Heard in a comments box “Be afraid. Be very afraid.” when translated by ICEL: “Be in awe. Be very in awe.” [Read more...]


Unleash the Power of the Blog! …to build up the Body of Christ! Okay here’s the story: I need to hear from you folks who live in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. I got an email with a (not unheard of) lament and it’s you guys who hold the key to helping him. He writes: [Read More...]


Mainstream Media catches up with St. Blog’s [Read more...]


When Sullivan is Right, He’s Terrific By the way, one of the stupidest argument against the war is “Hey! It was only 3000 people!” Prescinding from the fact that it was 3000 *innocent* people, it is worth remembering that, had it been an hour later and the planes struck the buildings lower down, it could [Read More...]


Gotta agree with Fr. Rob Johansen here My principal problem with the Zero Tolerance policy is that it is not Catholic. There is no room for redemption, no ability to look at persons. It’s a machine erected to replace authentic Catholic pastoral judgment. Is DeVita’s punishment just? Sure. But I, for one, hope for more [Read More...]


Yoda of Borg am I. Assimilated you will be. Futile resistance is. [Read more...]


Unscientific fools like John Paul II say “Be not afraid!” Profound thinkers like this guy say “Be Afraid. Be very afraid.” I report. You decide. [Read more...]


Why George Weigel is so Great Bookmark the column. Read it every week. [Read more...]


Infinite Tolerance as the Prelude to Tyranny Norwegian blogger has an amazing quote from a Euroweenie “scholar”: The article quoted a professor of social anthropology at the University of Oslo (who was described as having “lived for many years in Muslim countries”) as saying that “Norwegian women must take their share of responsibility for these [Read More...]


How to Not Win Friends and Influence People Crean calls for clarification of Pell remarks Federal Opposition Leader Simon Crean has called for the Church to clarify comments by Sydney [Australia] Archbishop George Pell that abortion was a worse scandal than sexual abuse by priests. Dr Pell reportedly told 500 young delegates at a World [Read More...]


Truth Cancer in Action Truth Cancer is when one truth out of the Church’s bundle of mystical truths is used to make war on the Tradition. It inevitably mutates into it’s opposite. Thus, rationalist atheism in the 19th Century (which exalted Reason against Faith) has, in the 21st century, come to deconstruct Reason itself. Radical [Read More...]


My Pal Dave Responds Dr. David Curp, who teaches Eastern European History at Ohio University, responds to the comment on my blog Fair Enough. I Can Buy That. Dave, being the verbose apparatchik of the professoriate that he is, naturally wrote a reply far too wordy to fit into a comment box. So with my [Read More...]


Speaking of Eupocrisy A non-denom Evangelical friend told us, in great excitement the other day, that the Holy Spirit had been leading their church in exploring the lives of great Christians who lived after the time of the Bible. She was very excited about the way in which, not only Bible figures, but also great [Read More...]


Another Happy Example of Eupocrisy David Heddle, who has taken some exception to this blog in the past (and who seems to have the idea that I think calling someone a “eupocrite” is an insult and not, as it actually is, a compliment and a rejoicing over unity) is a solidly Reformed Christian with an [Read More...]


CNN Leaps on my Bandwagon No sooner do I put up my “Bug Bunny in Army Helmet” icon as a symbol of what this blog is and stands for than CNN has to jump in and try and get in step with my trend-setting blog. [Read more...]


New Horizons in Jew Hatred There really is something demonic at the core of it. I can see no other explanation. Certainly the facile Goldhagenesque “explanation” that chalks it all up to Christianity doesn’t fly here. China’s “Christian heritage” is about as significant as America’s Zoroastrian heritage. And, of course, the Muslim world presents a [Read More...]


Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss From the VOTF message board admins: “EACH MESSAGEBOARDER HAS A LIMIT OF 3 POSTS DAILY ON THIS BOARD. ONE OF YOUR 3 POSTS CAN BE A NEW TOPIC. ANYTHING OVER AND ABOVE 3 POSTS DAILY WILL BE DELETED. NO EXCEPTIONS. ADMIN. “Your post can not contain [Read More...]


Juanita Broadrick’s Old Friend Holds Forth on Taking Responsibility In a stunning new development, it turns out Bush’s presidency prompts Clinton to think and talk about Himself. [Read more...]


State of Connecticut Punishes Boy Scouts for Not Abiding by 1980 US Conference of Catholic Bishops Code of Child Safety Right thinking will be rewarded. Wrong thinking will be punished. [Read more...]


Southern Baptist Richard Land on the Situation, VOTF and other stuff Thanks to Sean Gallagher for the link. [Read more...]


Geriatric! Come back here you whippersnapper and I’ll hit you with my cane! Emily, I love ya, but you’re wrong. It is not a foregone conclusion that “abandoning …belief in the Resurrection, the Virgin Birth, and the Trinity….is the eventual fate of all congregations separated from Rome.” Is it a very real possibility? Yes, and [Read More...]