All I Can Say is… It was an exquisitely timed hurricane. I don’t have a problem with naturalistic explanations for miracles, as long as they are not too tortured or based on a philosophy which is, at bottom, the adamantine will to deny the supernatural at all costs. I have no problems with idea of [Read More...]

An “Atta boy” to All Youse Guys for Helping a New Convert and a Request Sean Roberts of “Swimming the Tiber” writes: St. Blog’s was a tremendous aid to me as I came into the Church.” He then adds: My brother has expressed interest in coming into the Church. We’ve been talking about it for [Read More...]

It’s hoping to be able to carry on in Madonna’s shoes after she retires [Read more...]

Nice to See the Fr. Bryce Sibley Shares my Estimation of Dare We Hope as an Interesting Book I’ve never quite understood the huge problem that others have with it. [Read more...]

Just When You Think You’ve Seen Everything Hutton Gibson, Mel Gibson’s sedevacantist, Holocaust-denying father, is what I tend to think of as a “kook.” But kookiness is apparently relative, since now he is trying to be the Voice of Reason who brings a wacky Catholic Apologetics International back down to a rotating earth. He tries, [Read More...]

Sean Gallagher is back on the air too! [Read more...]

Now somebody says the SSPX guys are not going to reunite with the Church Whatever. I don’t follow this stuff too closely so I can’t tell whether this is the rumor of the original story is the rumor or if they are both rumors or what. Anyhow, I hope the SSPX people come to their [Read More...]

A reader writes: Just wondered if you might put this up as a matter for discussion in an objective manner. In the Toronto area the churches are requesting that people receive Communion in the hand and not in the mouth, to avoid infection. Some people feel this is the thin edge of the wedge and [Read More...]

Bp. McCormack, Still Vying for “Worst Still Serving Bishop” Prize His Easter Message is a call for his betrayed and wounded flock–oppressed by years of child abuse, lies, coverup, and most recently, by the yanking of a good pastor and his replacement with yet another gay priest with a proclivity for nubile young men–to be [Read More...]

That said… I want to add that if we don’t find WMDs in Iraq I, for one, will be majorly ticked. Despite what shifting winds of agitprop for the war blew through the national consciousness, the *real* reason for this war was not to liberate Iraqis. That was a happy side effect which was then [Read More...]

Charity If there’s anything I’ve been thinking about during Holy Week fairly consistently, it’s charity. Partly I’ve been doing so because of my irritation at others and partly because of my irritation at myself. I’ve been disturbed to see how often people seem to fall into the habit of assuming the worst of others and [Read More...]

Loving the Church in a Time of Scandal Amy Welborn and I wrote most of this (with various clipping and polishing from CE people). If you want to have our collective brainwaves on how to carry on in light of the Situation, this is pretty much the place to get it. [Read more...]

Well! Another hopeful sign for Easter! A bunch of SSPX people appear to be on the verge of reunion with the Church. I hope this one pans out. [Read more...]

National Organization of Whores Wants to Make Sure Baby Killing Remains Smothered in Euphemism Laci Petersen’s baby had the misfortune to be unborn when his mother was murdered, so NOW is leaping into the fray to make sure that no homicide charge is made for the death of the little one. There was only one [Read More...]

Oliver Stone Calls Bush a Flake [Insert Leno joke here] [Read more...]

Relapsed Catholic Calls a Moratorium Kathy Shaidle wants everybody to stop quoting Chesterton, Lewis, Belloc et al, so they can stand up on their own two feet and prove they can write all by their own selves. In the words of Chesterton, Lewis, Sayers, Belloc, Merton, and Nouwen, I reply, “No, thank you.” I write [Read More...]

Remember as you read this… that this is being written by the same sort of people who were screaming “Quagmire!” four days into the war. [Read more...]

Another Sort of Icon of the Resurrection God still confounds the demon and rescues his sheep. By the way, I think they should give Jessie Lynch the Congressional Medal of Honor. [Read more...]

This sounds like a pretty good book on the Resurrection Scott Hahn has spoken well of N.T. Wright. Maybe I’ll check it out. [Read more...]

Easter Carol Spring bursts today, For Christ is ris’n and all the earth’s at play. Flash forth, thou Sun, The rain is over and gone, its work is done. Winter is past, Sweet Spring is come at last, is come at last. Bud, Fig and Vine, Bud, Olive, fat with fruit and oil! and wine [Read More...]

Happily, however: Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! Happy Easter! “Catholic and Enjoying It!” is back on the air! [Read more...]