HMS blog has info about who to contact to lobby for canonical consequences for the Detroit Four along with specific canonical violations and possible consequences. If you are in the market for a good deed to do today. Try this. [Read more...]

Then again, it could have something to do with calling an organization devoted to Holocaust denial “highly prestigious and very credible” … or maybe with denying the earth rotates and strongly suggesting that this is what Real Catholics[TM] should believe… or with insisting on young earth six day creationism… or with saying that God actually [Read More...]

Vast Post on the Perpetual Virginity of Mary Okay. You guys asked for it. Several people have wanted to hear what I regard as Scriptural evidence for the Perpetual Virginity of Mary. Others have asked other questions. And the gracious and intelligent David Heddle (affectionately described by Joel Garver as the Jose Cuervo of Calvinism) [Read More...]

Narcissistic Local Newsies For the rest of you, the top story today is the arrest of John Muhammed and Lee Malvo. For Seattleites, the top story (at least on the radio) is local newsies reporting on their own presence at the investigation scene in Tacoma, where a tree trunk used for target practice was hauled [Read More...]

Yesssssss! Got him! Maryland, Virginia and DC: have a beer on me! Oh, and cops: Do follow up on that militia training camp thing in Alabama. And don’t be too quick to discount any connections to al-Quaeda. You barely know this nut yet. [Read more...]

Josh Claybourn has a modest proposal For an entirely different modest proposal, go here. [Read more...]

If this had been put in the LA Cathedral… the Lidless Eyes would have appealed to it as Exhibit A in the shocking decline of religious art since the 2nd Vatican Council and there would be screaming headlines in the Remnant for weeks. However, it was carved by Bernini. The Council of Trent also issued [Read More...]

Pretend Priest Used Pretend Name for Pretend Ordination by Pretend Bishop Okay. And you accomplished what again? [Read more...]

Meanwhile, the Envoys of the Religion of Peace Send an Embassy to Moscow At this rate, these Bronze Age thugs will commit an outrage against every civilized nation in the world and help to forge an international coalition, without Bush having to make a phone call. Message to the West: Radical Islam wants to kill [Read More...]

Gracious! What a shock! John A. Muhammed. Who would ever have guessed there’d be a Muslim connection? [Read more...]

Sound advice for folks who feel the urge to indulge in Mariophobic Response Syndrome Note especially the last point. Endlessly insisting that Catholics worship Mary is a huge waste of time if you want to bash Catholic belief. Far more sensible to focus on the Eucharist, which we really *do* worship and adore. It’s still [Read More...]

Just to give some perspective Scholars have exercised themselves mightily over Shakespeare willing his second best bed to his wife. What does it all mean? What huge significance might there be? Well, it could be that she liked that bed. Likewise, the gravestones for Tolkien and his wife read “Beren” and “Luthien” respectively. Imagine they’d [Read More...]

locdog offers a rejoinder to my remarks here yesterday Readers can referee the merits of his argument in my comments box if they like. Very quickly: 1. “Mr. Haskell” is not a way to impress people with the maturity of your argument. 2. Right. Nobody really believes sola scriptura. It’s a slogan, not something people [Read More...]

Dennis Prager tells the hyper-sensitive to stop being offended for him Similarly, I don’t worry when a Muslim thinks I’m going to hell. I worry when a Muslim wishes to kill me. The ADL spends waaaaay too much time hyperventilating over Christians who think Jews need to be Christian (duh!) and should really focus its [Read More...]

Check out the cool Christmas gift link at HMS blog [Read more...]

This is very heartening to see Blessings on Archbishop Dolan. [Read more...]

Look at it this way… Someday Muslims, Christians and Jews, Republicans and Democrats, Barbara Streisand and Rush Limbaugh, Queensryche fans and Bach aficianados, smokers and non-smokers, PETA and the owners of Ruth’s Chris Steak House will all be a lot closer to each other. Togetherness is a beautiful thing. [Read more...]

A reader sez We watched CSI Miami last night. My wife loves it, but I’m not a big fan. It was a pro life program! I could not believe it! The detective finds a dead prego woman. They have to do some fetal cell research or some thing and he says something like,’its not a [Read More...]

If this is real… Then the James ossuary is small beer. And we have the absolute earliest documentation of Jesus of Nazareth, not to mention a major archeological treasure and a holy relic of our Lord’s passion. I don’t find it as knee jerk incredible as some people do to think that the early Church [Read More...]

A sane Michigan priest answers the Ecclesial Whores for Granholm Here’s Fr. Rob Johansen’s pro life homily from this past Sunday: Repay to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and repay to God what is God’s. In his Letter to the Ephesians, St. Paul thanked God that the Thessalonians had “shown their faith in action, worked for [Read More...]

So…. how did this guy get to be Vocation Director for KC, Kansas? And what criteria was he looking for in men applying for the priesthood? And who put him there? And who is his successor? And does he have a boyfriend too? And if so, how “emotionally weak” will he be when they break [Read More...]