The Planned Barrenhood Chick Who was Denied Permission to Marry in the Catholic Church laments “How can you do this to me? It’s 29 days before my wedding” In other news, a third trimester abortion victim at her clinic lamented, “How can they do this to me? It’s 29 days before my birth.” [Read more...]

David Alexander, Our Man In Voice of the Faithful, Takes Issue with Fr. Doyle’s Wrong-Headed Defense of VOTF [Read more...]

A reader sez: I appreciate the tone of your letter to Samuel Adams CEO Jim Koch. He certainly deserves a spanking here. However, I am disappointed in your ninth point, asking him [demanding?] that he make a financial contribution to the Poor Box of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. That sounds a little too much Jesse Jackson-like [Read More...]

The Latest Round in the War of the Rose The September issue of Crisis apparently has a piece on Michael Rose’s critique of Louvain. Fr. Rob Johansen has some comments. Oh, and final arguments in the Grip ‘n Grin Discussion [Read more...]

Getting up to Speed Lately, I’ve been getting email from people describing their acts of piety in the “Cult of Rod”. I haven’t quite known what this is all about. Now I see that Rod has laid out his own personal Book of Leviticus for the edification of cult members over in a comments box [Read More...]

Pope as Teacher, Pope as Flag Stephen’s reaction to my piece puts me in mind of one of the odd phenomena I have observed. Namely, there are those who love the Pope as a teacher and those who love him as a sort of flag. My thoughts on how facing the altar and the world [Read More...]

Stephen Hand’s critique of my piece on “community building” is mystifying me He somehow forms the idea that I am pitting community against the transcendental dimension of the Mass and demanding people choose one or the other. Read the piece yourself. I could have sworn I said both were the goal, but that we get [Read More...]

Another abusive priest is found after the clerical mafia’s efforts to hide him fail I hope they can put this guy away but I fear the statute of limitations will work against it. Maybe they can nail him for fleeing justice? After that though, I hope they can also jail his accomplices. Enough! [Read more...]

Now Here’s a Cool Idea! It turns out that 99% of the priests out there are good guys. They need encouragement and we need to be reminded just how good they are. Check out Read a cool story or two and leave one of your own if you’ve got one. [Read more...]

My Pal James Akin of Catholic Answers has a blog! Your one-stop shopping point for all your apologetics needs. And, if you come from a Reformed background (which I don’t) he’s Da Man for answering your questions since he’s been where you are and can scratch where you itch. [Read more...]

A Priest in Medicine Hat with Spine Frances Quisling lecturing the priest on upholding Church teaching is like Michael Dukakis in a tank. [Read more...]

From the “My Readers Are Just So Incredibly Classy” Department Mr. Koch – I’m sure you’re busy, so i’ll keep it simple: Protestant pastor, no Catholic family a’tall. Massively offended, more by the cop-out rationalizations than by the fact you backed into this meat-grinder by way of doing PR, which i do actually understand. Y’all [Read More...]

Anchor Hold on Vespers in Milwaukee [Read more...]

Tim Drake on Our Lady of Hollywood, Dreher and Signs Your one-stop shopping place for all your August 2002 American Catholic cultural needs. [Read more...]

A Sam Adams Joke Jim Koch sent the first bottles of Sam Adams off to be analyzed for FDA approval. The lab sent them back the bad news: “Your horse has diabetes.” [Read more...]

Got the Apology 2.0 GrovelSpam from Jim Koch at Boston Beer this AM Here’s my reply to him: Dear Mr. Koch: If there’s one thing that could serve to drive a customer away more emphatically than desecrating his or her faith, it’s desecrating his or her faith and then insulting their intelligence to boot. Catholic [Read More...]

Light Blogging Today I’ve hauled a vanload of Strapping Youths to my brother’s house for a swim fest in the lake. Would you be sitting at a computer when it’s 80 degrees and there’s a perfectly beautiful lake a few yards away? [Read more...]

Fr. Rob Johansen Wants to Know… what people think of having folks grip and grin at each other before Mass as a way of building community. I basically think people should save it for coffee hour. AmChurch does not need still more emphasis on “community building”. It needs a return to the transcendent (“Seek first [Read More...]

Hey! St. Blog’s Gets Results! [Read more...]

How Revelation Proceeds There’s a little discussion going on about the Immaculate Conception and several Catholics are voicing the “She had to be immaculate so that Jesus could dwell in her womb” theory. A Protestant is (understandably) saying “Then how does the Holy Spirit dwell in the rest of us unimmaculate types?” I’m not going [Read More...]

Sometimes, Jeff, the Answer to Your Prayer is “No.” [Read more...]