Donald Sensing Muses about Hell In the words of Lewis, “The Gates of hell are barred from the inside.” Sensing also argues there is salvation outside the Church. I think he’s wrong, since “the Church” is ultimately the company of the saved and therefore it is a tautology to say there is no salvation outside [Read More...]

Greg Krehbiel offers a bleat of complaint about the recent bit of ecclesial bafflegab (with a tip of the hat to John Knox) In the Lord of the Rings, there is a moment when Bilbo deliberately antagonizes a crowd of well-wishers by telling them “I don’t know half of you half as well as I [Read More...]

Fr. Rob Johansen asks: “The Vatican “re-do” instructions to the American bishops expressed concern that the bishops have not addressed the ‘root causes of sexual abuse.’ Do you think that’s a veiled reference to the problems of homosexuals in the priesthood?” Yep. Though there is also heterosexual abuse too. And they are, of course, right [Read More...]

Just checking in! New piece up on Catholic Exchange. Check it out. Also, read Deal Hudson’s piece at the same place. [Read more...]

I’m outta here early today Gonna go to my brother’s house, play in the lake, sleep under the stars, have a party, and go to Mass. It doesn’t get any better than that. By the way, let me just say that I am as firmly convinced as ever that God is in charge, that our [Read More...]

You really have got to read the proposals to the Divine Miss Em at HMS Blog! They bring new meaning to the phrase “Exceptional Marriages”. [Read more...]

My pal Dale Ahlquist, Supreme Intergalactic Plenipotentiary and Lord High Chancellor of the American Chesterton Society writes Dear Chesterton Friend, I just wanted to let you know that The Apostle of Common Sense is returning to EWTN in September with all new episodes. Chuck Chalberg and I had the privilege of putting together 13 new [Read More...]

Thanks! I’ve sent thanks privately, but I wanted to acknowledge publicly my deep gratitude to all those kind and generous folk who responded to my tin cup rattling at the door of St. Blog’s the other day. Your generosity is deeply appreciated! Oh, and just for signing up with PayPal, you get $5 and I [Read More...]

Greg Popcak does a little moonlighting [Read more...]

A Jewish fan! Prolife guy writes: First, I thought you’d want to know that there’s at least one Jew out there who likes your site. It has taught me a lot about Catholicism. Second, I wanted to invite you to check out the blog: Prolife Guy’s Take I’ve just started. I’d love to know what [Read More...]

New blog! [Read more...]

David Morrison asks excellent questions The more I look at the behavior of some of our bishops, the more I simply have to wonder how indeed, they can sleep at night. I think I can’t be appalled more than I already am, and then it all hits you in the face afresh: Law’s deposition that [Read More...]

Bleak Remember the sex predator in Mississippi, Cardinal? “Oh yeah. That was the bishop’s responsibility. Not mine.” Remember the sex predators in Boston when you were archbishop? “Oh yeah. That was my subordinates’ responsibility, not mine.” God deliver us from Clintonesque shepherds. How long, O Lord? [Read more...]

Why the Left is doomed [Read more...]

There is a torrid romantic whirlwind building on HMS Blog Perhaps one of you would like to be Emily’s next suitor? [Read more...]

Dave’s wrong He’s essentially abandoning the fact that Christ is the only savior and positing a sort of di-theism. There’s only one God and only one heaven. All who are there will have to deal with the reality that God is a Trinity and Jesus is, in fact, God the Son. Jews and Christians will [Read More...]

Today is the Day to Pray for Healing for our Sore-Beset Church If it’s any help, Shaken by Scandals has a section in the back full of relevant scriptural texts, reflections, and prayers that are intended for use on just such a day as this. Lord, hear our prayer. [Read more...]

QUOTE OF THE DAY “I’ve pretty much used up my advance, and now my editors are hoping that I’ll outlive the pope.” ROBERT BLAIR KAISER,who is 71, on a book he will write on Pope John Paul II’s successor. The reader who sent this in sez: “Serves ‘em right, the old vultures, for presuming that [Read More...]

A reader speculates I think the way it works for everybody is roughly like this: Jesus said No one comes to the Father except through Me, but He never said it had to be on this side. I believe for everyone it happens on the other side, first thing, and without the operation of free [Read More...]

Science writer tiptoes up to admitting Romans 1:20 is right about You Know Who …but also hedges his language so the kids at the science playground won’t ostracize him from the peer group (“But creationists should not rejoice: even a god such as this can’t explain how things got so strange.”). Mustn’t be caught associating [Read More...]

Some of my readers are debating the question of whether JPII is a good or bad CEO This is deeply ironic to me, since it is precisely because our bishops have conceived of themselves as CEO’s and not priests that we are in this jam. Lesson #1: if you want to try to comprehend JPII’s [Read More...]