal tips, doncha think? <—————- Note PayPal button conveniently located to left of screen. In all seriousness, I have hopes for Sinead. She’s got a lot of psycho-emotional strikes against her and seems to be oriented toward trying to become whole again, which is [Read More...]


Another blogger sucked into the Dreher/Donohue/Havard Vortex o’ Punditry [Read more...]


An Interesting Article to Reflect on in Devotions to Mary Mariophobes, eager to get as much distance between themselves and the Blessed Virgin (for reasons that still elude me) will of course reply, “So *what* if Mary had cells from Jesus’ body in her body? What really matters is the *spiritual* relationship with Jesus” (as [Read More...]


Why I Love Victor Lams He find nutty stuff like this. Check out his peculiar site. [Read more...]


Minute Particulars Remarks on the Donohue/Dreher/Havard Dust Up and on My Take on Bush vs. JPII Links don’t work. Scroll down to “Lucky to Have Dreher” and (below that) “Writing Circles and Calling Them Squares”. Concerning the latter, Mark says, “Either the time to invade was right and morally proper or it was not. Either [Read More...]


“Radical Islam is not motivated primarily by ignorance of the West, poverty, or even US foreign policy, but a profound resentment of the decline of Muslim civilization.” Yup. Bin Ladenism is an expression, not of the ascendancy of Islam, but of the bitter awareness of its decline. Don’t think: Young and virile religion flexing its [Read More...]


This smells like the work of an Orthodox (or ex-Orthodox) Christian The sheer contempt for those funny little Protestants, quite apart from the political disagreement, bleeds through. I note as well that he confidently prophesied a “quagmire” in Afghanistan a year ago, so I’m less than inclined to buy his analysis. It’s true that Evangelicalism [Read More...]


Hint, hint Just got this in the mail: “Send Me the Best Writing You Have Seen” Best Catholic Writing, 2004 I am writing to invite you to nominate material for inclusion in The Best Catholic Writing, 2004. Loyola Press will be publishing this collection in the Fall of 2004. Right now, we are making a [Read More...]


“Lord, when did I see you in prison?” “Inasmuch as you did it to the least of these, you did it to me.” The guy’s a living illustration of why Catholics don’t jump the gun in deciding who will get into heaven. The sheep do not know they are profoundly worshipping Christ in the parable, [Read More...]


I’ll take it with a grain of salt I’ve seen other equally confident datings of the Crucifixion from other sources. So I remain agnostic. [Read more...]


Dale Price is a Master of Compressed Prose Scroll down to “Coals to Newcastle” [Read more...]


Salam Pax’s Blog is Going to Wind up in a History Book To my great relief, he is back on the air with massive chronicle of his experience of Gulf War II in Baghdad. I was afraid the BBC had managed to get him killed by publishing too much info about him and exposing him [Read More...]