A non-Catholic reader complains of the loopy new Archbishop of Canterbury… He supports women ministers, so he should be shunned by all right-thinking Christians. I have no problem with women “ministers”, merely with women priests. A woman can minister (i.e. “serve”) as well as a man. She simply can’t confect the Eucharist or celebrate Holy [Read More...]


Speaking of Rod… As this blog notes, Andrew Sullivan is pretty good on the war and Bush. He was one of the first voices of moral clarity out of the gate after 9/11 and performed invaluable services to humanity by carefully documenting (and exploding) the stupidity and evil of the “We hate life, ourselves, and [Read More...]


From the Fortress Homosexual McMinistry of Truth Data: Out of 1200 cases of reported priestly abuse, 85% of the victims were male. Conclusion: “While some have blamed homosexuality…” followed by 12 paragraphs of blah blah studiously avoiding the connection of two very large dots. [Read more...]


I hate it when this happens [Read more...]


Bp. McCormack of Manchester NH in the news again… A priest says McCormack is trying to destroy him for knowing to much about a pervert priest. McCormack’s henchmen say, in true Clintonian form, that the priest is “mentally unstable”. The priest “consented to a psychological evaluation in April. Though he was found to be mentally [Read More...]


Hallelujah! The piece that made me fall in love with Rod Dreher’s writing is back on the web: Do Fake Boobs Go to Heaven? His review of the first Left Behind movie. I’m eager for further Left Behind movies so Rod can write further reviews. [Read more...]


A reader thinks JPII’s “reversal” of Catholic teaching on the Death Penalty is a strong case against papal infallibility The Pope’s “reversal” isn’t even a reversal, much less a danger to papal infallibility. There is a wide range of prudential judgment options for applying capital punishment. That range lies between “Always” and “never”. JPII tends [Read More...]


The Charming Naivete of the Atheist My blog’s Village Atheist remarks on his teenage confusion between the words “scatological” and “eschatological”. He announces to a world breathless for his insights that discovering what they meant “was also one of the first moments where I learned that things aren’t as simple and complete as CCD or [Read More...]


The Revolution is coming a Cropper Posted today on the VOTF message board: “The Message Board will be on View Only — beginning at 4:30 P.M. EDT, July 23rd until further notice. “ Free speech for me but not for thee. [Read more...]


I’ve hit on the perfect defense for bad bishops! “I am personally opposed to child abuse, but I do feel that priests have a right to choose.” Works for Democrats and Squish Republicans when the abuse consists of dismembering children, so why not for our shepherds? I’m a genius. Cardinal Mahony, you can fire your [Read More...]


What a frickin’ jerk this columnist is Been a while since I’ve seen such a collection of cheap shots against the Faith and such exploitation of a tragedy to advance the Know Nothing cause. Gee, I’ve got four children. Is that too many for him? I wonder which one he thinks I should drown? [Read more...]


A reader writes about the Death Penalty (and I make comments throughout) Just read your comments about Antonin Scalia and the death penalty. As a Catholic who favors the death penalty, I believe you have forgotten several important points: 1. In Genesis 9:6, God expressly commands the imposition of the death penalty for murder on [Read More...]


A reader observes that the Archbishop of Canterbury provides better and more challenging pastoral guidance for the denizens of Hollywood than their own bishop, Raj “How’s my hair?” Cardinal Mahony. [Read more...]


More Voice of the Fascists hijinx David Alexander sends along the following: The following information was posted to the VOTF message board: + + + But for now, VOTF does offer victims of clergy abuse some hope of being listened to by the lay Catholics and others in our society. Among the “rays of hope” [Read More...]


Mr. Sandman My friends Michael and Ivy went to Long Beach, WA to see the sand castle contests there. Ivy ended up as a walk-on on one of the teams, and her team won 1st prize ($1200) in the Master’s Category. Seriously.Ivy’s work is shown in Pictures 4-7. Here is a supreme example of what [Read More...]


VOTF=Voice of the Fascists This was posted–and immediately removed by the muckety mucks without explanation–of the Voice of the Faithful message board. With each passing day, this movement moves deeper into murk and confusion. They started just couple of months ago as a stab at “letting the laity speak” etc. They’ve been heading full bore [Read More...]


“Biotechnology is transforming the world around us, far more quickly than we can build a regulatory structure to accommodate it.” In the words of poet Pavel Chichikov, all of human history can be summed up in two sentences. The first is “What could it hurt?” followed sometime later by “How was I supposed to know?” [Read More...]


The Minneapolis Strib shows once again the stunning cluelessness of journalists about Catholic Faith Antonin Scalia differs from the Pope on a matter of prudential judgment, therefore, says the Strib, Catholic teaching is a wide open cafeteria for Scalia and pretty much everybody. Memo to the Strib: have your people read my essay “Catholic Officialdom [Read More...]


A reader asks about the difference between a religious culture and holy one Chesterton point out the difference in little poem written to commemorate the demise of an English missionary at the hands of very religious cannibals in the Solomon Islands: It was the Rev. Isaiah Bunting who sailed to world’s end and spread religion [Read More...]


There are still Canadians who think Marriage is good [Read more...]


Our funny little sexually obsessed friends [Read more...]