A lawyer friend writes: I’m thinking of working for CAI. (Especially if they’re going to start suing people and handing out those five-figure retainers I mentioned). As an audition, I want to rewrite the copyright notice to make it closer to Mr. Sungenis’ intentions. What do you think of this version? CAI forbids memorizing, remembering, [Read More...]


Meanwhile, another guy who wanted to be God finds the courts unsympathetic Just part of the judicial pattern of hostility to religion, no doubt. He changed his name to “I Am Who Am” instead. If he has kids will he name the first one “I Am Who Am, Jr.”? It’s thrilling to contemplate the domestic [Read More...]


On a happier note They might have found the Maryland shooter. When you think you are God, you tend to think you are invulnerable, and do stupid things like this guy. Not certain yet. After all, lots of people with large caches of weapons are probably shooting out their windows in Kensington, Maryland and firing [Read More...]


A few last bullet points First things first, I said this down below in the comments but I wanna make sure y’all see it: Let me take this opportunity to apologize if I have hurt anybody’s feelings with my rather flippant tone (“Gun Nuts” “Jefferson worshippers”). I was being light-hearted as among friends, not contemptuous. [Read More...]


It’s a horse race between Richard Dawkins and Peter Singer for the Intellectual Pinhead Award After a man has said SUVs are the equivalent of 9/11, do we ever have to listen to anything he says about any subject ever again? Dale, I look forward to another paean to the brilliance of another academic. [Read more...]


Everything I say three times is true So I’ll say it again: I don’t advocate confiscating anybody’s gun. I merely think it would be rather handy and sensible if the cops could have a fighting (not infallible) chance of knowing which gun a bullet was fired from in a crime. That’s it. That’s all. All [Read More...]


This should be interesting Greg Popcak notes that the teaching of the Catholic Church is as follows: 2316. “The production and the sale of arms affect the common good of nations and of the international community. Hence public authorities have the right and duty to regulate them. The short-term pursuit of private or collective interests [Read More...]


I’m outta here for most of the day Not too much blogging today. [Read more...]


Yipes! What a hornet’s nest I opened with my “Gun Nut Culture” post! Dealing with the most critical issue first: Victor, that’s “Sheavian” not “Shea-n”. Um, I’m not advocating taking anybody’s gun. I’m saying it would be handy to know what gun a bullet is fired from and who bought it where and where they [Read More...]


Disco music? Refresh my memory. Why is it American media types like Maureen Dowd bow and scrape before Europeans as our obvious genetic masters? Disco music? [Read more...]


Not exactly the most pious conversion in the world I hope the representatives of the religion of peace don’t kill him. [Read more...]


The Religion of Peace: Doing Good for the World’s Suffering The first sign was the arrival of humanitarian aid from Arab countries: It was distributed only to Muslims; it was prohibited to give it to Christians. Our Caritas, instead, made no ethnic or religious distinctions; everyone could benefit. However for them, the aid was a [Read More...]


Think of CFFC (Creeps for Fetal Crucifixion) as the Kaposi’s Sarcoma of the Body of Christ Thanks to our shepherds’ magnificent courage and intelligence in living, teaching and governing according to the Tradition, the Body of Christ is suffering from a sort of spiritual AIDS, a weakened immune system that is struggling to fight off [Read More...]


Gun Nut Culture Down below, I made the weisenheimer crack that it’s “un-American” to buddy up with other kooks and shoot people. Several people are taking me very seriously and reminding me of Columbine, OKC et al. Mostly I was spoofing the fact that we tend to create lots of loony killers here too. I [Read More...]


The Lidless Eye Turns its Pitiless Gaze My Way! I’m so honored! Money quote: “Certain neo-Catholic enforcers of postconciliar correctness (including Mark Shea and James Scott) have even defended the Talmud against Sungenis, with the aid of a Talmud revisionist website operated by a liberal Jewish apologist.” Not quite. I didn’t “defend the Talmud” (about [Read More...]


CAI proves that with sufficient pluck and persistence… a formerly Catholic apostolate can go from a green light rating by Petersnet to a red light rating. No word yet on whether CAI is “coming back with a vengeance” to “expose” Petersnet as devilish and liberal too. [Read more...]


Another satisfied Catherine of Siena Institute customer! A reader sez: You speak highly of the Catherine of Siena Institute on your blog and website. I followed your link and found out that they were giving one of their 1 1/2 day Called and Gifted Workshops at a large parish near my home. Based on your [Read More...]


Priesthood as self-medication “Going into seminary seemed like the best of all possibilities. I could get an esteemed position within Catholic culture, and I had a safe place to go where people wouldn’t ask why I didn’t have a girlfriend.” Funny. I always thought the priesthood had something to do with serving Jesus Christ, not [Read More...]


How about “Come to me, my melancholy baby?” A reader asks: Do you take blog requests? Here’s something I am hoping to see discussed: a no-nonsense, concise treatment of Catholic just war doctrine. There just isn’t much just war material in the media — including Catholic media — with much authority. For instance, I’ve heard [Read More...]


A reader sez: Is it defensible to claim that a bishop has sinned? For that matter, is it defensible to assert that any particular person has sinned? There’s a whole basketful of terms to choose from when talking about the wrongs people do; among them are failures wrongful acts misdeeds immoral acts apparent sins sins [Read More...]


I wonder if my Village Atheist is going to write Richard Dawkins and protest his encouragement of violence against Catholics He can start his letter with the phrase “You people…” Elsewhere in St. Blog’s, Dale Price, as is his custom, has a happy encomium to the amazingly shallow mind of Richard Dawkins. [Read more...]