More on Good Bishop Weigand A reader sez: I think bishop Weigand’s decision to deny Gray Davis access to the Eucharist is a very significant move. Joseph Graham ‘Gray’ Davis has a serious dilemma. Being a California Democrat, he can’t afford to be anything but a pro-choice radical, on the other hand, he relies on [Read More...]

A friend from my parish writes: Aquinas walked miles to get a copy of a book by Chrysostom. I just summoned up hundreds of pages of text by pressing a few buttons. And they claim modernism isn’t unalloyed goodness! Here is a fairly detailed summary of the 2000 GIRM (being implemented now after three years): [Read More...]

I am now about to reveal how truly out of touch I am I not only don’t know who won the Super Bowl yesterday, I don’t even know who played. Cyberspace: keeping people from being stoned to death by angry mobs for over a decade. [Read more...]

Another reason to hate modern art [Read more...]

Prayers of the faithful from the Land of Teddy Kennedy [Read more...]

Evangelicalese as She is Spoke A century ago, the immortal Pedro Carolino, an enterprising Portuguese, created the delightful work “English as She is Spoke”. It was an English/Portuguese phrasebook to help the Portuguese holidaymaker communicate with power and eloquence to his English-speaking hosts in America and England. As you might guess from the title, Carolino’s [Read More...]

Excellent! Bp. Grahmann feels the heat Bp. Grahmann, a close running contender for the coveted Worst Still-Serving American Bishop prize, is discovering you can’t jerk your flock around forever. Other bishops will be learning this important lesson too. [Read more...]

Julianne Wiley writes Dear Catholic friends, A wonder of wonders, something to be truly thankful for! Bishop William Weigand of the Diocese of Sacramento has confronted Gov. Gray Davis and other pro-abortion “Catholic” politicians: “As your bishop, I have to say clearly that anyone — politician or otherwise — who thinks it is acceptable for [Read More...]

Snow Day A belated link to my latest on Catholic Exchange. Dedicated to all you folks who are sick of snow. You live in a world of wonders and have forgotten it. [Read more...]

A much bigger threat to human life than Korea or Iraq in the long run and Congress dithers. [Read more...]

I’m outta here Off to Canada, home of Kathy Shaidle, Back Bacon, William Shatner, and my Mom, to hang around with the students at Redeemer Pacific. Then, on Saturday, it’s “A Day with Mark Shea”. Where: St. Nicholas Parish, 20675 87th Avenue, Langley, BC, Canada. When: 10am-4pm. Sponsor: Redeemer Pacific College, Langley, BC. Phone: 604-888-7727. [Read More...]

Russ Lopez, Spokesman for Gray Davis (and AmChurch) sez… Bishops should stop “telling the faithful how to practice their faith.” And the job of a bishop is….? [Read more...]

Wow! Bp. William Weigand to Gov. Gray Davis of California: Renounce your support of abortion rights or stop taking Holy Communion! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bishop Weigand! Please donate your spine chromosomes to the rest of the American episcopacy! [Read more...]

National Treasure Dale Price Fisks Ron Weddington, Co-Counsel for Roe A terrific piece of work. [Read more...]

Australia is burning down Serves them right for having summer at such a stupid time of year. Also, it’s hard for the firefighters to get to the scene since everybody walks upside down there. [Read more...]

Self-Indulgent Jerks Give Media the Excuse They Need to Ignore Legitimate Prolife Demonstrations Across the Nation [Read more...]

When Worlds Collide I’ve mentioned in the past the difference in jargon and culture between those who speak Catholicese and those who speak Evangelicalese. Eve Tushnet, in the midst of her adventures at the prolife march on Washington, recounts this little vignette: Fun with Protestants: We ran into a group from the Oligarch’s area of [Read More...]

One of the canards of the pro-aborts is… “Nobody *wants* to have an abortion. It’s not about hating children, it’s about survival!” Um, actually for some psycho-feminists it’s about hating children. Radical evil, you see, is real. Such people tempt me to reconsider my position on the death penalty. [Read more...]

Why Iraq is Lying Seems reasonable to me. [Read more...]

Now *that* was weird! I just got a call from the White House. Yes. That White House. Deal Hudson of Crisis Magazine (who apparently does stuff for the White House) wants me to participate in some conference call about something or other. The White House? This is too weird. What does a fat English major [Read More...]

Overheard Sean, my five year old: Hey Peter! Let’s play Civil War. Peter, my seven year old: Okay. Sean: I’ll be the helicopter pilot. Peter: Okay, and I’ll be the French soldier. [Read more...]