Big Huge NY Time Abuse Study Just a little something to brighten your Monday morning. Two things come to mind after a very cursory reading: How come the study focuses on the East: Boston, New Hampshire, Baltimore? We get a sweeping gesture toward the rest of the country and then return our focus The Important [Read More...]

Yep, the momentum toward war in Iraq sure looks like it’s winding down Just the other day, the Seattle Times was assuring me that the war was past it sell-by date. So I guess they’re just moving 150,000 troops and 50 bazillion tons of munitions to the region for fun. There’s no war imminent or [Read More...]

Illinois Gov Commutes All Death Row Sentences Good. By the way, part of what prompted this decision was the wrongful condemnation of 13 people. Is the death penalty so sacrosanct that it’s better the innocent should perish than that the guilty not die? [Read more...]

Ramsey Clark Offends Atheist with “Jesus was a Terrorist” remark From the Strange Bedfellows Dept. (and another link courtesy of Relapsed Catholic) we find a passel of atheists and former Christians tearing their hair out over Ramsey Clark’s stupidity. My own take on Small Victory’s observations can be found in The Latest Real Jesus. [Read more...]

Hope for the Black Community! (Thanks to Relapsed Catholic for the link!) [Read more...]

Just when you think you’ve seen everything… Ramsey Clark calls Jesus a terrorist. I can imagine some wacko on a website doing this, but a former atty gen? [Read more...]

Victor Lams continues to prove his mettle as a demented genius [Read more...]

Don’t get the flu That’s all. Just don’t. [Read more...]

This weekend’s piece is up on Catholic Exchange [Read more...]

Self-Indulgent Kooks Rally to Aid of Confessed Killer These selfish people aren’t about saving babies. They’re about satisfying their own egoistic desire to feel “prophetic.” [Read more...]

Apologies are, I think, in order The other day I blogged on the Polish parish that was pooling resources so their priest could defend himself. I quoted the (apparently) damning remark “It’s besides the point whether he’s guilty or not.” But as I think about it, I’ve decided I was too hasty in condemning these [Read More...]

Uh oh I think my son has given me the gift that keeps on giving. Blogging may be light today. [Read more...]

From the Toldja So Dept. Another stab at breaking the Seal of the Confessional [Read more...]

When Sullivan’s good, he’s very good This, in answer to queries the other day, is why I find Sullivan valuable–at times. When he’s not yammering ignorantly about the Catholic Faith and struggling to find new ways to square the circle, he’s often quite good. [Read more...]

I just like the headline This is why he was never known as “Vlad the In-patient”. (rim shot) Of course, the treatment sucks. (badum BUM!) [Read more...]

Five-year-old puking It’s going to be a long night. On the bright side, the CD burner works! [Read more...]

I have a theory… the reason anti-Catholics (and their mirrors in the Lidless Eye contingent) spend so much energy niggling about niceties of some point of doctrine that was haggled about 400 years ago or some picayune endless quibbles about “pro multis” or some Fundamentist hyperventilation about calling priests “Father” is because they simply are [Read More...]

They’re here to build roads, schools, and day care centers… and to intern at Patty Murray’s office. A civic-minded lot. [Read more...]

Okay, this is all well and good. But should the High IQ Society run an article that spells Tolkien’s name wrong in the title? [Read more...]

She used to be my Senator …till I became Holy Roman Emperor. I’m thinking of having her beheaded, but only because I think we should amputate something she doesn’t use and she’s probably already had her appendix out. Note to non-Washingtonians: The biggest sign that America’s Dumbest Senator is in deep doo doo here in [Read More...]

The Worst Still-Serving Bishop in the US John McCormack of New Hampshire. Where to begin? Where to begin? This disastrous bishop was, until he resigned from it, actually the head of the bishops’ commission or task force or committee or Kavalcade of Klowns or whatever it was on, you guessed it, sexual abuse. Think of [Read More...]