Fr. Rausch gains some sympathy for Lay Evangelical Catholics Another Generation Gap By Thomas P. Rausch Are the concerns of Catholic theologians changing? It seems so. The concerns of younger Catholics in the academy today are different, perhaps considerably different, from those of my own generation of theologians. First of all, some younger theologians seem [Read More...]

The increasingly strident New Oxford Review fires some shots in the War of the Rose …but still doesn’t do much to deal with the damning article in Crisis. [Read more...]

In other news, Richard Dawkins is winning Theologian of the Year Award in a Parallel Universe But Carter is still winning the coveted Yassir Arafat Nobel Peace Prize in this universe. The brow-furrowed man who did so much for American hostages in Iran discourses on what a boob his President is in a time of [Read More...]

Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter working with niggardly gay pedophile priests who write anti-Jewish screeds for CAI to confiscate the guns of people who kneel to receive communion and who favor war with Iraq! Discuss! There! That should increase my readership! [Read more...]

Apropos several earlier discussions ranging from guns to Lefties getting sick to death of the Left… Here’s Rex Reed (of all people) detailing what a jerk Michael Moore is (scroll down). Favorite quote: “I’m an advocate for gun control, but I found myself disappointed that Mr. Heston didn’t pull out a loaded gun and say, [Read More...]

Fascinating to watch various Leading Lights of the Left bid the Left Farewell Meanwhile, the Treason Party continues to do and say anything to clutch at power. A week or so ago, Daschle was practically accusing Bush of trying to be Caesar (and Jim McDermott was saying this). This week, the Dems vote for war [Read More...]

Kairos diagnoses the 21 stages of Catholic blogging Only one inaccuracy: Lidless Eyes don’t have eyelid positions. They just stare with unblinking malice and hostility at everything the Church has done and said since Pius XII . [Read more...]

Disputations has an interesting disputation and, yes, I think the shoe fits me at times. Mea culpa. [Read more...]

Speaking of laws not directly repugnant to the law of God The bishops have come out with some new rule saying people should stand to receive communion. I think it’s a dumb and pointless rule, the net effect of which will be to tick off people of good will and provide Lidless Eye types with [Read More...]

By the way, thanks to Justin Katz For pointing out that Richard Dawkins has begun to do what I predicted. He’s saying “What’s so bad about sex with minors?” I suspect that most of the sexual abuse priests are accused of is comparatively mild – a little bit of fondling perhaps, and a young child [Read More...]

Second Reformation? Nah. Boomer Americans are accustomed to think themselves the focal point of history. But I don’t think the Church’s current troubles are going to result in a Second Reformation. I do think they will issue in reform–eventually. To have something like the Reformation, you need to remember one thing: the big winner in [Read More...]

A lawyer friend writes: I’m thinking of working for CAI. (Especially if they’re going to start suing people and handing out those five-figure retainers I mentioned). As an audition, I want to rewrite the copyright notice to make it closer to Mr. Sungenis’ intentions. What do you think of this version? CAI forbids memorizing, remembering, [Read More...]

Meanwhile, another guy who wanted to be God finds the courts unsympathetic Just part of the judicial pattern of hostility to religion, no doubt. He changed his name to “I Am Who Am” instead. If he has kids will he name the first one “I Am Who Am, Jr.”? It’s thrilling to contemplate the domestic [Read More...]

On a happier note They might have found the Maryland shooter. When you think you are God, you tend to think you are invulnerable, and do stupid things like this guy. Not certain yet. After all, lots of people with large caches of weapons are probably shooting out their windows in Kensington, Maryland and firing [Read More...]

A few last bullet points First things first, I said this down below in the comments but I wanna make sure y’all see it: Let me take this opportunity to apologize if I have hurt anybody’s feelings with my rather flippant tone (“Gun Nuts” “Jefferson worshippers”). I was being light-hearted as among friends, not contemptuous. [Read More...]

It’s a horse race between Richard Dawkins and Peter Singer for the Intellectual Pinhead Award After a man has said SUVs are the equivalent of 9/11, do we ever have to listen to anything he says about any subject ever again? Dale, I look forward to another paean to the brilliance of another academic. [Read more...]

Everything I say three times is true So I’ll say it again: I don’t advocate confiscating anybody’s gun. I merely think it would be rather handy and sensible if the cops could have a fighting (not infallible) chance of knowing which gun a bullet was fired from in a crime. That’s it. That’s all. All [Read More...]

This should be interesting Greg Popcak notes that the teaching of the Catholic Church is as follows: 2316. “The production and the sale of arms affect the common good of nations and of the international community. Hence public authorities have the right and duty to regulate them. The short-term pursuit of private or collective interests [Read More...]

I’m outta here for most of the day Not too much blogging today. [Read more...]

Yipes! What a hornet’s nest I opened with my “Gun Nut Culture” post! Dealing with the most critical issue first: Victor, that’s “Sheavian” not “Shea-n”. Um, I’m not advocating taking anybody’s gun. I’m saying it would be handy to know what gun a bullet is fired from and who bought it where and where they [Read More...]

Disco music? Refresh my memory. Why is it American media types like Maureen Dowd bow and scrape before Europeans as our obvious genetic masters? Disco music? [Read more...]