Memo to Jew Haters: Buh-bye! I’m not a complete libertarian in the realm of ideas. There are conversations I don’t believe it is worth my time to have–or moderate. If somebody wants to fill up my comments boxes on the “question” of whether Hitler got a bad rap, or “Incest: A Sensitive Reappraisal” or “Let’s [Read More...]

It’s the weekend, so I’m mostly outta here However, you can read my piece on The Uncle Walt Fallacy over on Catholic Exchange. Also, if you live in Seattle, why not stop by Blessed Sacrament parish today (just north of 50th on 9th, in the U District) for our annual Greenspire Medieval Faire. We’ll be [Read More...]

When I read stuff like this It reminds me of this: Since the modern world began in the sixteenth century, nobody’s system of philosophy has really corresponded to everybody’s sense of reality: to what, if left to themselves, common men would call common sense. Each started with a paradox: a peculiar point of view demanding [Read More...]

JPII Points out Obvious to AmChurch Types Who are Too Clever and Brilliant to See the Obvious Here, here, and here. In other news, Richard “Set my Superior Chromosomes Free!” McBrien condescendingly explains to aging, unpopular, out-of-touch Pope why superior Americans don’t need the sacrament of reconciliation any more. [Read more...]

Fellow Blogger John Mallon Has an Editorial on VOTF in the Boston Globe [Read more...]

Selections from Sungenis’ Piece on the Jews for People who Don’t have Time to Read Endless Internet Tomes Numerous people have briefly scanned the Sungenis piece and then written me asking, “What’s the big deal? He’s critical of the bishop’s dumb “Reflections” document which wiggle waggle all over the place and can’t seem to make [Read More...]

Then again, there are saintly priests, even in California [Read more...]

Why I find Cardinal Mahony’s behavior so revolting A well-placed source told this digit that Mahony’s minions had these anti-protest protesters brought in to make it appear that the archdiocese’s hugely Hispanic membership supports the cardinal. When one of the protesters was asked in Spanish what the sign he was carrying proclaimed, he said he [Read More...]

Girl power! [Read more...]

You ask and It is Done! Behold, a web site, written by Jews who actually know something about the Talmud. [Read more...]

For the record… I once contributed an essay to Not By Scripture Alone which Bob Sungenis edited and which is a good compendium of Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Catholic Critique of Sola Scriptura but May Never have Even Thought to Ask. But I completely and totally disassociate myself from this sort [Read More...]

Niggardly! Niggardly! Niggardly! There. I said it. And if you are offended, then I am extremely happy, for you are a censorious Neanderthal who is too dumb to open a dictionary and find out the meaning and origin of the word and too wrapped up in your precious “sensitive feelings” to deal with reality. The [Read More...]

How Not to Convince Me that War with Iraq is Unjust The argument “Hey! We made Saddam Hussein so we are hypocrites for wanting to destroy his regime” makes no sense to me. As Christopher Hitchens cogently argued last years against Lefty lunatics like Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky, who idiotically opposed the war against [Read More...]

How to Not Convince Me that War with Iraq meets Just War criteria Several commenters down below have gone at it hammer and tongs and have gotten periodically diverted into arguing that the nuclear attacks on civilian populations in Japan were just. Ahem: Noncombatant Immunity: civilians may not be the object of direct attack, and [Read More...]

Hey! I just realized something! My Village Atheist was explaining to us rubes just the other day that the resemblance of Christ to various “pagan Christs” such as Osiris and Mithras is due entirely to the fact that Christianity borrowed motifs like death and resurrection and virgin birth from pagan mystery religions. It is not, [Read More...]

The Quetzlcoatl Complaint Continues My reader continues… Apparently the concern is not with the outer doors, which depict Mary in various guises, but with the inner doors, which depict not only the “Southwest Indian Flying Serpent” (a form of Quetzalcoatl, I’m guessing), but a number of signs and symbols of pagan religion. You can see [Read More...]

Shocking Facts about Naked Mole Rats and discussion of Just War too, continue on HMS Blog! It turns out they aren’t all female and asexual (naked mole rats, not Just Warriors). And it turns out they have some strong reservations about war with Iraq (Just Warriors, not naked mole rats). [Read more...]

A Belgian-American writes: Since I’m not Native American in the PC sense of the term I can’t properly have a Native American animal spirit guide. But being almost entirely of Gaulish/Teutonic stock I feel entitled to a European vegetable guide to spirits. I’m pleased to tell you that I’ve managed a very satisfying relationship with [Read More...]

More on the Quetzlcoatl Thang from a Serious and orthodox Catholic Convert [Read more...]

Michael Rose apparently threatens suit against Fr. Rob Johansen for criticizing Goodbye Good Men I’m really surprised by this, and deeply disappointed. In other news, the Crisis piece on GGM is online. Dunno if they’ll get the same letter. I’m sure we’ll hear about it if they do. [Read more...]

The great thing about Homeschooling… is the field trips. To inaugurate our year, we are at the zoo today. Sadly, we will not be searching for Native American Animal Spirit Guides. By the way, Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo features a memorial to Jimi Hendrix (go here and scroll down to read about it), put there [Read More...]