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I had a wonderful visit! from David Alexander, the Man in the Black Hat! It’s fun to meet members of St. Blog’s. David came by around 9:45 AM and hung with the fambly for an hour or two. He brought his cool little Homeland Security-approved-so-you-can-get-it-on-a-plane guitar and played some Christmas carols (including an elegant one [Read More...]

Show me a culture that despises virginity and I’ll show you a culture that hates children And, as if to oblige me, St. Mark’s in Cleveland, OH (aka Future Church, dedicated to the demolition of Catholic sexual morality as well as other trendinesses) offers the following bulletin announcement for Christmas: ************************************ CHRISTMAS MASSES: 4 pm. [Read More...]

Russians Struggling to Catch up With Western Reading Incomprehension Rates [Read more...]

Pork Roasts, Shadow Traditions, and the New Year A little holiday offering from your goof off blog author. [Read more...]

And finally… The House of Christmas G.K. Chesterton There fared a mother driven forth Out of an inn to roam; In the place where she was homeless All men are at home. The crazy stable close at hand, With shaking timber and shifting sand, Grew a stronger thing to abide and stand Than the square [Read More...]

The Ballad of Trent Lott The poor man fell into a “trap”. Very cunning of Strom Thurmond invite him to his birthday to politically immolate himself. The Conspiracy is bigger than we realized. [Read more...]

By the way, you’ve probably already read this but… Rod’s most recent column was first rate. [Read more...]

Neumayr has tart things to say about PBS “Come to Muhammed” Evangelization Appeal [Read more...]

Applying JEPD Theory to the Lord of the Rings One standard staple of biblical criticism for the past century has been the theory that the Old Testament isn’t composed of “books” that somebody “wrote” but is instead a pastische of “sources” that religio political factions “assembled”. If you find yourself thinking “Only an academic–and a [Read More...]

Hey! I’m coming to New Zealand! April 25-27, I’ll be speaking at a Eucharistic Convention in Auckland. Now I don’t get Down Under too often, so this is a good shot at having me hop the Pond to Australia while I’m there, as well as going to other place in EnZed. If any of my [Read More...]

Anglicans Continue Their Death March Toward Unitarianism Someday, when the Dark Ages return, Anglican hordes can go around burning question marks at mass rallies and giving long sermons in which the speaker can’t recall what his point was. Imagine a nation of yobs at soccer matches, listening to John Shelby Spong homilies over the loudspeakers [Read More...]

It’s sooooo true to life [Read more...]

I’m outta here for the weekend! However, you may continue the Coronation Jubilation on through Twelfth Night. Blogging will be light over the Holiday. There’s more important things than cyberspace. Have a glorious fourth Sunday of Advent! [Read more...]

Mark Cameron argues with lots of people, including me [Read more...]

A reader writes: I haven’t seen this blogged anywhere, but there’s a disturbing trend in the bioethics discussion: Secular scientists are trying to draw a line between human embyos and humanity – claiming that when they do cloning for research they are not doing human experimentation: From the AP “Last week the new institute’s director, [Read More...]

Another argument for the elimination of the British cultural elite [Read more...]

Lott Steps Down. Much Rejoicing I wonder if Murray is going to resign from anything. I wonder if they will remove sharp objects from her office. I wonder how she got to be Senator. But in the land of opportunity that made Trent Lott Senate Majority Leader, all things are possible for the stupidest among [Read More...]

Exhibit A in Your Sovereign Lord’s Growing Case for the Glory of Monarchy We want you all to know that with Our ascension to the throne of Charlemagne, the Congress is dissolved and We do forthwith order that Patty Murray be sent to build roads in Afghanistan. Senator Murray (who was Our senator until We [Read More...]

A Kindred Spirit for Bob Sungenis! [Read more...]