Speaking of Sayers You should really read The Mind of the Maker. The best look at the process of artistic creativity from a Trinitarian perspective there is. Plus, she’s just a damn fine writer. [Read more...]


Here’s a very sensible take on orthodox Catholic feminism …as distinct from lunatic mainstream and secular feminism. Uh-oh! Now I’m *really* showing my colors as a sinister “neo-Catholic”! Alert the media! Yes, it’s true. I think the Holy Father (and John Augustine) are simply right. For more of my trademark brand of dangerous Christian feminism, [Read More...]


The Agenda Post-it Note Phenomenon Gee. What a surprise. Catholics for Baby Killing is involved in UN meddling with the Church. Anybody can see that increasing the slaughter of the unborn will keep kids safe. This is but one example of the Agenda Post-It Note Phenomenon. Take any popular cause, write your peculiar agenda (no [Read More...]


Here’s something hopeful from China God is at work under the ice. By the way, if you’ve never read him, check out Timothy Garton Ash’s books like The Magic Lantern about Europe coming out from under the Commies in the late 80s. European experience doesn’t map perfectly to the Chinese (who are still in the [Read More...]


New blog! [Read more...]


Jim McDermott, Our Congressoid McDermott is a Congressman from the Soviet of Washington. His district is the one my parish is in, but don’t let that sway your view of my parish. It’s the University of Washington parish (besides the Newman Center) and about half the parishioner live outside the parish (and the congressional district). [Read more...]


Remember the priest who wrote to tell Catholics they should be prochoice? Cardinal Maida forced him to apologize. Good work, Cardinal! [Read more...]


One of the perks of being a writer… … is that you sometimes have unexpected opportunities to be a hero to your kids. Case in point: Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie. My pal, Steven Greydanus at Decent Films self-confessedly “doesn’t get vegetables”. I, on the other hand, have a weakness for Veggie Tales (favorite Silly [Read More...]


Josh Claybourn makes things extremely clear [Read more...]


Speaking of GKC…. The Seattle G.K. Chesterton Society kicks off its new year of meetings this October 8. The Chesterton Society is a joint effort of laypeople and academics from Seattle University, the University of Washington, and Seattle Pacific University, devoted to discussing life, the universe and everything from the perspective of the Catholic intellectual [Read More...]


A reader asks: You have posted a few times about the relationship between ancient mythology and folklore and Christianity, mainly along the lines of what C.S. Lewis wrote on the topic. I was wondering if you know of any books that talk about mythology and legends from a Christian standpoint? There are a few books [Read More...]


Greg Krehbiel is feeling tart-tongued today [Read more...]


It turns out I’m not a prophet Just received a very gracious and contrite apology from Bob, which I willingly accept. So I’m going to stop teasing him about that. Now let’s pray he removes the anti-Jewish stuff as well, which is the main thing. [Read more...]


They can’t find him cuz he’s dead, buried under 50 bazillion tons of rubble along with all the (very brief) eyewitnesses to his death The guy should really have been wary of trusting delphic oracles. He said some mystic of his acquaintance told him that when the Twin Towers fell “thousands of people would come [Read More...]


This is just more proof that God loves Seattle more than New Orleans [Read more...]


Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake! Kudos and thanks to Minute Particulars for eloquently saving me the job of writing a bigger and longer blog this mess than the one I’m about to write. I continue to believe the Cardinal was absolutely unjustified in publishing the names of [Read More...]


Interesting interview with Philip Jenkins It turns out the world doesn’t revolve around us. [Read more...]


Jeremy Lott on Andrew Sullivan’s Ongoing Efforts to Square the Circle [Read more...]


The visual language of spirituality in Peter Jackson’s vision of The Lord of the Rings [Read more...]


New blogs! Here, here, and here [Read more...]


And with that, I’m off again for the third and last of my weekend jaunts to teach This Saturday (9/28) I’m in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, teaching a class on Making Senses Out of Scripture at Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Barling, Arkansas, (just east of Ft. Smith, AR) from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 [Read More...]