Rod wants to know if it’s really true that a Catholic can marry a Wiccan Yep. As our pals Greg Popcak and Pete Vere make clear, from the Church’s perspective it’s just another mixed marriage provided the canonical ducks are in a row. It is worth noting that St. Monica was married to a pagan [Read More...]

More Good News! AwRIGHT! Good news for all you visiting Stimpsonites who like good books, for all you earthy crunchy conservative Dreherites who believe eating is supposed to be splendid and not merely “nutritional”, and for all you Catholic theological types. Heck! This is good news for anybody who likes to eat. Robert Farrar Capon’s [Read More...]

Why Michael Rose Gives Me the Willies Yesterday A Saintly Salmagundi (a blog I heartily recommend, by the by) published yet another tirade by Rose against yet another article critical of Goodbye, Good Men. (For some reason, the piece is now gone from the site). What bothers me and sets off my alarm beepers is [Read More...]

Mark Cameron is Back! After a month-long hiatus from blogging, he’s posted several magna opera on same sex marriages in Ontario, the coming same sex schism in the Anglican Church, and is nominating German economist Wilhelm Roepke as a poster child for Rod Dreher’s “granola conservatives.” [Read more...]

To Those Two People Emily Stimpson Mentioned I say What I say to All Don’t forget my other gripping books and tapes! And if you want a terrific speaker who will make you learn about the Faith when you just thought you were laughing, then consider my wife’s husband. (Shameless plug mode off) [Read more...]

A reader sent this link to Charles Murtaugh’s blog My reader remarks, “Between the cult of the frontal lobe, redesigning humans, and living eternally, how do the scientists find the time to be so cool and avoid the temptations of hubris, fanaticism, pride, envy, jealousy, featherbedding and hate. O that’s right they’re scientists and are [Read More...]

Norwegian Blogger on Modernity’s Room Temperature Theism “The problem is that faith today is a combination of X-Files and laziness. They know that there’s something out there, but they are too lazy to go out and see what it is.” [Read more...]

New blog! [Read more...]

Interesting piece on the costs of Presbyterianizing Catholic governance… from a Presby perspective which is why it won’t happen. Reforms come from within and are an organic growth. They don’t come by suddenly grafting on a patch ripped from another tradition. [Read more...]

A reader writes concerning the distinction between the Church of Mary and the Church of Peter: Given this distinction, when people say that “no matter what, the Church will survive” or “God’s hand is on the Church” etc., WHICH church is that…the Church of Mary or the Church of Peter? Answer: Yes. [Read more...]

Kudos to Domenico Bettinelli’s friend for this exquisite fillet of Bp. Galante’s mendacity and the “Working-to-Rape-You-Less” efforts of what Bp. Bruskewitz calls “this hapless bench of bishops” Favorite quote: “To say the archdiocese [of Boston] “pioneered” zero-tolerance is like saying Louis XVI pioneered the guillotine as a device for detaching oneself from the cares of [Read More...]

Yay! Let the Enema Continue! Another miscreant bishop has gone. Bp. Reginald “St. Sebastian’s Angels/I hope JPII dies” Cawcutt’s career has bitten the ecclesial dust. May this death lead him to repentance and eternal life. [Read more...]

More from Rod Dreher on Earthy Crunchy Conservatism He writes: Amazed by the nerve this has struck in people! I’m thinking about the negative reaction of some who have said this kind of lifestyle is only possible if you have the money to afford it. In terms of housing, I’d say that’s true in most [Read More...]

“Diversity” Di*ver”si*ty, n. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship. A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government. Oppressive, dictatorial control. [Read more...]

Church of Peter [Read more...]

Church of Mary [Read more...]

A reader writes: Thank you for taking the time to read this. I just read your article “It didn’t go out with Vatican II”. It was very timely for me because of something I have been struggling with in my faith. I hope you can address it in your blog. I have just finished reading [Read More...]

The Death Penalty, Scalia, and the Holy Father A reader asks: A quick question for you…well, I hope it’s quick. I’m sure by now you’ve read Scalia’s article in First Things called “God’s Justice and Ours“. My question, specifically, is on these sentences: > It will come as no surprise from what I have said [Read More...]

Caesar to Pope: You shall have no other gods before me Read this story, particularly paragraphs 4 and 14. Nice choice the bishops of Boston have faced us with by their incompetence and sin: Behind Door #1: Semi-serious attempts at protecting children and bringing clerical miscreants to justice. Behind Door #2: Caesar taking over management [Read More...]

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O Frabjous Day! This year’s Bulwer-Lytton Bad Writing Contest results are in! [Read more...]