More work being done to defund Murder, Inc. Planned Parenthood [Read more...]

From the “My Roman Collar is Cutting off the Circulation to my Brain” Dept. Clericalism and Leftist Fascism make such good bedfellows in AmChurch. Note particularly the cowardly expulsion of *the children* rather than the attempt to address the parents. An apology could have gone a long way to defuse things, Rev. Nugent. Haven’t you [Read More...]

A Golden Opportunity to Defund Planned Parenthood! Planned Parenthood has long been bringing its morally corrupted message to our children through the American school system *on our tax dollars*. We now have a way to stop this atrocity. If your school district refers students to Planned Parenthood, it could be in serious legal trouble. Please [Read More...]

DC Area Residents Rethink Merits of Enrolling Children in Public Schools [Read more...]

Excellent! Another reason the Church is wrong! I collect reasons the Church is wrong. The Church, for instance, is wrong because it opposes “freedom of choice” (just ask Creeps for Fetal Crucifixion). But the Church is also wrong because it dogmatically affirms free will, when really it’s all just brain chemistry. This guy fudges, however, [Read More...]

Truth Cancer Some time ago, I wrote a piece called Truth Cancer and the Redemption of Rebellion. In it, I observed that: A cancerous truth is a truth gone berserk. It is a truth used to destroy truth, and ultimately, to destroy people. Cancerous truth is like a fragment of broken mirror; able to both [Read More...]

To your great relief… I’ve decided there’s no more point in posting on CAI. Gluttons for punishment can beat their heads against the wall in the comments boxes arguing with Jake, if they like. I’m done. However, if my readers give me any trouble, I might post on CAI again, so watch yourselves. [Read more...]

Another defection from the Mindless Left [Read more...]

Battlin’ readers on HMS blog! More on Just War and my difficulties with the sheer Common Sense Factor in making the UN the arbiter of Just War. [Read more...]

Apologies for being nasty I’ve been thinking about some of my remarks over the past couple days and I think I need to apologize for some of them. I think, in particular, that Bubbles has a point in the comments down below on my uncharitable attitude toward Jody, so I would like to apologize for [Read More...]

Um, because it’s part of his job, Rod? Pastor Ingvist of Lake Wobegon Lutheran Church wanted to go a pastor’s conference in Florida. The parish council told him they would feel wrong about supporting such a trip as long as there is suffering anywhere in the world. I can’t help but be reminded of this [Read More...]

This is funny I’m anticipating some analogous stuff from the rising generation as the Boomers try to relive their youth with inane protests against the War on Terror. [Read more...]

Gasp! It’s all true! They’re here! They’re here! And they want to make us all Pod People! I must admit the logo is utterly creepy. It would be a great logo for the Societas Oculus Sauron though. Only the motto needs changing to “Strength Through Condemnation”. I also note that it’s not the US that [Read More...]

Here’s the Pope’s announcement of the Luminous Mysteries Happy Birthday 24th Anniversary of your Pontificate, JPII! D’oh! It was early. Cut me some slack. [Read more...]

Good guys – 1, Fascist Left – 0 [Read more...]

More Gun Remarks [Read more...]

Bp. Bruskewitz Defends Scott Hahn And he is, of course, dead right. [Read more...]

I hate being right all the time But my point last week that CCC 2316 may well be interpreted to refer to Caesar’s “right and duty” to regulate small arms is given rather a boost by today’s news. Like it or not, the non-traditional nature of the War on Terror is going to impact how [Read More...]

What I mean by CAI’s “Pope Bashing” Some of my commenters have asked why I regard CAI as indulging in Pope-bashing. Aren’t they just being legitimately critical of what they regard as bad judgement calls? No. They are indulging in Pope-bashing. Here’s an example of an extraordinary cheap shot that combines both theological ignorance and [Read More...]

My Village Atheist Stands up for the Nobility and Dignity of the Human Person Another articulate defender of the gay subculture gives ordinary people the willies and then complains that it’s all due to homophobia and not to the fact that he is defending, well… you read it. (Caution: Not for people with weak stomachs [Read More...]

Strange bedfellows CAI has been keeping odd company: Nazis, geocentric and Jew-bashing quacks of various shapes and sizes. But now they are modeling themselves after a new and unexpected hero: Cardinal Mahony! Absorbing the valuable lesson of the Cardinal that it is more important to look good than to be good, they’ve updated their site, [Read More...]