“It felt like I was in the Roman Colosseum.” Good for Heaton. [Read more...]


People for Whom Politics is Everything… will be baffled that the same Pope who kissed a Koran also beatifies this guy. Since we know for a fact that everything is about politics, they reason, then everything the Pope does is about politics too. So when he honored the Koran, that was simply and solely a [Read More...]


A plug for Touchstone Magazine HereĀ¹s a brief look inside the January/February edition of Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity, a special double issue of the magazine published on the 30th anniversary of Roe v. Wade and devoted to reflection on what John Paul II has called the “culture of death.” The issue contains ten [Read More...]


Prediction Time The ongoing march to cultural degradation that this story depicts reminds me: Assuming I live a normal lifespan, I think we will see the return of gladiatorial combat to the death broadcast on TV and/or shows where human beings are hunted like deer and have to outwit and kill their predators. All it [Read More...]


To get a much needed and healthy perspective on the gigantic importance of the lay office… Check out the Catherine of Siena Institute and get them to come to your parish for a magnificent “Called and Gifted” workshop. [Read more...]


By the way… Clericalism also underlies the drive to ordain women. If you think that the only “real Catholic” is an ordained one, then you are going to talk as though the Church’s inability to ordain women is just a way to keep women “unequal” (as though the sacrament is a civil right). If you [Read More...]


Michael Pakaluk, a Visiting Scholar in Philosophy at Harvard University, writes the following: Clericalism and the Scandal ‘Clericalism’ is the view that the Catholic Church is the same as its bishops, priests, and religious. Clericalism magnifies the importance of the hierarchy, but denies the importance of the laity. The laity are mere appendages; they are [Read More...]


Wacky Bishop makes faith go “SSSSSSSSSponggggg” [Read more...]


Greg Popcak Weighs in on the R Rated Conversation Oh sure, just because you have training in moral theology and are actually a Catholic family counselor, you think you have information we could use. Well…. so you have! [Read more...]


A Prolife Dem Laments Principalities and powers don’t like to give up their grip on power, particularly when it can be used to hurt the weakest and most vulnerable. Don’t expect any movement from the Dem leadership on this anytime soon pal. It’s hard enough to get Republicans to do anything real. Speaking of which, [Read More...]


Blix Fix Nixed [Read more...]


“He’s not an Orthodox Jew, he’s an orthodox liberal.” But, like all representatives of the Democratic Party at Prayer, such as the Reverend Jesse Jackson, he will have a free media pass from all charges of hypocrisy for years and years and years. Prolife Guy should be fun to read on Lieberman. Undoubtedly he will [Read More...]


Happy news! [Read more...]


Have I ever mentioned that “Reality TV” is a term like “Jumbo Shrimp”? There’s hardly anything more unrealistic. [Read more...]


The Ends of Sex Andy asks a common question (with the normal larding of flippant rhetoric): “If a married couple has intercourse during the woman’s non-fertile period (which is the bulk of the month, for those not in the know), there is no chance for procreation. No future Popes will be popping out of the [Read More...]


Weigel… on the Pope’s World Day of Peace message. [Read more...]


A reader writes: In some areas of life you really don’t want a lot of creativity, originality, and all that: you just want integrity. This is particularly true where you’re touching upon the Image and Likeness of God, which is both human and divine, which is sacred. Two examples related to the human Imago Dei: [Read More...]


From the “Hell Yes, I’m Ambivalent About This War” Dept. Got this from a friend: MORE TROOPS ARRIVE IN GULF by Our Defense Correspondent Col. Lateral-Damage THE PROSPECT of war in the Middle East became more likely yesterday with the arrival of a detachment of cavalry who are planning to set up base in the [Read More...]


Appropriately Named Columnist Responds to Catholics who Thought Bishop Should Actually Teach and Live Catholic Faith Lotsa people wrote to tell Pete Goering his last column was idiotic. Some of you guys are named and quoted in his response, so you might want to check it out. The Senator in the last paragraph has apparently [Read More...]


From the “I’ve Heard That Song Before” Dept. Show me a culture with contempt for virginity and I’ll show you a culture with contempt for children. [Read more...]


A reader writes Read this story and had a thought: why do all leftist groups sound like the People’s Front of Judea? Every time I read a press release from a leftist organization, I am reminded of the best scenes in Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”, the one’s that show the PFJ conducting their daily [Read More...]