Fr. Joseph Wilson gave this homily yesterday at St. Luke’s Parish in Queens: Sermon: xxix Sunday in Ordinary Time “A” +IN NOMINE Today, I need to put aside the Scripture readings appointed for today. We have something else we need to talk about. It is an urgent concern, an unpleasant topic, but if we are [Read More...]

Steven Pinker looks down from his Ivory Tower on a suffering humanity and sez… “Hey! Suffering Humanity! You’re just a bag of chemicals! Get me! I’ve got tenure! HA!” What I like about this is how silly it makes “religious” prochoice arguments. You know, the “Science can detect no ensoulment of the fetus, so it’s [Read More...]

How great artists influence each other [Read more...]

K-Lo! Rod! The great thing about my blog is that it kept working all weekend! David – 1 Goliath – 0 [Read more...]

A site that makes me think of Reactionary True Catholics[TM] (and of members of the Academic Compassion Gestapo) Are you moving your mouse correctly? [Read more...]

This is absolutely factual [Read more...]

This is why the Internet is so cool The Igor Mystery solved! Son of Frankenstein (1939) Wolf Frankenstein, son of Henry Frankenstein, returns with his wife, to his fathers estate to claim his inheritance. When he arrives with his family he recieves a hostile reception from locals.While exploring his fathers laboratory he comes across crooked [Read More...]

Victor Lams, Our Man in Michigan, Reports on the Latest AmChurch Endorsements of Pro-Babykilling candidate Granholm Let these wicked priests know that they don’t get a free pass for spitting on Christ in the “least of these.” [Read more...]

My latest piece is up on Catholic Exchange [Read more...]

Which reminds me I saw the original “Frankenstein” the other day (a complete bowdlerization of the novel) and was stunned to discover that the hunchbacked assistant (who is, of course, nowhere to be found in the novel) is named… “Fritz”! “Fritz”?! What about “Igor”? Which got me wondering. How did the name “Igor” become the [Read More...]

That’s “Fronkenshteen”, not “Frankenstein”! Science marches on. I can’t help but wonder if this guy has a hunchbacked assistant. [Read more...]

Peg Noonan is such a breath of fresh air [Read more...]

The Invaluable Dale Price on Peter Singer [Read more...]

Light blogging today Got a book to edit. To distract you from my dereliction of duty, here’s a question for you to chew on: Which is more important: ordinary things or extraordinary things? Be sure to define what you mean by each. And give reasons for your replies. If you don’t like that one, try [Read More...]

I’m having an idea! Halloween is so negative and so full of dark stuff out of the Dark Ages. A typical example of the medieval Catholic Church embracing paganism. On the other hand, the culture is so imbued with Halloween stuff that kids resent being barred from participating in any way. Maybe it can be [Read More...]

The pus continues to drain I hope the infection heals too. Come Holy Spirit. [Read more...]

A reader comments I’m a youth minister that can think of better things to do w/ pantyhose than this stupid, demeaning sort of ‘icebreaker’. Like cover my 43 yo gams. Am I the only one that is wondering what reason and logic leads folks to ‘retreat’ first through eighth graders together in the first place? [Read More...]

Why did Falwell apologize to barbarians when they proved his point by their behavior? [Read more...]

Interesting poem by Andy Tardiff Fish The good Lord called his people sheep, But fish are just as hard to keep. Fish! fish! Beware, beware, The room is dry And full of air. A sheep with legs could follow him, But fish with fins can only swim. The tank! the tank! Beware, beware, It sits [Read More...]

Man! The Left is bleeding to death Dan Savage, you may recall, was the guy who went around licking doorknobs at a Republican campaign headquarters when he had the flu, so as to engage in a little low level biological warfare against the Right. Now he’s, er, savaging the anti-war Left. Boy is the Left [Read More...]

Okay, One Last CAI Thing But only cuz I’m trying to be fair. CAI has pulled the dumb attack on the Luminous Mysteries I mentioned below here and here. No word on whether it’s being dumped completely or whether it’s just being updated to take out some of the most egregious language about the theology [Read More...]