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The All in One Death Penalty Post Various responses to various remarks herein. Then, I think I will have said my piece. A reader sez: No one wants the state to kill “as many people as it can.” Actually, that is pretty much what people are arguing. Greg Krehbiel gives as his first rational for [Read More...]

Cardinal Keeler’s Act of Human Sacrifice Reaps Eternal Spiritual Rewards Serves Bauernfiend right for being accused. Just so long as a Cardinal doesn’t have to actually take any responsibility for anything. If an important cleric like Keeler can pass from abandoning his responsibility to victims to abandoning his responsibility to his priests without getting his [Read More...]

“It’s besides the point whether he’s guilty or not.” Poles imitate OJ jurors. Meanwhile, the parish priest where abuse took place blames the victim. However, in a hopeful sign, the bishop does the right thing and tells the pastor he’s a cretin. Judging from the clannish response of the parish, I wonder how much of [Read More...]

Am I the only one who thinks it’s rather suicidal… for Christians in a rapidly de-Christianizing and increasingly anti-Christian culture to urge Caesar to kill as many citizens as he can? It’s not my main reason for thinking the Pope is basically right to want to limit (not “abolish”) capital punishment. But I think it [Read More...]

USS Clueless struggles to figure out how to account for morality in an atheistic worldview As usual, the atheist fails, having to a) declare that Just War theory is outmoded (I would agree that it needs updating, but not scrapping) and b) smuggle in stuff that makes no sense apart from a universe presided over [Read More...]

A plea to James Akin from a fan A reader writes: Perhaps you can convince James to “re-activate” his blog. I’m sure he’s got plenty of disposable time since he’s not that busy anyway His sharp logic would’ve been really helpful these days… James! Your public beckons! [Read more...]

American Conservatives Baffled By Pope Who Prefers Peace to War “After all those years of hailing him as a fellow conservative Reaganite, he betrays us by daring to fear that war with Iraq could have disastrous consequences and by fretting about the fact that the Christians fare far worse under US allies like Saudi Arabia [Read More...]

Really looking forward to that next flight out of Seattle Tacoma International So glad our nation’s security is in the hands of Federales with a pulse and a minimal brainwave reading. [Read more...]

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Today is JRR Tolkien’s Eleventy First Birthday! I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve! But have a piece of cake on me anyway while you work that out to see if it comes to a [Read More...]