St. Blog’s is Folding Protein to Beat the Band! Francois, our protein folding cheerleader and supreme plenipotentiary, writes: I am pleased to report that due to the efforts of a few dedicated folders, the St Blog’s on-the-web protein-folding team has gone from nothing to 1300th place. Stats may be viewed at 1300th place doesn’t [Read More...]

Worldwide Scientific Conspiracy Unites to Personally Attack Renowned Physics Expert Robert Sungenis “Frightened by CAI’s extremely plausible arguments for a connection between relativity theory, heliocentrism and homosexual abuse in the Catholic Church, scientists have redoubled their efforts to foist this damnable hoax on the human race in the hope of creating more homosexuals and seeing [Read More...]

If the author had just said this… “Resolve to understand that any organized religion that has the gall to tell you that it has all the answers or even knows most of the questions is gravely to be considered dangerous and apocryphal and should be shunned like bad porn and Christina Aguilera.” …I would agree [Read More...]

The solution to this and all problems is simple, Victor: Ordain women and abolish celibacy Victor Lams tells me he found this in the St. Louis Post Dispatch archives. Who could doubt it? Yet another precious resource, down the drain, thanks to bigots. ONE OF the most overlooked civil rights injustices in America is the [Read More...]

When it suits his agenda, Andrew Sullivan believes the flimsiest stuff [Read more...]

New email address One of the advantages of the new DSL line is that I can now cancel my mindspring account since I don’t need to two ISPs. If any of you have my old mindspring address saved (you know who you are) you should get rid of it and replace it with “” (note [Read More...]

“He also allied himself with the Society of St. Pius X, a breakaway Catholic group that once harbored a Nazi war criminal and that has parishes in the Irish town where he fled after shooting Slepian and the French town where he was captured.” Shazam! The SSPX, sympathetic to Nazis and helping out an abortionist [Read More...]

The Secret of Jesus’ Miracles? Hemp! Note curious BBC standards. Normally we don’t dignify contributors to “High Times” with the title “researcher”. But when the cause is a far-fetched attempt to debunk Christianity, such rules are relaxed according to the same standard which magically transforms Larry Flynt into a “journalist.” [Read more...]

“Mario Derksen holds Olson’s feet to the fire and pulls the rug out from under his excuses.” Mario “Mixed Metaphor” Derksen, Waterboy of the Lidless Eye Brigade, heaps condemnation on Carl Olsen for his failure to acknowledge that a) an ecumenical Council of the Church was in error and b) Mario Derksen is superior to [Read More...]

New Contest! This is why God gave us comments boxes. [Read more...]

Struggling to hook up DSL… …must.find.right.cables. Back when I can make the damn thing work. [Read more...]

More reasons to trust bureaucrats and bean counters with the power of life and death [Read more...]

Caritas Unitas et Veritas is on the air! “A place for ‘conservative’ and ‘traditional’ Catholics to discuss and debate issues, and maybe even find some common ground.” [Read more...]

Kevin Miller on Bush’s latest prolife appointments [Read more...]

The All in One Death Penalty Post Various responses to various remarks herein. Then, I think I will have said my piece. A reader sez: No one wants the state to kill “as many people as it can.” Actually, that is pretty much what people are arguing. Greg Krehbiel gives as his first rational for [Read More...]

Cardinal Keeler’s Act of Human Sacrifice Reaps Eternal Spiritual Rewards Serves Bauernfiend right for being accused. Just so long as a Cardinal doesn’t have to actually take any responsibility for anything. If an important cleric like Keeler can pass from abandoning his responsibility to victims to abandoning his responsibility to his priests without getting his [Read More...]

“It’s besides the point whether he’s guilty or not.” Poles imitate OJ jurors. Meanwhile, the parish priest where abuse took place blames the victim. However, in a hopeful sign, the bishop does the right thing and tells the pastor he’s a cretin. Judging from the clannish response of the parish, I wonder how much of [Read More...]

Am I the only one who thinks it’s rather suicidal… for Christians in a rapidly de-Christianizing and increasingly anti-Christian culture to urge Caesar to kill as many citizens as he can? It’s not my main reason for thinking the Pope is basically right to want to limit (not “abolish”) capital punishment. But I think it [Read More...]

USS Clueless struggles to figure out how to account for morality in an atheistic worldview As usual, the atheist fails, having to a) declare that Just War theory is outmoded (I would agree that it needs updating, but not scrapping) and b) smuggle in stuff that makes no sense apart from a universe presided over [Read More...]

A plea to James Akin from a fan A reader writes: Perhaps you can convince James to “re-activate” his blog. I’m sure he’s got plenty of disposable time since he’s not that busy anyway His sharp logic would’ve been really helpful these days… James! Your public beckons! [Read more...]

American Conservatives Baffled By Pope Who Prefers Peace to War “After all those years of hailing him as a fellow conservative Reaganite, he betrays us by daring to fear that war with Iraq could have disastrous consequences and by fretting about the fact that the Christians fare far worse under US allies like Saudi Arabia [Read More...]