A Priest in Medicine Hat with Spine Frances Quisling lecturing the priest on upholding Church teaching is like Michael Dukakis in a tank. [Read more...]

From the “My Readers Are Just So Incredibly Classy” Department Mr. Koch – I’m sure you’re busy, so i’ll keep it simple: Protestant pastor, no Catholic family a’tall. Massively offended, more by the cop-out rationalizations than by the fact you backed into this meat-grinder by way of doing PR, which i do actually understand. Y’all [Read More...]

Anchor Hold on Vespers in Milwaukee [Read more...]

Tim Drake on Our Lady of Hollywood, Dreher and Signs Your one-stop shopping place for all your August 2002 American Catholic cultural needs. [Read more...]

A Sam Adams Joke Jim Koch sent the first bottles of Sam Adams off to be analyzed for FDA approval. The lab sent them back the bad news: “Your horse has diabetes.” [Read more...]

Got the Apology 2.0 GrovelSpam from Jim Koch at Boston Beer this AM Here’s my reply to him: Dear Mr. Koch: If there’s one thing that could serve to drive a customer away more emphatically than desecrating his or her faith, it’s desecrating his or her faith and then insulting their intelligence to boot. Catholic [Read More...]

Light Blogging Today I’ve hauled a vanload of Strapping Youths to my brother’s house for a swim fest in the lake. Would you be sitting at a computer when it’s 80 degrees and there’s a perfectly beautiful lake a few yards away? [Read more...]

Fr. Rob Johansen Wants to Know… what people think of having folks grip and grin at each other before Mass as a way of building community. I basically think people should save it for coffee hour. AmChurch does not need still more emphasis on “community building”. It needs a return to the transcendent (“Seek first [Read More...]

Hey! St. Blog’s Gets Results! [Read more...]

How Revelation Proceeds There’s a little discussion going on about the Immaculate Conception and several Catholics are voicing the “She had to be immaculate so that Jesus could dwell in her womb” theory. A Protestant is (understandably) saying “Then how does the Holy Spirit dwell in the rest of us unimmaculate types?” I’m not going [Read More...]

Sometimes, Jeff, the Answer to Your Prayer is “No.” [Read more...]

Bill Cork on Neuhaus on the Dumb Zero Tolerance Machine [Read more...]

Some Gutsy Orthodox Attack Sexual Abuse in Their Communion More power to ya. It appears the Lord is cleaning house everywhere. [Read more...]

Part of What Helped Make a Catholic of Me was This Sort of Thing I wrote, in plain English, using short, easy-to-read words: “By the way, you do know, don’t you, that Mary’s sinlessness is due to the grace of Christ and not to some intrinsic merit of her own? For example, Christ saved me [Read More...]

No Mention of the Immaculate Conception can Fail to Elicit the Famous Romans 3:23 Objection A reader sez: While I believe you are correct that there can be revelation that is not contained in Scripture, there can be no revelation that contradicts Scripture, to wit, “… for all have sinned and fallen short of the [Read More...]

BS from Boston Beer The “points scale” for public sex was not suddenly announced on the show that day. It was standard policy and Koch knew it. This jerk knew exactly what they were doing. Don’t let them add dishonesty to desecration. Tell them they can pour their horse piss down the toilet for this [Read More...]

Another Encomium to Josef Pieper A reader writes: Thanks for blogging the Pieperian Analysis of Babette’s Feast. I noticed it didn’t generate much discussion, but hopefully a few people read this, and are intrigued by, I think, one of the wisest philosophers of the 20th century. Hopefully, that will inspire some to read his essays. [Read More...]

Ratzinger, Jesus and the Jews on Mark Brumley’s blog Sounds like the name of outre punk band [Read more...]

Boston Beer makes a startling discovery It appears that there are lots of other beers in the world and if a brewer chooses to spit in the eye of millions of Irish and German Catholics, they can find those other beers and drink them instead. [Read more...]

Who Says Canon Lawyers aren’t Wild Party Animals? [Read more...]

Using my best Sister Mary Elephant Voice Let me just say that vigorous conversation is encouraged in my comments boxes, but let’s play well with others, people. No mind or soul reading. Stick to the argument and don’t stray into speculating on the knavish soul and sinister motives of the person with whom you disagree. [Read More...]