Just a point of consolation for Catholics Nitwittery within the Church is usually a watered down version of nitwittery in the culture. When extreme ascetism was in vogue in the patristic period you had nutcases like Phibionites outside the Church and watered down nuts for ascetism like Tertullian within (till he left). When Calvinism was [Read More...]


Hold off on that Tithing Boycott Crusade! As an American I am in love with the idea of easy fixes, etc. So I suggested below the withholding of tithes in corrupt dioceses. I spoke too soon. Fr. Paul (a very fine priest) writes in my comments box: I just took over as pastor of a [Read More...]


Hitchens on the lame “chicken hawk” school of argument I’ve always thought the “Unless you have personal experience, you must not be allowed to have an opinion” school of argument was pushed way too hard. Yes, parents are probably better people to go to for advice on parenting than childless theoreticians. Yes, there is the [Read More...]


Barbara Tuchman in The March of Folly writes about the six Renaissance Pope who helped to provoke the Reformation: The folly of the popes was no pursuit of counter-productive policy so much as rejection of any steady or coherent policy either political or religious that would have imporoved their situation or arrested the rising discontent. [Read More...]


Rod, the only guarantor of the bishops’ compliance is going to be Caesar “When you neglect the Big Laws, you don’t get freedom. You don’t even get anarchy. You get the small laws.” – G.K. Chesterton If the bishops continue to neglect the Big Laws about Not Raping Little Boys and Not Protecting Those Who [Read More...]


Domenico Bettinelli on the LA Times on Rome The LA Times obliges me by demonstrating what I was talking about in the “At the end of the day…” blog. They imagine lay review boards are “emasculated” because Rome points out what could always and only be the case: that the local bishop is the final [Read More...]


Good Morning! For your reading pleasure… I have a couple of new pieces up on my site (scroll down and look for the stuff marked “New”). Consider them my clever way of distracting you from my minimal blogging today as I try to catch up on other stuff. UPDATE: I fixed the code problem that [Read More...]


Lots of people talk as though PC is the end of civilization as we know it It’s not. It’s the squishiness that precedes tyranny, the Weimar powerless before Nazism, as the Netherlands demonstrates in this article. Chesterton, ever insightful, denies that tyranny is the first stage of human political evolution, followed by the long march [Read More...]


One of my commenters on the “At the end of the day…” thread wrote… If the bishop is the final word on governance in his diocese, then he can openly defy the Pope in matters of governance. Which is false. This discussion is sounding like an apologia for dissident ecclesiastics like Archbishop Hunthausen. The last [Read More...]


A reader writes: I can’t turn this into comment-boxable form, so I’m punting to you, perhaps hoping this can at least be grist for the mill. Does it seem wrong, or at least odd, that people propose what boils down to a boycott of their own diocese? “If that rotten bishop doesn’t do what I [Read More...]


Are all Lidless Eye types this out of touch with reality: “…we have found another proof of our contention that the document Reflections on Covenant and Mission issued by Cardinal Keeler and the USCCB is one in a long line of Vatican attempts to advance the Zionist agenda and change Catholic teaching.” Or is it [Read More...]


Popcak and Shea Together Again! Greg Popcak and your humble scribe are releasing a really nifty four-tape set called “There’s Power in the Blood: The Life Changing Power of the Eucharist.” I know it was nifty cuz I was there when we recorded it together. The cost is $24.95 and you can call 1-877-PSI-3915 to [Read More...]


Rod Bennett is a delightful guy Author of the extremely interesting and readable book Four Witnesses: The Early Church in Her Own Words, he also runs the Wonder Magazine website, which preserves lotsa stuff from the late great magazine Wonder, which he used to edit. Check it out. [Read more...]


Please pray for Mike! A reader writes: A friend of mine named Mike Rudzis needs prayers. He has four children ranging from about 3 to 14 years old, and is about 40 years old. He has just started a bone marrow transplant to treat lymphoma which has not been conquered by any other means. If [Read More...]


“America is a Nation with the Soul of a Church” – G.K. Chesterton Like no place else in the First World, America insists on investing its political leaders with religious significance. From the “America Needs JC” poster (featuring Jimmy Carter with long hair, a beard and a long white tunic like You Know Who), to [Read More...]


At the end of the day…. Bishops are still in charge. Appoint some FBI lady to make sure things are done according to Hoyle. She works for the bishops. Select some review panel. They serve at the pleasure of the bishops. Organize this or that reform movement. The bishops remain the head of the Church [Read More...]


A Fossilized Fragment of America’s Anti-Catholic Heritage… should be seen as a threat by all Christians–and swept aside. [Read more...]


My latest piece is up on Catholic Exchange Why don’t have a hope in the world…and that’s okay! [Read more...]


Whoa! When Do I get to Have a Shot at a Snazzy Photo in the Jewish World Review? Kudos and Huzzahs to St. Blog’s own Eve Tushnet! You go girl! Here’s Eve basically repeating my point of yesterday: The Republican position, broadly speaking, can be summarized as, “Follow the rules!” Republicans use textualist rhetoric, praising [Read More...]


Jeremy Lott writes me: I read your comments about the ossuary with the inscription James brother of Jesus and couldn’t help but realize that you’ve fallen into the same trap of many of your co-religionists: discounting possibly one of the most profound archeological discoveries of all time (from a Catholic point of view) because of [Read More...]


A reader asks Is there any room, in your view, for lay boards to licitly have more power? Even if a Council of bishops were to take up the question? Or is this a question that the tradition has definitively answered in the negative? Like I say, “final voice” does not mean “only voice”. I [Read More...]