Interesting stuff about the mandatum dispute Here’s the basic story line: Weaselly academics who don’t want to teach the Catholic faith but still want to suck from the Catholic teat (shielded by the bishops who love them) vs. scholars with integrity and the Holy Father and some American bishops [Read more...]

An example of what I mean Here’s an example of the odd fury that anything Marian seems to provoke in the breast of some Protestants (who often seem to speak as though they were thereby anointed the oracle of all Protestants): locdog writes: protestants go to the mat over perpetual virginity because like 99% of [Read More...]

Peter Kreeft on the Weight of Glory I love this guy to pieces. If you’ve never read him, you should. What a joy! [Read more...]

I hope they had insurance [Read more...]

Speaking of evidence of biblical characters Here’s a picture of the ossuary of Caiaphas, the High Priest who condemned Christ. Just FYI. [Read more...]

You guys always surprise me Of all the stuff I blogged on yesterday, I was amazed that the big topic was the James ossuary and (what was really the big point of interest) the Perpetual Virginity of Mary. I’ve never had much trouble with this doctrine, and it always puzzles me that so many of [Read More...]

“I reject categorization. I fit no categories so don’t even try to label me.” When somebody says that as the introduction to their religious beliefs, you can bet the farm on the fact that whatever they are going to say next is going to be warmed-over derivative twaddle from a couple of half-remembered high school [Read More...]

No, no, no, Bill! Pointing out that the illegal Israeli settlers on the West Bank are “nuts” and a pain in the neck is no way for an Evil Tool of Zionist propaganda to act! Haven’t you been reading your press releases? According to your critics, you are an ardent defender of all Israeli actions, [Read More...]

Don’t just sit there kvetching about Granholm and the Priests Who Love Her Do something [Read more...]

Interesting If it’s the James of Scripture, this would lend weight to the Eastern Church’s tradition that Joseph had children by a previous marriage. [Read more...]

My deepest condolences to Kathy Shaidle May your mother’s soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. [Read more...]

Several people wrote me about this NY Times piece (requires registration) Money quote: “Vincent Joseph Maniscalco and Edward Gerard DeBonis celebrated their partnership yesterday at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Manhattan. The Rev. Raymond R. Lefebvre, a Roman Catholic priest, led a commitment ceremony.” Wellllll, not exactly, O Infallible NY Times. If you do a [Read More...]

Fr. Joseph Wilson gave this homily yesterday at St. Luke’s Parish in Queens: Sermon: xxix Sunday in Ordinary Time “A” +IN NOMINE Today, I need to put aside the Scripture readings appointed for today. We have something else we need to talk about. It is an urgent concern, an unpleasant topic, but if we are [Read More...]

Steven Pinker looks down from his Ivory Tower on a suffering humanity and sez… “Hey! Suffering Humanity! You’re just a bag of chemicals! Get me! I’ve got tenure! HA!” What I like about this is how silly it makes “religious” prochoice arguments. You know, the “Science can detect no ensoulment of the fetus, so it’s [Read More...]

How great artists influence each other [Read more...]

K-Lo! Rod! The great thing about my blog is that it kept working all weekend! David – 1 Goliath – 0 [Read more...]

A site that makes me think of Reactionary True Catholics[TM] (and of members of the Academic Compassion Gestapo) Are you moving your mouse correctly? [Read more...]

This is absolutely factual [Read more...]

This is why the Internet is so cool The Igor Mystery solved! Son of Frankenstein (1939) Wolf Frankenstein, son of Henry Frankenstein, returns with his wife, to his fathers estate to claim his inheritance. When he arrives with his family he recieves a hostile reception from locals.While exploring his fathers laboratory he comes across crooked [Read More...]

Victor Lams, Our Man in Michigan, Reports on the Latest AmChurch Endorsements of Pro-Babykilling candidate Granholm Let these wicked priests know that they don’t get a free pass for spitting on Christ in the “least of these.” [Read more...]

My latest piece is up on Catholic Exchange [Read more...]