From the Toldja So Dept. Another stab at breaking the Seal of the Confessional [Read more...]

When Sullivan’s good, he’s very good This, in answer to queries the other day, is why I find Sullivan valuable–at times. When he’s not yammering ignorantly about the Catholic Faith and struggling to find new ways to square the circle, he’s often quite good. [Read more...]

I just like the headline This is why he was never known as “Vlad the In-patient”. (rim shot) Of course, the treatment sucks. (badum BUM!) [Read more...]

Five-year-old puking It’s going to be a long night. On the bright side, the CD burner works! [Read more...]

I have a theory… the reason anti-Catholics (and their mirrors in the Lidless Eye contingent) spend so much energy niggling about niceties of some point of doctrine that was haggled about 400 years ago or some picayune endless quibbles about “pro multis” or some Fundamentist hyperventilation about calling priests “Father” is because they simply are [Read More...]

They’re here to build roads, schools, and day care centers… and to intern at Patty Murray’s office. A civic-minded lot. [Read more...]

Okay, this is all well and good. But should the High IQ Society run an article that spells Tolkien’s name wrong in the title? [Read more...]

She used to be my Senator …till I became Holy Roman Emperor. I’m thinking of having her beheaded, but only because I think we should amputate something she doesn’t use and she’s probably already had her appendix out. Note to non-Washingtonians: The biggest sign that America’s Dumbest Senator is in deep doo doo here in [Read More...]

The Worst Still-Serving Bishop in the US John McCormack of New Hampshire. Where to begin? Where to begin? This disastrous bishop was, until he resigned from it, actually the head of the bishops’ commission or task force or committee or Kavalcade of Klowns or whatever it was on, you guessed it, sexual abuse. Think of [Read More...]

Kansas Archbishop Takes Principled Stand Against Pro-Abort “Catholic” Gov Appropriately named columnist demands “inclusion and tolerance” of those who think dismembering a baby is perfectly compatible with Catholic teaching. Odd how so many media types can grasp that bishops are neglectful when they don’t stop children from being raped, but still think a bishop “intolerant” [Read More...]

Come now, you rich, weep and howl for the miseries that are coming upon you. 2 Your riches have rotted and your garments are moth-eaten. 3 Your gold and silver have rusted, and their rust will be evidence against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have laid up treasure for the last [Read More...]

The Original Warblogger [Read more...]

I’m a glutton for punishment Due to work-related needs, I will again be tearing apart my computer in order to install a CD-Burner (I’ll explain later). Hence I could be incommunicado for the nonce. Back later! Get back, you miserable slave machine! *I* am the Master! Back, I say!!! [Read more...]

New Character Added to LOTR film “Wellington, New Zealand – A recently leaked trailer for The Return of the King has Tolkien fans outraged over the apparent addition of a new character – Jar-Jaromir. The scene depicted in the trailer shows Jar-Jaromir shouting, “Gondora gonna fallsa”; he then trips over a corpse and knocks down [Read More...]

The producer of Heart Mind and Strength Radio composes a brilliant syllogism God Made a covenant with Noah, The sign of the covenant was a rainbow, The rainbow is the symbol of the gay rights movement, The gay rights movement is sanctioned by the ACLU, The ACLU fights for and promotes the rights of all [Read More...]

Rod Bennett writes me about C.S. Lewis and Tolkien Here’s something that might be bloggable: I have my own theories about why Tollers “disliked” the Narnia books. (He didn’t actually say this, BTW; he said he disliked allegory, and then that he found Narnia too allegorical…which is close, but not exactly the same, as [Read More...]

St. Blog’s is Folding Protein to Beat the Band! Francois, our protein folding cheerleader and supreme plenipotentiary, writes: I am pleased to report that due to the efforts of a few dedicated folders, the St Blog’s on-the-web protein-folding team has gone from nothing to 1300th place. Stats may be viewed at 1300th place doesn’t [Read More...]

Worldwide Scientific Conspiracy Unites to Personally Attack Renowned Physics Expert Robert Sungenis “Frightened by CAI’s extremely plausible arguments for a connection between relativity theory, heliocentrism and homosexual abuse in the Catholic Church, scientists have redoubled their efforts to foist this damnable hoax on the human race in the hope of creating more homosexuals and seeing [Read More...]

If the author had just said this… “Resolve to understand that any organized religion that has the gall to tell you that it has all the answers or even knows most of the questions is gravely to be considered dangerous and apocryphal and should be shunned like bad porn and Christina Aguilera.” …I would agree [Read More...]

The solution to this and all problems is simple, Victor: Ordain women and abolish celibacy Victor Lams tells me he found this in the St. Louis Post Dispatch archives. Who could doubt it? Yet another precious resource, down the drain, thanks to bigots. ONE OF the most overlooked civil rights injustices in America is the [Read More...]

When it suits his agenda, Andrew Sullivan believes the flimsiest stuff [Read more...]