The Minneapolis Strib shows once again the stunning cluelessness of journalists about Catholic Faith Antonin Scalia differs from the Pope on a matter of prudential judgment, therefore, says the Strib, Catholic teaching is a wide open cafeteria for Scalia and pretty much everybody. Memo to the Strib: have your people read my essay “Catholic Officialdom [Read More...]

A reader asks about the difference between a religious culture and holy one Chesterton point out the difference in little poem written to commemorate the demise of an English missionary at the hands of very religious cannibals in the Solomon Islands: It was the Rev. Isaiah Bunting who sailed to world’s end and spread religion [Read More...]

There are still Canadians who think Marriage is good [Read more...]

Our funny little sexually obsessed friends [Read more...]

Okay! Shaken by Scandals: Catholics Speak Out About Priests’ Sexual Abuse is here! Featuring essays by Raymond Arroyo, Rod Dreher, the Editors of Catholic World Report, Kristine Franklin, Al Kresta, Phillip Lawler, Mark Lowery, Michael Novak, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Greg Popcak, Leon Suprenant, Fr. Joseph F. Wilson and yours truly. Email me and you can [Read More...]

Yet Another Blog on Fortress Homosexuality Sorry, but the comments section says it’s too long. John takes me to task in a comment down below. Here’s my reply: John: a) It’s “Matthew Shepherd”, not Andrew. And I agree his death, while heinous, is used far too much by the “All Critics of Gays are Morally [Read More...]

Zero Tolerance Idiocy On June 18, Sullivan issued a statement saying he had concluded that Leonard’s removal from ministry was “unwarranted.” The statement did not elaborate on why he had reached that conclusion. A day later, another diocesan statement said that three accusers had complained “of incidents involving back rubs, questionable conversations, immodest dress or [Read More...]

Somebody asks: “When you say that you find the death penalty “utterly unnecessary,” does that mean that it is “necessary” to keep the criminal from harming others?” I’m saying, “I don’t think it necessary to kill the criminal to punish him adequately.” Since I think mercy is preferable to execution and since I think prison [Read More...]

Speaking of Arts Elite Crowd It’s like the Emperor’s New Clothes, starring lawyers. [Read more...]

A Defense of Ding Dongs Et tu, Rod? I’m not, really not, trying to make a case that Thomas Kinkade or the manufacturers of Ding Dongs (think of that, “manufactured food”) are on the side of the True, the Good and the Beeyootiful. I’m simply pointing out (as Minute Particulars does) that the contempt and [Read More...]

Michael O’Brien also thinks the Arts should honor the Imago Dei in human beings and not pee in their faces [Read more...]

If you sleep-deprived WYD pilgrims need some dull heresy to catch some ZZZs by, go here People have fallen into a foolish habit of speaking of orthodoxy as something heavy, humdrum, and safe. There never was anything so perilous or so exciting as orthodoxy. It was sanity: and to be sane is more dramatic than [Read More...]

Speaking of which (again)…. Jody has also been writing to say “Ideas, in and of themselves, have no consequences. They have influence, they have a figurative might and in many cases a mythological truth. Actions — speaking, writing, working, fighting — those have consequences.” So far, Samuel Schmitt seems to be the only one to [Read More...]

At last Jody and I can happily agree Jody writes in a comment below: “Is there an invisible sky god up in the air getting ticked off every time you find someone attractive and fantasize about a torrid affair involving whip cream, M & M’s and day glow yarn? No. Is there an invisible cave [Read More...]

Speaking of which… Gotta say I can’t help liking Mike Hardy. As Chesterton once observed of Bernard Shaw, “He can tell no lie unless he thinks it is the truth.” And so, for all his irritation at me, he springs to my defense when the delightfully over-the-top Frank Elliot writes in the comments section under [Read More...]

Yay! David Morrison has a blog! David is a great guy. He’s the author of Beyond Gay and the moderator of Courage Online. A faithful, intelligent, articulate Catholic who can speak of the trials of homosexually-oriented Catholics from experience and who uses his great gifts to advocate for faithfulness to the Tradition and to urge [Read More...]

Cranky Professor weighs in on Thomas Kinkade Well, you don’t have a link to me, but I seem to be the only blogging Catholic art historian, so I have to say something about Thomas Kinkade (painter of light ™). He’s bad. Now I am the last to say that people who make money off art [Read More...]

A reader sez: Having had the privilege of knowing many Iranians, I have a soft spot for their culture, especially that which has not been corrupted by the excesses of Islam. Not many people know this, but this is the country that has arguably produced some of the world’s greatest poets (Hafez, Sadi), pre-Christian religious [Read More...]

Wow! Literary clout! The other day I raved about The Supper of the Lamb and urged you folks to read it. Today I see that my Svengali-like powers have persuaded Rod Dreher to not only read it but quote it on the Corner! Toldja it’s great! Now… about my books… You’re getting sleeeeeepy… [Read more...]

Sanity returns to the Orthodox in the Mideast [Read more...]

The Lord Mage of Good Dares to Disagree with ME! Can you imagine? [Read more...]