Never say Never A deeply wounded friend writes what I’ve been tempted to say many times: “My rule, which I shall inscribe on my heart: NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER TRUST THE INSTITUTIONAL CATHOLIC CHURCH. ” I have an English major’s congenital fear of rash vows. Too many myths and legends based on what happens [Read More...]

Mike Hardy is a gracious guy [Read more...]

Steve Mattson has some interesting arguments against Anthony Marquis [Read more...]

Suburban Americans equate discomfort with End Times! For the best treatment of the specious theology of the “Left Behind” books AND a really top-notch overview of the basics of Catholic teaching concerning “Last Things”, see Paul Thigpen’s The Rapture Trap. [Read more...]

Just in case you need some perspective on whatever is bothering you today. [Read more...]

Man with Black Hat now has fully functional links [Read more...]

Rod, pay it no mind That stuff happens in Fremont, the loopiest part of Seattle, right up the hill from our Statue of Lenin. Fremont is where our hippies went to compost. [Read more...]

Amazing how Dallas seems so slow on the uptake Here’s a bit of news: The Catholic Diocese of Dallas has taken action against a third Dallas priest who failed to fully implement a sexual abuse prevention plan in his parish. But unlike the other priests, the pastor of All Saints Church in Far North Dallas [Read More...]

Dennis Logue of The Elephant sez: I just thought I’d point out that your friend’s and Dorothy Sayer’s observations about the inability of artists to articulate their visions outside of their chosen medium is one that dates back to Plato. In The Apology Socrates discusses his search for a man wiser than he. He goes [Read More...]

Nihil Obstat: Hoist on his or her own petard The vigilant Richard Chonak writes concerning St. Blog’s self-appointed grammarian (captured here in this fine portrait): Who shall proofread the proofreader? Well, I will. I don’t know whether to count this as one or two errors by the _soi-disant_ “official” proofreader of San Bloggio, but this [Read More...]

Gone for the weekend You kids don’t put no beans up your noses. Oh, and buy my books and tapes. They’re the perfect Summer Solstice gift for the St. Joan’s parishioner in your life. [Read more...]

More problems for Michael Rose and Goodbye! Good Men [Read more...]

Nobody can accuse England of suffering an excess of religious energy Euroweenies take off the oxygen mask to mumble something snide about us. [Read more...]

Rick Garnett has a nice take on the Supremes Death Penalty Ruling It’s amazing how the Court has a knack for doing wrong even when it does right. Bottom line: the result of the decision is a happy one (luckily), but the arrogance of the Court and its contempt for the rule of representative government [Read More...]

Disputations… has a nice critique of Greg Krehbiel’s letter. Okay. So it needs some nuance. The basic idea though is, Don’t tithe to support corruption. Tithe to support virtue. I like that idea. By the way, Disputations also is launching a droll reform initiative. [Read more...]

Bill Cork weeps over the parish built on human pride, St. Joan’s Not Catholic. Not even Christian. The bright spot: I’m not getting many reports of other parishes as outrageously apostate as this. Hopefully, we’re looking at the far end of the bellcurve. [Read more...]

Message of disrespect for chickens? If the animal is suffering physically, okay fine. Don’t hurt animals unnecessarily. But is a chicken really sitting there thinking, “I feel so violated! So used! I want to be appreciated for my mind! Not treated like a plaything!” No, the chicken is thinking, “mmmmm. food!” Animals are to be [Read More...]

Minute Particulars has an interesting discussion of problems with keeping all gays out of priesthood Judging from some of his more recent rants on the topic, I gather Mike Hardy missed my change of mind in this area a week or two ago. I now incline toward thinking those with a homosexual-orientation can sometimes become [Read More...]

In justice to Abp. Flynn: A reader writes: I read with interest your remarks concerning St. Joan of Arc Church in Minneapolis. I certainly concur with your feelings on the subject. That is until we get to your remarks concerning Archbishop Harry Flynn. A little background on St. Joan of Arc (hereafter SJA) is in [Read More...]

Somebody is way ahead of me in messing with the heads of Rich Nigerians By the way, turns out the right place to report this scam is [Read more...]

Different Intelligences My pal Steve Greydanus got to talk to Steven Spielberg and the exchange between Greydanus and various actors reminds me again of Dorothy L. Sayers remarks in The Mind of the Maker about the creative process and the mysterious ways in which artistic creativity is not the same as comprehension of the things [Read More...]