Everything in the Gay Community is Juuuuuust Fine I’m sure 25% of every population group deliberately seeks to be infected with AIDS. What could be a better barometer of the spiritual health of a community than a fond desire for a lingering horrible death? The “actual moment of transmission” is “the most erotic thing [he] [Read More...]


Hitler should have just called Kristallnacht “performance art” …then it would be okay. [Read more...]


More on the “Conservative Does not Equal Orthodox” Front A reader writes: Here’s some news from England: Mobile phone companies are turning to soft porn in a bid to recoup the billions they have splashed out on third generation licenses. I write this not to mindlessly bash corporations, but actually as a way of bolstering [Read More...]


“Conservative” does not equal “Orthodox” G.K. Chesterton once remarked that the opposite of “funny” is not “serious.” The opposite of “funny” is “not funny”. You can be serious and funny, or serious and not funny. Similarly, you can be “conservative” and unorthodox. Bernard Law proved this. He was, by anybody’s lights, a conservative sort. But [Read More...]


Suit Charges Seminary With Pro-Gay Teachings Anybody know anything about this place? Hard to tell from the article what the merits of the suit are. I suspect a court is going to be loath to get too involved in the niceties of this quarrel. It isn’t until crime is committed that Caesar gets involved. It’s [Read More...]


Something Peculiarly American About This [Read more...]


Paul Thigpen writes: Dear Catholic friends and bloggers: Hope all of you are having a wonderful new year. I have a favor to ask of you, and I’ll certainly understand if you can’t grant it. The Holy Father recently declared a Year of the Rosary, and he is asking us to rediscover this wonderful prayer. [Read More...]


Oooooo-kay. Liberal racism spoofed as only the internet can. [Read more...]


Why is this guy and his cronies being asked to leave Britain? Why are they not being captured as prisoners of war? By the way, could they have found somebody from Central Casting who more obviously screamed, “I AM EVIL!” just with his looks? [Read more...]


In the Grand Tradition of the R-Rated Catholic Blog Justin Katz gives you “Sex and the Whoa Moment“ [Read more...]


Amazing how the Internet Works A reader sez: I saw the Reisman story that you referenced in the “Cloud No Bigger Than A Man’s Hand“, and sent it off to some survivor activists. Then I visited the comment box, saw the link to the “Sirman” story, and sent THAT rebuttal of Reisman’s charges to the [Read More...]


Hitchens has Advice for Conservatives The last respectable Lefty. [Read more...]


A.N.S.W.E.R does its best to make the anti-war movement absolutely abhorrent to normal healthy people You see, when I look for decent arguments against the war, I primarily see this stuff as the answer. Most unpersuasive, yet ANSWER is not a fringe freak show, ANSWER is the *organizer* and guiding light of the anti-war poltroon [Read More...]


Dem Acolytes of Culture of Death Adore Kali and Celebrate 30th Anniversary of the Institution of the Sacrament of Abortion The Democratic Party: Whores for Baby-Killing for Nearly a Generation What an achievement. And Holy Joe Lieberman and “Rev.” Al Sharpton lead the procession to the Altar of Moloch. Orthodox Jew and “Christian” pastor, my [Read More...]


I haven’t had a real TV for years and years Consequently, I miss most of what’s popular on the tube (gladly). I also see reruns only very sporadically (like when I’m out of town and have nothing to do in a hotel). I recently saw MASH again after a long hiatus. Urk! It was like [Read More...]


Rod Dreher Profiles Moloch Worshippers at Prayer Why the Religious Left scarcely enters into the equation for me anymore (except for those few hardy souls who actually have the guts to repudiate the sacrament of abortion). God grant me grace to not hold them in contempt. [Read more...]


Feminists (aka Upper Middle Class Suburban Whiners) Have no Interest in Islamic Oppression of Women What did you expect? These people are not serious. They are doing this as a hobby to give shape to their empty suburban lives, not out of love for others. Real feminism would cost something and they never meant it [Read More...]


A cloud no bigger than a man’s hand From the “I hate being right all the time” department I offer you this article. Some months back in this space I predicted that a culture which is as obsessed with sexual license as ours has no place but one to go in the matter of sexual [Read More...]


Peg Noonan on the Democrats’ Worship of Moloch It would be a fitting thing if Democrat fealty to the sacrament of abortion finally destroyed the party. But let the Stupid Party beware if the Evil Party is destroyed. Then you’ll *really* have no excuse for your inaction and torpor. [Read more...]


Jo and I move closer to seeing eye to eye .It sounds to me like she’s getting rather close to some of the insights that inform JPII’s Theology of the Body. Namely, that the sexual act is a kind of language whereby we say, “I give all of myself to you.” Ripped away from the [Read More...]


Hitchens Addresses Seattle Ninnies Once again, to understand how much trouble the Left is in, you have to realize that this was written for The Stranger, a paper whose audience regards Kurt Cobain as a Poet and the Spiritual Light of his Generation. [Read more...]