Lotsa Shea chatter over at HMS blog Blogger was down today (grrrrrr) so I posted a bunch of stuff over there. [Read more...]


And now a question for y’all to argue about so I can do other work for a while: Should you pray for Hitler’s or Osama bin Laden’s soul? I say, “Yes, of course.” Discuss. [Read more...]


A reader sez… Here’s another doctrine accepted by all Protestants that can’t be found in the Bible: Jesus wasn’t married. There is no doctrine in the world accepted by all Protestants, except perhaps, “God exists.” The basic Protestant reply to your comment is “It doesn’t say Jesus *was* married in Scripture, so saying he was [Read More...]


A reader notices… A headline on the Dallas Morning News website reads “Two men arrested in sniper case” Evidently, for the DMN, a 17-year-old is a “man” when he murders people in cold blood, but a “child” when a priest has sexual contact with him. Language is a funny thing. Indeed. (Though, of course, the [Read More...]


Ummmm. Okay. Now the troubling question is… What if, the next time, it’s not an angry psychotic with delusions of Godhood dropping tons of clues and practically taking the cops by the hand to help them find him, but an al-Quaeda operative who doesn’t want to be caught? [Read more...]


Viking Oatmeal My son Sean (5) is on a Viking kick. We got “The Vikings” (starring Kirk Douglas and Tony “Yonda is my Fadduh’s castle” Curtis in this late 50s potboiler). It was a baaaaad film, but Sean was transported. It had swords and long boats with dragon’s heads, and battles, and great roaring feasts [Read More...]


Just took a walk Have I mentioned how much I love October? The dry leaves underfoot, the crisp air on your skin. Bright sun and cool breeze and just plain exhilaration. I love October. Just love it! Oh, and the smell of wood smoke on the air. And coming home at the end. That’s sweet [Read More...]


Hey! Here’s some double good news! Check this out on Doug Sirman’s blog! It’s a letter to Doug from one of the Detroit 4 (scroll down). Turns out a) the paper apparently chopped up the Detroit 4′s statement (trust a writer, it happens) and b) Cardinal Maida has responded to the problem. According to the [Read More...]


Contemplate this story for a minute Report: Clergyman Helped Police Crack Sniper Case (CNSNews.com) – WUSA-TV (Channel 9 in Washington) reports that one of the suspects arrested Thursday by the sniper task force went to a Virginia clergyman, who in turn contacted police with the suspects’ names. The suspect went to the clergyman because he [Read More...]


Memo to NJ Dems Pull Lautenberg and run Elvis Presley’s Coat. Only do the debate on TV. People will be dazzled. [Read more...]


I thought only a fraud would be scared off by a fraud probe Unless the Dems are suggesting that Traditionally-Democratic voters traditionally engage in fraud, I don’t see why a fraud probe would scare them off. Me: I’d go out of my way to vote just to see how fraud probers do their thing. But [Read More...]


I’m fond of Harry Potter I don’t think the books are great, but I do think they are good. And I think the hysteria among some Christians about them is silly. And now, shazam, here’s a very intelligent Christian defense of Harry that says Rowling is a huge fan of C.S. Lewis. Check it out! [Read more...]


HMS blog has info about who to contact to lobby for canonical consequences for the Detroit Four along with specific canonical violations and possible consequences. If you are in the market for a good deed to do today. Try this. [Read more...]


Then again, it could have something to do with calling an organization devoted to Holocaust denial “highly prestigious and very credible” … or maybe with denying the earth rotates and strongly suggesting that this is what Real Catholics[TM] should believe… or with insisting on young earth six day creationism… or with saying that God actually [Read More...]


Vast Post on the Perpetual Virginity of Mary Okay. You guys asked for it. Several people have wanted to hear what I regard as Scriptural evidence for the Perpetual Virginity of Mary. Others have asked other questions. And the gracious and intelligent David Heddle (affectionately described by Joel Garver as the Jose Cuervo of Calvinism) [Read More...]


Narcissistic Local Newsies For the rest of you, the top story today is the arrest of John Muhammed and Lee Malvo. For Seattleites, the top story (at least on the radio) is local newsies reporting on their own presence at the investigation scene in Tacoma, where a tree trunk used for target practice was hauled [Read More...]


Yesssssss! Got him! Maryland, Virginia and DC: have a beer on me! Oh, and cops: Do follow up on that militia training camp thing in Alabama. And don’t be too quick to discount any connections to al-Quaeda. You barely know this nut yet. [Read more...]


Josh Claybourn has a modest proposal For an entirely different modest proposal, go here. [Read more...]


If this had been put in the LA Cathedral… the Lidless Eyes would have appealed to it as Exhibit A in the shocking decline of religious art since the 2nd Vatican Council and there would be screaming headlines in the Remnant for weeks. However, it was carved by Bernini. The Council of Trent also issued [Read More...]


Pretend Priest Used Pretend Name for Pretend Ordination by Pretend Bishop Okay. And you accomplished what again? [Read more...]


Meanwhile, the Envoys of the Religion of Peace Send an Embassy to Moscow At this rate, these Bronze Age thugs will commit an outrage against every civilized nation in the world and help to forge an international coalition, without Bush having to make a phone call. Message to the West: Radical Islam wants to kill [Read More...]