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Picking the brain of Fr. Neuhaus (Warning: Long!) Figuring it couldn’t hurt to try, and not being in a position to write the Pope, I figured I’d try asking Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, editor of First Things, if he could give me some clues on what the rhyme and reason is to getting rid of [Read More...]


Oops! Eric Svendsen, graduate of Wilbur Weed Boxtop Diploma Mill for Those Who Want to Play Ph.D’s on the Internet, erstwhile anti-Catholic professional, and chief cook and bottle washer for Not Roman.org (www.ntrmin.org), might have spoken too soon. Seizing on the somewhat dubious “James ossuary” news last week, he gleefully announced that this was proof [Read More...]


How they eschew extremism in Saudi Arabia “Among the participants was one of the leaders of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, who was hugged and kissed by hundreds of participants.” [Read more...]


Others chip in with their own Tales of the Unexplained Here and here. [Read more...]


Amy Weighs in on the Shea/Dreher Debate I agree. I do wish it were possible to just… ask, “Why are you pursuing this policy?” It would make all this argument between us ignorant people much less necessary. By the way, Amy: Haloscan seems to work pretty good. [Read more...]


Tales of the Unexplained, Commentary By the way, several things should be noted. First, you’ll note that while I think such things are happening all over the world, I don’t think it is typical for them to happen to everybody everyday. Certain people do have charisms of miracles and healing (see, f’rinstance St. Padre Pio, [Read More...]


Tales of the Unexplained, Number 3 About 20 years ago, I was on a retreat out in Eastern Washington. I had a friend whom I had not seen or talked to in several years, about whom I was not thinking and had not thought in months, and who was, at that point, the farthest thing [Read More...]


An example of desperate naturalistic dogmatism Fr. Benedict Groeschel is fond of recounting tales of Mrs. Whosit, the little Jewish lady that lived next door to him in Brooklyn when he was growing up. Her son went off to college and came back explaining that the Israelites had crossed the Red Sea at low tide. [Read More...]


Pete Vere Weighs in on the Shea/Dreher Debate By the way, after you’ve read this, scroll down and check out “Sister Nouveau Mary Rides Again!” [Read more...]


Tales of the Unexplained, Number 2 In December 1987, just as I was entering the Church, a friend of mine (a very close friend) was working in the burn unit of Harborview in Seattle. Harborview has the finest burn ward in the Northwest and gets patients from the four surrounding states. They had brought in [Read More...]


Tales of the Unexplained, Number 1 A woman I worked with about 15 years ago told me about a curious incident which had happened to her a few years earlier. She was, she said, diagnosed with diabetes when she went into diabetic shock and had to be hospitalized at Ballard Hospital in Seattle. They got [Read More...]


Unleash the Power of the Blog! Chesterton once observed that it was always perilous to talk politics with women because of the imminent danger that they would want to do something about it and not just go on jawing as men do. Julianne Wiley proves this again by writing: Attention, Cyber-Sleuths! In my judgment “somebody” [Read More...]


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More info on the utter credulity of theists and the open-mindedness of dogmatic materialism A reader sends along the following: Apropos the current discussion, the official web site of Lourdes has several pages documenting the official process for review of claimed miraculous cures. Of particular note: “Since 1947 until recently, 1300 files have been opened, [Read More...]


Always a comfort to think of my taxes going for things like this and Bill Clinton’s retirement [Read more...]


Americans: Eager to Think Everywhere is Here No, Georgetown. There really are intolerant bigots by the bushel in the Muslim community. Face it, and face it down, or expect more where that came from. It’s Jewish students like the ones chronicled here who give the biggest lie to the notion of some sort of monolithic [Read More...]


Rod complains… The Duns Scotus of Flatbush tendered his resignation to the Holy Father recently, having turned 75. He continues in office today, even though we’ve known since forever that he was going to reach mandatory retirement age this fall, and have known since the first Daily depositions were made public earlier this year what [Read More...]


Try the Realistic Internet Simulator [Read more...]


If the EU President’s Name is Nicolai, We’ll be Sending Kirk Cameron to Assassinate Him [Read more...]