By the way… Toldja Bush ain’t dumb. [Read more...]

Forces of Truth, Justice and American Way Prevail EEEEEEvil vanquished. George W. Bush heralds Great Rosy Dawn. Human race achieves perfection. Well, the Republicans won big anyway. Now let’s see if they’ll do anything. They can start by abolishing partial birth abortion and putting sane people in the courts who are not David Souter Mini-Me’s. [Read More...]

Microsoft is evil I upgraded to XP and suddenly found that my handy little Front Page Express web authoring tool had vanished. Anybody know where I can find a free or cheap wysiwyg web authoring tool? (My struggles with my computer explain my silence.) [Read more...]

Fr. Thomas Doyle Weighs in on the Latest Revisions to the Dallas Charter THE LATEST REVISIONS TO THE “CHARTER AND NORMS” Thomas Doyle, O.P., J.C.D. November 5, 2002 1. The results of the special mixed committee of U.S. and Vatican bishops have been released to the public. These revised norms will now be placed before [Read More...]

Law is, I think, finally reaching serious contrition which, of course, poses some problems for American Catholics. Most will, I think, be willing to forgive Law. And most will, I think, mean by this that Law should not face legal consequences. They will, I think, be right to forgive, but mistaken to think that Law [Read More...]

Sandra asks: Lots of political figures has turned from a pro-life to a pro-abort postion. Can anyone name a contrary example, of a politician going from pro-abort to pro-life? I know of none. Abortionists may have a change of heart, but never politicians. Ronald Reagan. He signed abortion rights into law while governor of CA. [Read More...]

Amen and amen [Read more...]

I’m reading Peter Kreeft’s Ecumenical Jihad Very fascinating read. And much more challenging after 9/11. One of my readers was very panicky about this book since he thought it provided damning evidence of Kreeft’s involvement in the New Age. Kreeft, you see, claims in chapter six to have had an out of body experience (OBE) [Read More...]

Catholicism Down Under is On the Air! [Read more...]

Why Very Earnest Christians Don’t Get Invited To Parties Very Earnest Scientists sometimes have these outbursts of unconscious hilarity too. I remember watching some TV show on human evolution with a Very Earnest Richard Leakey standing in front of gorgeous 20,000 year old cave painting in France, asking, “Why did they do this. What would [Read More...]

Not All Islam is Radical Islam [Read more...]

Amy asks a question Asking “Why?” of grave evil is always going to get you an unsatisfactory answer because evil is fundamentally absurd. That’s why Paul calls it a mystery. I think Law et al have been trying to give “reasons” for their actions over the months (“Because the lawyers told me to do it. [Read More...]

Dennis Kucinich does his Saruman impression Another whore for power. Remember when Albert, Prince of Dorkness, Bill Clinton, and Jesse Jackson were all prolife? Every conversion to a prolife position is principled. Every conversion to pro-abortion ideology is a naked grab for power. [Read more...]

Envoy has joined St. Blog’s Pat Madrid offers this sunny assessment: Some of what’s out there on the Catholic blogs I’ve visited in recent months is pretty good. Some of it is great. But a sizeable amount of what I’ve seen so far is, frankly, pretentious spewage. Sorry to be so blunt, but that’s what [Read More...]

Unlike NPR This blog receives no government funding. It also receives no commercial funding. It’s largely a labor of love. However, in addition to love, I also enjoy food, shelter, electricity, and running water. So do my adorable Dickensesque children and my sweet kindly Christian wife (who would gladly prepare a hot meal for you [Read More...]

Elections and your Election Summa Contra Mundum observes: “Remember, we are one senator and one Supreme Court justice away from being able to legislate for the protection of children in the womb. This election is crucial.” As I mentioned yesterday, I think we Catholic laypeople have the bishops we deserve, by and large. Their torpor [Read More...]

Pope says Jews are descendants of apes and pigs Leading cardinals and bishops agree that Jews are “some loathsome vermin fit only for extermination”. Billy Graham weighs in, declaring that Jews routinely drink the blood of Christians. Meanwhile, TBN eagerly ballyhoos its upcoming dramatization of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. A spokesman [Read More...]

Meanwhile, in the South, missionaries are reaching out to Democrats Knock, knock. “Yes?” “Howdy, ma’am. My name is Bubba Jo Suggs and I’m running for Congress in this district.” “Oh really? Which party?” “Oh. Um. The [cough] party.” “I’m sorry. Which party?” “The De [mumble] Party.” “What?” “Look! It’s the Democratic Party. Okay? Happy now? [Read More...]

Noonan Pegs the Appalling “Memorial” Rally In the words of Spock, “They don’t know what’s killing them.” I disagreed with Wellstone on most things, but he (like Robert Casey) seems to have been a Dem who actually had some convictions. Now that he’s dead, the party is being sucked into the black hole of Clintonian [Read More...]

Not everybody thinks the bishop of Rockville Centre is such a bad guy Me: I dunno. I live three thousand miles away. But youse guys in the NYC area can hash it out. [Read more...]

“If anyone’s found my tank, please give us a bell.” I hate it when this happens. [Read more...]