The NY Times grasps at straws For months they insisted Bush could not prosecute war with Iraq because this would be “unilateral” and the UN had to sign off. So they did. Now that’s not good enough either. [Read more...]

Reactions, Outrage, a few Stupid Excuses for James C. Iscariot from Prolife Voices Just say he is a murderer, liar, thief, and traitor. Full stop. Don’t come to me with any of this “Well, if you push people far enough…” BS. [Read more...]

David Mills at Touchstone Follows up on the Watery Judaism piece in the NY Times yesterday Scroll down. [Read more...]

Others Have Noted this is Creepy… But Huw has made it clear why. The eye used to be God’s. Now it’s Caesar’s. Sleep well. [Read more...]

Hey! All you “Shooting Abortionists is an Act of Just War” Advocates Out There! Just save time and slap the words “I Am a Babykiller” on all your T-shirts and hats right now. Thanks to morons like you, murderer and latter day Judas Iscariot James Kopp is now the Face of the Prolife Movement, and [Read More...]

Meanwhile, in Iran, the Radical Islamic House of Cards Teeters on the Brink I wonder if the gospel will find hearers there now that Islam has made itself such a stench in the nostrils of its victims? [Read more...]

Iraqi Christians to St. Therese: Ora Pro Nobis! [Read more...]

Un-freakin’-believable No comment necessary: From Cardinal Law’s deposition of August 13, 2002 MACLEISH: This is a letter from a gentleman by the name of Mr. Nash, Gregory Nash, to you shortly after you were installed as Archbishop. The letter is dated March 25, 1984. Do you see that? LAW: I do. MACLEISH: And the letter [Read More...]

Why it will take the grace of God to fight the war on terror Natural virtues will not be enough. Supernatural hope is required. Jesus Christ is a known supplier of this. Nobody else is. [Read more...]

Why Reform Judaism is sort of like liberal Protestantism for Jews He makes a couple of good points, but winds up being a living demonstration of why liberal Judaism is becoming so hard to distinguish from Unitarianism or some other form of religious methadone treatment: As Judaism focuses on its imminent demise, it grows less [Read More...]

Stop Genetic Diseases with your Screen Saver! A reader sez: I’ve come across a distributed-computing project very much like SETI@Home, save that this project deals with the “folding” of proteins. Since it’s thought that some diseases may be caused by proteins that have gotten misfolded I’d think that this rates as a worthy cause. The [Read More...]

A friend observes regarding the current hoohah about the inclination of the Church’s bishops toward peace… I think some of this reflects a certain anger at the clerical estate which you’ve eluded to in your blog, and perhaps even a residual clericalism that isn’t willing to shoulder personal responsibility. It would be nifty neeto if [Read More...]

Why is Bush downplaying the trumpet calls for a partial birth abortion ban? Because the surest way to ignite the spirit of jihad in the dying embers of the Abortion Party is to launch a full frontal assault on the sacrament of abortion. All you Eeyores. Try to bridle your despair at least till the [Read More...]

Playwright Jim Sherman wrote this today after Hu Jintao was named chief of the Communist Party in China. HU’S ON FIRST By James Sherman (We take you now to the Oval Office.) George: Condi! Nice to see you. What’s happening? Condi: Sir, I have the report here about the new leader of China. George: Great. [Read More...]

Pavel Chichikov is making a very good point In response to some of the more zealous pro-war types who are disgusted because the Pope and the bishops urge against war with Iraq, he writes in a comment below, “I don’t *ever* want to hear my bishops advocating or justifying war. I want them to urge [Read More...]

Tin Ear Award Goes to Planned Parenthood For offering this sentiment… in honor of a holiday which, for most Americans, is all about a Birth. Brings new meaning to our Lord’s saying: “Inasmuch as you did it to the least of my brothers and sisters, you did it to me.” What’s next? The NRA taking [Read More...]

Dude, wo ist mein Gehirn? [Read more...]

Okay, apart from the bizarre story itself which of these passages from the sycophantic press apologies for Michael Jackson’s bizarreness is more loony? “There are also speculations the singer may pick up a Bambi lifetime achievement award on Thursday from the German Burda Publishing house.” “Bambi Lifetime Achievement Award”? or “Michael is a very responsible [Read More...]

Memo to the Stupid Party Lead, dammit! It’s finally in your power to save the lives of babies. Do it. [Read more...]

So does this mean the war starts anytime? I mean, what’s the point of inspections if Saddam is already cheating (which was not a huge surprise)? ‘nother question: How do they know he’s cheating if they haven’t started the inspections? [Read more...]

Sad and bleak There’s a pagan sadness to these little “Remnant” groups, so clearly destined to wither like little flowers. Very often you find a few truly beautiful souls in them (often born into them), and a great deal of stoic pride that is trying soldier on to the Millennium through sheer dint of will. [Read More...]