Zero Tolerance and the Case of Fr. Jaeger Fr. Jaeger is in the news in Seattle still. Gave a rubdown to a some kids at camp a couple of times 24 years ago and ten years later one or two of them decided this was abuse. He’s been eyed by the diocese for a decade [Read More...]

Happy in Milwaukee A reader from the Land of Cheese writes concerning Abp. Timothy Dolan, the guy replacing Rembert Weakland: Just got through listening to the press conference. Dolan is so different from Weakland. I think that there will be change, and that the Church here in Milwaukee will heal (although the medicine is not [Read More...]

A vote of thanks for Peter Singer A friend of mine used to be deeply grateful that Jack Kevorkian was the Face of Euthanasia since he showed so clearly what creepy sinister people are behind it. A reader now writes in the same vein to thank God for Peter Singer and the invaluable work he [Read More...]

New book on the way Servant Books will be releasing a new book next month (edited by Paul Thigpen) called Shaken by Scandals. I contributed an essay. I’ll let you know when it’s out. [Read more...]

US Treasury Hires Nostradamus to design 20 Dollar bills Favorite loony quote: “You have to wonder if the government knew about it,” Sheryl Draper of Brockport, N.Y., a 30-year-old dental assistant [Read more...]

Somehow this makes me think of Flannery O’Connor [Read more...]

Why Peter Singer is a dangerous dipstick (and why the Princeton Establishment who gave him a prestigious chair are fools) [Read more...]

Dale the Lawyer on the “Palestinian Death Cult” Dale sez: The phrase isn’t mine (unfortunately), but the term is the only one that fits the area anymore. What else can you say about an asylum populated by the likes of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade and those who love them? BTW, at [Read More...]

Close Encounters with Fr. David Jaeger Clarification: This David Jaeger lives in Seattle and is not to be confused with the Israeli-born convert to Catholicism, who is now the spokesman for the Holy Land Franciscans. [Read more...]

Clinton: Catholic Abuse Scandal Reminds Him of Him But then, so does everything else in the Universe. Oh, and he lies too. When he doesn’t even need to. Something demonic about that. [Read more...]

Fr. Cliff Garner: “Mea mumble, mea mumble, mea maxima mumble.” [Read more...]

Never say Never A deeply wounded friend writes what I’ve been tempted to say many times: “My rule, which I shall inscribe on my heart: NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER TRUST THE INSTITUTIONAL CATHOLIC CHURCH. ” I have an English major’s congenital fear of rash vows. Too many myths and legends based on what happens [Read More...]

Mike Hardy is a gracious guy [Read more...]

Steve Mattson has some interesting arguments against Anthony Marquis [Read more...]

Suburban Americans equate discomfort with End Times! For the best treatment of the specious theology of the “Left Behind” books AND a really top-notch overview of the basics of Catholic teaching concerning “Last Things”, see Paul Thigpen’s The Rapture Trap. [Read more...]

Just in case you need some perspective on whatever is bothering you today. [Read more...]

Man with Black Hat now has fully functional links [Read more...]

Rod, pay it no mind That stuff happens in Fremont, the loopiest part of Seattle, right up the hill from our Statue of Lenin. Fremont is where our hippies went to compost. [Read more...]

Amazing how Dallas seems so slow on the uptake Here’s a bit of news: The Catholic Diocese of Dallas has taken action against a third Dallas priest who failed to fully implement a sexual abuse prevention plan in his parish. But unlike the other priests, the pastor of All Saints Church in Far North Dallas [Read More...]

Dennis Logue of The Elephant sez: I just thought I’d point out that your friend’s and Dorothy Sayer’s observations about the inability of artists to articulate their visions outside of their chosen medium is one that dates back to Plato. In The Apology Socrates discusses his search for a man wiser than he. He goes [Read More...]

Nihil Obstat: Hoist on his or her own petard The vigilant Richard Chonak writes concerning St. Blog’s self-appointed grammarian (captured here in this fine portrait): Who shall proofread the proofreader? Well, I will. I don’t know whether to count this as one or two errors by the _soi-disant_ “official” proofreader of San Bloggio, but this [Read More...]