In case you are tongue-tied… Here’s what I just sent to the Contact us link for the Milwaukee Archdiocese: “You promise a phony “listening session” now, Abp Weakland. Why not listen to the Holy Spirit instead of your own colossal ego and resign? You promise a “zero tolerance” policy for abusive priests. Why not show [Read More...]

On the other hand… “Last month, with sex abuse scandals battering dioceses across the country, [Weakland] said the Milwaukee Archdiocese would adopt a zero tolerance policy toward molestation by priests.” Physician, heal thyself. If you are going to adopt a “zero tolerance” policy, start by applying it to yourself, Abp Weakland. Don’t let the door [Read More...]

The Further Adventures of the Great Man Who Thinks Outside the Box Another Authentic Voice of Reform Who Can Talk Down to JPII heard from. The pattern I noted appears to continue. If a bishop is an actual abuser himself, he comes from the cutting edge faction of the Church that, until quite recently adored [Read More...]

Zero Tolerance Zero Intelligence [Read more...]

My burning question How can somebody be smart enough to have made hundreds of thousands of dollars and yet stupid enough to lose it to a transparent scam like this? [Read more...]

A reader objects… to my post about prayer for S.J. Gould: You state: “However, neither you nor I know that he or anyone else has ever died in mortal sin.” If your position is that we don’t know the destiny of any particular person, I agree. However, if your position is that we don’t know [Read More...]

Another Stupid Bishop and his Neglect Let’s get ‘em all out into the open so their flock can keep an eye on ‘em. [Read more...]

John Mallon is On to Something These are not the darkest days in our Church. Six months or a year ago it was far darker. Because then the cancer that is now open and exposed on the operating table was silent and unseen and doing its deadly work as it had been for decades. Yes, [Read More...]

Next to “Anthem”… the most irritating phenomenon in AmChurch is the dumb habit congregations have fallen into of applauding after the liturgical musicians have finished playing “Anthem” or “Aren’t We Fabulous” or whatever else it is they thump out on their washboards and zithers to cheerlead. Mass is prayer, not performance. Let’s stop going to [Read More...]

Farewell, Fr. Shawn! You do good work in the Vineyard. Men such as you are worthy of double honor! Thanks! [Read more...]

I dunno, Amy, what does “Zero Tolerance” Mean? If it means “one proven act of abusive behavior with a minor by a priest or seminarian means you are not a priest anymore”, I’m cool with that for the most part. But what about the anomalous cases such as my reader mentioned yesterday? Is it really [Read More...]

Islam Means Peace I am reasonably sure that no matter how many times somebody says our bishops wear funny hats, no Christian is going to blow somebody away over it. [Read more...]

Wow This story is for every single victim of priestly abuse (or any other abuse) in the world. [Read more...]

When I made sackcloth my clothing, I became a byword to them. I am the talk of those who sit in the gate, and the drunkards make songs about me. – Psalm 69-11-12 The difference between Andrew Sullivan and me is that he thinks this is the “best story” to come out of this whole [Read More...]

Hope for Stephen Jay Gould? A reader asks: Could you clarify this statement concerning S.J. Gould: “God have mercy on his soul and grant him everlasting life through Christ.” As a Protestant, I believe that if a person doesn’t believe in Jesus, then that person is lost. There is no “second chance” after death. Now, [Read More...]

Old Tim Drake has a Blog E I E I O! [Read more...]

Make the hurting stop! [Read more...]

Ad Orientem is on the air! [Read more...]

Stanley Kurtz Continues to Make Sense, Andrew Sullivan Continues to Not Make Sense [Read more...]

As I say, We’re not Really Temperate, Just Lucky We are intemperate in sloth and we will be intemperate in vengeance when the Islamofascists (who have not forgotten we are at war) do something to dwarf 9/11. I am amazed at how stupid we can be. Anne Wilson’s right. The main reason the coming terror [Read More...]

Looks Like a Worthy Cause A reader writes: I just thought you might want to tell other people about the websites: and According to Dr. Scott Hahn, one of the most serious problems we have today is smut on TV, such as Boston Public or The Shield, that encourage or glorify immoral behavior [Read More...]