Mark Byron thinks I threw a gauntlet I thought it was something more like a kiss, myself. My basic point is that it is not the case the “Catholics believe in Sacred Tradition and Protestants don’t.” Rather it is the case that Catholics believe in Sacred Tradition and know they do, while most Protestants believe [Read More...]

A bit more for David, on “anathema” One of the basic bits of misunderstanding that some people have is what the point of an anathema is and who is subject to it. Trent, like other councils, anathematized various things and basically said, “If you think this, you are not in the Church”. Paul did something [Read More...]

Arsebishop has a powerful point, but not about the people I was discussing He writes concerning my observations about Protestants who talk a good game about “faith alone” but then live in ways explicable only by Catholic theology: Mark Shea has it backwards I am afraid. No sound thinker takes salvation by faith alone literally. [Read More...]

“Everybody loved Father Brian” or “Why VOTF is Overlooking Some Important Problems with the Laity” [Read more...]

Excellent. A blow struck for subsidiarity Theological Buzzword Significant Learning Opportunity Moment: Catholic doctrine, as we should all know by now, has an amazing genius for taking really nifty, common sense insights and wrapping them up in forbidding, Latinate terminology that confuses people for centuries. “Merit” is one such term (see my discussion of it [Read More...]

Jonah Goldberg is always funny. But he’s really funny when he writes about Al Gore [Read more...]

Kairos’ interesting prescription for the Situation [Read more...]

Boy! Those Saudis look better and better every day. A fetching combination of the worst in First and Third World cultures. [Read more...]

Victims of Stockholm Syndrome Don’t Merely Identify with their Kidnappers they also fight against their rescuers. And funniest of all, they think they are being “open-minded”. VOTF: Voice of the Fuddled [Read more...]

I’m not from a Reformed background And so many things that seem immensely compelling to Reformed people as arguments for or against the Catholic faith simply have no impact on me or else strike me as gigantically inconsequential. Perhaps pre-eminent among these arguments is the issue which a certain species of Protestant seems to think [Read More...]

Some advice for the liturgical musician in your life [Read more...]

Cheeky Brits [Read more...]

A good piece on the Narcotic of Secrecy [Read more...]

A jolting surprise for Fortress Catholics Over at HMS Blog I’m holding forth on the weirdness of monotheists claiming that Muslims or whoever worship “another god” when the reality is, there is no other God. There’s just the One God. He’s it. He’s all. We can have wrong or incomplete ideas about him as Muslims [Read More...]

The historic pattern One of the periodic patterns of the Church is that decapitation tends to bring out lay gifts. In the early Church, decapitation tended to be furnished by the pagan authorities, who knew perfectly well that the Faith is inherently hierarchical and so tended to go after bishops and priests. Then, lay people [Read More...]

Thanks for the cc’s, but no thanks People are cc’ing me on their correspondence to bishops, priests, whoever. I appreciate the thought, but your correspondence is none of my business and I have lots of correspondence of my own to read. Please leave me off the cc list. Thanks! [Read more...]

New Blog! [Read more...]

Catholics Continue to Lead the Way in Good Works and Social Justice HMS Blog has launched a new initiative for the public welfare: St. Blog’s Institute for the Criminally Insane. For news on this and the results of Pete Vere’s psychological surgery, go there. [Read more...]

David Alexander is having a lot of fun over at the VOTF message board. Stuck a link to this blog’s reflections on VOTF and the Stockholm Syndrome many VOTF members are suffering from. Much excitement. I hope we get a large contingent of David Alexanders joining VOTF and using their wit, understanding of the faith, [Read More...]

Oh goody. I was hoping somebody would chronicle the history of the Cheney Presidency. [Read more...]

Poetry written by an Englishman Gerard Manley Hopkins, SJ, to be precise: As king fishers catch fire, dragonflies draw flame; As tumbled over rim in roundy wells Stones ring; like each tucked string tells, each hung bell’s Bow swung finds tongue to fling out broad its name; Each mortal thing does one thing and the [Read More...]