Kalamazoo was great! A terrific diocese! The class was fun, the people were great, and the food was scrumptious. I even got to meet the bishop, who celebrated Mass and hung around to hear the first part of the class, to my surprise (no pressure!) I also survived the flight home despite mechanical problems they [Read More...]


K-A-L-A-M-A-Z-O-O What a diocese! A real pipperoo! I’m outta here early this week so’s I can make the haj to Kalamazoo and yak about Making Senses Out of Scripture. Hope to see all you Michiganders and other Midwest types there this Saturday. You can laugh at my chattering teeth and make up derisive names for [Read More...]


NEW TAPE MAY MEAN AL GORE IS ALIVE Intelligence Analysts Studying Chilling ‘Today Show’ Appearance A videotape purporting to show former Vice President Al Gore appearing on NBC’s “Today Show” with Katie Couric to promote a new book is the strongest evidence to date that Mr. Gore may be alive, intelligence sources said today. While [Read More...]


A sentiment to go with “Choice on Earth” While we are bowdlerizing Christian phrases, how about “Red and yellow, black and white/they are worthless in our sight./PP kills the little children of the world!” [Read more...]


Not a State Church, but Still a Product of our Culture Had an interesting talk with a friend last night. He’s a historian (Eastern Europe, 20th century) and tends to take the long view of things as a result. Sensible guy. He offered his opinion that democratic cultures tend to get the expression of Church [Read More...]


You guys are on the same wavelength! On reader sends along today’s reading as a comment on Current Events: Every one then who hears these words of Mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house upon the rock; [25] and the rain fell, and the floods came, and the [Read More...]


Christ is Still King, You Know If he can reclaim Magadan and the gulag, Boston’s redemption is to be hoped for. Now is not the time for despair. Despair is cowardice. Soldier on. “It is a man’s entire duty to fight and pray.” – Gen. Stonewall Jackson [Read more...]


Unleash the Power of the Blog! A reader writes: After seeing on your blog the link to USF and how they use webspace to advertise for Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers, I decided to act. First, I e-mailed the link to all the good Jebbies I know, and they started mailing it out to [Read More...]


A reader has some rather pointed questions for the inept Cardinal Archbishop of Boston I summarize them as follows: 1. Father Stockholm Syndrome has had this style of ministry consistently for a quarter century; why is it suddenly a big issue? 2. After banning lay groups from using property they paid for, is it really [Read More...]


Spiritual AIDS and How it Works A bishop like Cardinal L (L for, uh, Leukocyte. Yeah, that’s it! That’s the ticket! Leukocyte) is supposed to, among other things see to it that pathogens in the Body of Christ can’t multiply and cause infections, disease and death. However, due to a severe infection of AIDS brought [Read More...]


Do a good thing and make a year end donation to Mercy Corps 93 cents out of every dollar goes to actual poor people, not bureaucrats. One of the most efficiently run relief agencies there is. I recommend them highly! [Read more...]


More reader PP slogans (I’ve created a monster!) There’s no tomb like a womb! Working to eradicate four-letter words: mama, papa, life, womb, kids No Children On Board–Ever! [Read more...]


A reader complains below about my characterization of Ratzinger’s remarks as a whine As I mentioned on Amy’s blog, I think the Cardinal’s comments boil down to a truth told in the service of untruth. There is not, as far as it goes, a word he said that is false. As I noted below, it [Read More...]


Over at HMS blog we had a little Planned Parenthood ad contest I contributed a few slogans. Now they’re starting to pour in: Bringing eugenics into the 21st century Depopulating the world one person at a time. Life without consequences Keeping minorities minorities Reach out and abort someone Betcha can’t kill just one Giving breath [Read More...]


Having blogged what I did below about Cdl Ratzinger’s remarks… I want to hasten to add that the other side of the coin is, “Just because the press hates the Church is no sign that the problem is overblown.” Case in point: the illustrious career of the impenitent Rev. Robert V. Meffan , who seduced [Read More...]


Is Islam about to implode? David Frum thinks it might, and I think he’s got a point. [Read more...]


Hey AOLers, I think the comments are fixed now. [Read more...]


Bp. Loverde on the Haley Fracas I can buy this, though it still doesn’t explain why the Archdiocese gave the betrayed husband the shaft when he needed their help. [Read more...]


It never happened and besides they deserved it! The Jews were behind it and bin Laden was a genius for pulling it off! Incoherent ravings from our friends in the House of Saud. Once Iraq and Iran are settled, I sincerely hope we will see a regime change with the main engine of Wahoobi Islam: [Read More...]


A word to a Snowbound Nation: Nyah nyah nyah! I live in temperate and beautiful Washington. Many scholars now believe that Seattle was the location of biblical Eden. That’s all your misfortune and none of my own. [Read more...]


Taking the Pulse of the Lidless Eye (How’s that for a disgusting image?) A reader writes: Seattle Catholic readers are asked if it is morally justifiable for a civilian to shoot an abortionist. Thirteen percent say yes, 10 percent that it depends on the circumstances. But 77 percent say no. Progress? I s’pose. The question, [Read More...]