Religious Grima Wormtongue Sells Soul God have mercy on him. [Read more...]

England is Dead It’s all just the UK now. [Read more...]

The Great Catholic Both/And Cdl. Ratzinger gives an interview which includes this bit: Q: This past year has been difficult for Catholics, given the space dedicated by the media to scandals attributed to priests. There is talk of a campaign against the Church. What do you think? Cardinal Ratzinger: In the Church, priests also are [Read More...]

No. You haven’t been banned from my comments boxes …unless you are one of a tiny minority of shrieking and shrill rudebys who were given fair warning and then booted for persisting in being shrieking and shrill rudesbys. If you are not among these, and are still getting the message you’ve been banned, it’s because [Read More...]

I sincerely hope that members of the Boston Hierarchy go to Jail for this I wonder if Caesar can find a way to make it happen. I simply can’t believe that none of this is “technically illegal.” [Read more...]

St. Blog’s Continues its Nefarious Plot to Dissolve National Review Online It began with Amy’s and my cunning trick of luring Rod Dreher into writing large portions of our blogs without his realizing it. Now it continues with HMS Blog’s recruitment of Kathryn Jean Lopez (K Lo to her fans) as a sometime contributor, sparkling [Read More...]

Information on my Kalamazoo gig this Saturday, December 7 December 7 Diocese of Kalamazoo “Discipleship Formation” program. Place: Lawrence Education Center, Kalamazoo, MI. 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Cost: $20. Topic: Making Senses Out of Scripture: Reading the Bible as the First Christians Did. For more information, contact Kurt Lucas by email or at 616-349-8714, [Read More...]

I just saved $53,000!!! We decided to refinance the house to a 15 year mortgage. It’ll cost the same as our current monthly payments and shave off 5 years of payments. What a wonderful thing major economic downturns are! Oh, and if you live in the Seattle area and are looking to do the same [Read More...]

A reader responds You wrote: Radical Islam and the Left have a secret thread in common: at bottom, both worship power. Leftism’s fealty to Radical Islam starts to make sense when you recognize that the Left has always adored those who seek power ruthlessly. I think you’re on to something. Voegelin believed the central motivating [Read More...]

Meanwhile, in Arlington… Stories here and here on the protests greeting Bp. Loverde for his handling of the business with Fr. Haley. Just wait till he gets some letter from the ADL about Robert Sungenis, “Catholic apologist”, applauder of Holocaust deniers, and endorser of loony anti-semitic twaddle! [Read more...]

“Some prominent Massachusetts Catholics have begun to wonder aloud when the 70-year-old cardinal, who became Boston’s archbishop in 1984, will resign.” “Begun”? [Read more...]

I particularly enjoyed what it did to my book titles [Read more...]

Some of you may remember the California Jesuits When they weren’t celebrating Gay Pride in the seminary, some of them were raping mentally retarded people or kicking Fr. Fessio out of the University of San Francisco and sentencing him to Siberia in power plays worthy of Joseph Stalin. Now they are offering helpful abortion referrals. [Read More...]

Lehigh Braces for the Attack of the Taliban Baptists A reader writes: I am a senior at Lehigh University in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. This Friday the Westboro Baptist Church (of fame) is going to protest at Lehigh, and the nazis might even join them. Following are the e-mails sent out to all Lehigh students: ********************************** [Read More...]

Is there a lawyer in the house? Rod Dreher writes: I just taped a radio interview with morning drive in Dublin, Ireland, re: the Boston bankruptcy possibility. In doing research on it tonight, I was startled to discover that if the Archdiocese goes into receivership, the bankruptcy judge would be making the financial decisions for [Read More...]

Andrew Sullivan can be so sensible sometimes Radical Islam and the Left have a secret thread in common: at bottom, both worship power. Leftism’s fealty to Radical Islam starts to make sense when you recognize that the Left has always adored those who seek power ruthlessly. When you don’t believe in God, all there is [Read More...]

More on chimeras A reader sez: What concerns me is that work with chimeras involving human cells constitutes potential exploitation of or manipulation of the human germ line. ( Animal breeders have been working with chimeras for years, for example in sheep-goat hybrids). Some years ago, during a question and answer session with Francis Collins, [Read More...]

I wonder if he’ll go David Morrison sends the following to Eric, who has so much certainty about the sinister nature of Courage: Eric, before you come to next to Washington DC, drop me a line and let me know you are coming and try to be here over a Monday night. I would like [Read More...]

A reader sez: This weekend I saw the French Film “Brotherhood of the Wolf” which takes place 30 years before the French Revolution. I do not know if you ever reviewed this as you comment on other movies but it contains what I think you refer to as a “Lidless Eye” plot which is foiled [Read More...]

What is it about the FBI? I didn’t really think al-Quaeda was targeting Disney cruise ships till the Feds rushed to assure me that al-Quaeda isn’t targeting Disney cruise ships. Then, I get to thinking about all the other times they have stupidly assured me that people who shoot up El Al counters and paper [Read More...]

Crazy Bernie Says “Everything Must Go!” [Read more...]