Well, this should stir the blood among my conservative Catholic readers For those further interested in a conversation between somebody who really has no problem with Evangelium Vitae and somebody who appears to want to execute as many criminals as the law will allow, go here. [Read more...]


Dr. Judith Reisman believes that the Church should sue the so-called “sex experts” for malpractice [Read more...]


I never disappointed God A festive celebration of the amazing career of Archbishop (think of that! Archbishop!) Milingo. [Read more...]


Mother Teresa, War of the Rose (Episode MMMCLXVIII), other news [Read more...]


Today is JRR Tolkien’s Eleventy First Birthday! I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve! But have a piece of cake on me anyway while you work that out to see if it comes to a [Read More...]


If this guy “created” Bigfoot, he sure did get around… …cuz those tracks have been found all over the Cascades and Sierras, as well as body prints in mud and fur samples from an unknown animal. I think Sasquatch is real. The skeptics rule of life: If some sets of tracks was faked, all were [Read More...]


One of the things I don’t get …is people who kvetch at the Pope as though he’s somehow to blame because he’s extremely popular with a lot of people. Yes, wherever he goes, he tends to evoke the typical responses you’d expect in a culture that is suckled on the cult of celebrity. But it [Read More...]


Yesterday, California Opened the Door of Mahony’s Closet and Invited All the Skeletons to Step Out for the Next 365 Days I wonder if Cdl. Slick will ride this one out. Meanwhile, the man who gets my vote as worst still-serving bishop in the American episcopacy–Bp. McCormack of New Hampshire, got more bad news. I [Read More...]


Curious confluence of articles “Ever since the creation of the world his invisible nature, namely, his eternal power and deity, has been clearly perceived in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse; for although they knew God they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they [Read More...]


The Kwanzaa Challenge I think Kwanzaa is ridiculous. But I think arguments for its ridiculousness which begin “It’s a holiday that somebody just invented” are even more ridiculous. It’s like when people say, “You just made that word up!” My first response is, “Name a word somebody didn’t make up.” Similarly, all holidays are human [Read More...]


A Golden Treasury of Lidless Eye Quotations I look forward to Carl’s Golden Treasury of Future Progresso Womyn We are McChurch quotations. They will doubtless be as entertaining. Envoy is always saucy and fun. “Opposite evils, so far from balancing, aggravate one another.” – C.S. Lewis [Read more...]


I take it back I was wrong to so hastily give the Tone Deaf Award to Paul Levinson. This is, without doubt, the stupidest review of Tolkien I’ve ever read. [Read more...]


Mark Cameron I don’t have anything to say about Mark, but I’ve noticed that the mere mention of his name gets hundreds of hits in my comments box, so I thought I’d try it again in order to draw traffic back to my blog after the holidays. So… MARK CAMERON!!! [Read more...]


Why Do I Get the Feeling that this NY Times Portrayal of Fin (even our jails are fabulous) land as Paradise is Not Telling the Whole Truth? It’s the sort of story I expect from the Times, where there was never a Northern European secular state that was not a blueprint for what the world [Read More...]


Turkish Group Demands Santa’s Bones A headline not quite as poetic as “Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia” but still evocative. [Read more...]


Wonder Magazine argues for the re-release of Song of the South The film is currently banned by the sort of pinheads who think Huck Finn is a racist book and who get offended when people say “niggardly”. Someday, the American black community will stop buying the notion they should be ashamed of the immense treasure [Read More...]


One way to become immortal (requires Real Audio to listen) This is hilarious. [Read more...]


Kathleen Norris breaks free of Mariophobic Response Syndrome… and welcomes Mary back into a healthy Christian devotional life. Good for her! I’m pleased to see it! Mazeltov! By the way, check out her Cloister Walk (not a perfect book or a perfect theologian, but she’s feeling her way toward the Church. I hope she makes [Read More...]


It speaks volumes about the tepidity of the Muslim response to Radical Islam that… this is newsworthy. It’s so unusual for Muslims to condemn bigots and radicals in their midst that when they do, it makes the papers. [Read more...]


Brutal Bronze Age Thugs Can’t Deal with the Brittleness of their Backward Violent Religion CAIR is too busy protesting cartoons to address the violence of Muslim co-religionists toward Christians. [Read more...]


And the Award for the Most Tone Deaf Review of The Two Towers Goes to Paul Levinson It’s a favorable review, which is something. But it’s favorable in so many cringe-making ways. It’s like a lover who tells his beloved that he thinks her wide hips will make her a suitable breeding vessel to ensure [Read More...]