Fun for the whole family! Bring the kids and let them play till they’re all pooped out. [Read more...]

Hmmm… First cruise ships, now this. I wonder if the cruise ships were a test for something. [Read more...]

My Coronation Uniform Black and white photography is so much starker than color. I think it highlights my Majesty more, don’t you? I do hope all you dear little people can come to the festivities. [Read more...]

The War of the Rose (Episode MMMCCCLXVIII) In the latest entry from the “We Won’t Take Yes for an Answer” Department, The Michael Rose Defense League keeps battering away at Fr. Rob Johansen, months after he agreed to draconian demands to curb free speech lest Rose’s thin skin be pricked. It’s not enough, apparently, that [Read More...]

Now here’s a worthy cause I think we can all support Me, for Holy Roman Emperor. Send your notes of adulation, financial contributions and prayers for a long, blessed and fruitful reign to my email account. Please refer all complaints, communist manifestos, Jeffersonian agitprop, and bills to this address. It is with towering humility that [Read More...]

Cyber-Community for People with Absolutely No Life of Their Own Can you *imagine* trying to have a lengthy chat about this? Much less a Message Board? [Read more...]

On the other hand… I also empathized with Rod Dreher’s ambiguity about our own culture, as seen through the eyes of Tolkien. Like I said below in the comments, just because one side is wrong does not mean the other side is on the side of God. On the whole, I’m glad Rome beat Carthage. [Read More...]

A reader over at has also noticed the peculiar craven affinity the NY Times Left has for the Religion of Peace ANNOUNCEMENTS Due to the recent series of events in the Middle East, we would like to take this opportunity to express our best wishes for the soldiers and the nation whom we have [Read More...]

It’s very near now My guess: by this time next month we will have troops in Iraq, and likely in Baghdad. Hopefully, by this time in February, we will be doing mop-up operations. God protect our troops (and the civilians of Iraq!) [Read more...]

Easy. Have kids. Um, haven’t they heard of alarm clocks? [Read more...]

Send the Church to Boot Camp Catholic Light gets tough. I think the solution will partly involve this. Also it will involve extreme tenderness. God’s way always involves herding lions and lambs together. He seems to enjoy the challenge of working to keeps extremes in communion. Plays dangerously, He does. Last and most important, it [Read More...]

Since there’s been some confusion… I have no quarrel was those who call themselves “Traditionalist” Catholic per se. If you call yourself a “Traditionalist” and assent to the basic ideas laid out by Pete Vere here, then that’s just ducky with me. If you reject any or all of these ideas, then call yourself what [Read More...]

Go. See. It. [Read more...]

New Blog! [Read more...]

Scarce today. Trying to get a big project done. Argue amongst yourselves about something religious, political and/or cultural. Be nice. [Read more...]

Five Proofs of the Existence of Santa Claus Not to mention my generous words of affirmation to Greg Popcak despite his total failure as a human being, as well as oddities from the Deranged Genius of Victor Lams and other fun bits. [Read more...]

Rod, perhaps the best compromise would have been… Guilty, with a suspended sentence. Sort of like the end of Leon Uris’ QBVII. A fine or something. By the way, I still think Keeler is extremely eager to practice human sacrifice in order to save his derriere. Just as he offered accused priests up for human [Read More...]

Recently… We discussed the weird prostitution of the Left to Radical Islam here and here. Now Daniel Pipes obliges me by illustrating it all here. [Read more...]

Goody gumdrops! I get to go see the Two Towers today! Decent Films has some quibbles but basically gives it two thumbs up [Read more...]

For Reactionary Dissenters, the proposition that the perfidious Jews are tunnelling under the house is called “sharing God’s love” Like I say, the message of Reactionary Dissent is “Be afraid. Be very afraid!” No faith, hope or love that I can discern. The Shadow Tradition lives in the article Cork references: the notion that “if [Read More...]

Well this is weird I demand an explanation from Amy or Josh Claybourn. What kind of creepy Art Bell occult UFO gene experimentation things are you guys up to in Indiana anyway? [Read more...]