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What would be fitting justice, I wonder? Having sex on the desk of the Chairman of the Board of Sam Adams during a board meeting? No. That would be contrary to Catholic moral teaching. Flooding their offices with, uh, used beer? Again, vandalism is a sin. Can’t do it. How about just burying them in [Read More...]

I Matter Again! Nihil Obstat has criteecked my grammer again! Its grate to have you back N.O.! You’re droll wit is not unappreeshiated by every body. [Read more...]

Fr. Rob Johansen weighs in on the Rod’s piece and the vigorous debate over here on C&EI.; [Read more...]

Just a note on Rod’s piece Rod tells me it won’t be free online till Sunday. Then you’ll be able to read it at Just FYI. [Read more...]

I Don’t Buy the “Armchair Quarterback” view of Rod’s Complaint A reader objects that “What’s most troubling to me is the attitude of those who, from their armchairs, think themselves able to outdo the Pope, a man of known brilliance and sanctity, on matters of prudential judgment.” I reply that the Persians debated every matter [Read More...]

When He’s right, He’s Right Gerard Serafin took me to task for a cheap shot against the American Bishops. He’s right. I’m wrong. The cheap shot is gone from my blog. My apologies. [Read more...]

On the other hand… here’s something you can do VOTF is making noises about having a balanced roster of speakers invited to their shindigs. In keeping with Pete Vere’s letter below, Dave Pawlak suggests the following people be added to that roster: Fr. George Rutler Fr. Frank Pavone James and Helen Hull Hitchcock Jesse Romero [Read More...]

Battle is joined The Kairos Guy is miffed… just cuz I sentenced him to death on HMS Blog. Some people are soooooo touchy. [Read more...]

“It takes three to make a quarrel. The full potentialities of human fury cannot be fully realized until a friend tactfully intervenes.” – GK Chesterton I’m working under a double disadvantage in that I’ve not yet read Rod’s piece (I don’t get WSJ and it’s not online that I know of) and I’m very short [Read More...]

Express Party! Here’s something different for summer. Today, my family (including a wacky uncle and aunt) will have an “Express Party” supper. What’s that? We get lots of messy food and eat out on the lawn. When somebody asks you to pass something, you send it their way–express (i.e. you throw it). We will not [Read More...]

David Alexander remains indomitable and writes to VOTF again [Read more...]

The View from the Core on Reparations Follies On the bright side of the political news, both Bob Barr and Cynthia McKinney lost yesterday. [Read more...]

More proof that Victor Lams is a comic genius And don’t forget this too. [Read more...]

Pete Vere Writes an Insightful Letter to David Alexander Dave, you will recall, is one of the valiant souls attempting to keep VOTF from becoming simply another Nazgul for CalltoActionCatholicsforaFreeChoiceWeAreChurch. Pete writes the following about their apology and it’s eerie similarity to the behavior of the bishops they are allegedly trying to reform: Hi Dave, [Read More...]

Tom Hoopes from National Catholic Register writes: Mark, sorry to dump this long e-mail on you but I’m worried about this whole Rod Dreher-is-disappointed-in-the-Pope WSJ thing and you seem the logical guy to make the opposite case. Why do I care about it? Because it will drive a wedge between souls and Christ. I’d make [Read More...]

Cardinal Keeler issues clarification on Reflections document “What? Somebody reads what we write?! Good heavens! We never meant it to come to that!” [Read more...]

Mike Epstein (aka Prolife Guy) is a theological genius Asked to give his Jewish Man in the Street Response to the “Reflections” document and his general way of dealing with missionary types, he says in 15 words what the Subcommittee of Verbose and Elliptical Religious Functionaries took zillions of words to never quite get around [Read More...]

Glad I live in Washington Memo to the State of California Educational Ubergruppenfuehrers: Go to hell. [Read more...]

“Second Virginity” is becoming trendy Sometimes it’s due to a sincere repentance for fornication. Usually, it’s done as a sop to conscience or out of a consumerist desire to make sex hotter after the wedding day. Here’s a bogus factoid from the article: “Sexual abstinence is nothing new, of course: it is prescribed for Muslims [Read More...]

A convert friend from a Jewish background writes: As a late convert to the faith – in my late forties – I’ve never been stuck with a childhood, child-like faith and awe in priests – they’ve always seemed to me to be guys who happen to be members of a very important order of the [Read More...]