Gregg the Obscure Continues Sungenisesian, er, Sungenesque, um, Sungenisite, uh, Sungenisonian Discussions about Sungenis’ Notions of Geocentrism [Read more...]

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New Blog! [Read more...]

More Musing of the Case of Fr. DeVita …from Fr. Rob Johansen. And while we’re on the subject, Fr. Richard John Neuhaus’ always-interesting reflections are up on line. [Read more...]

Sources tell me the Lidless Eye of Reactionary Catholicism is turning its pitiless gaze on Looks to me like the author is not full of bitter rage and seems to have a wide variety of interests and enjoyments as well as a contented faith in Christ and his Holy Church, so he’ll probably soon [Read More...]

The plainspoken Greg Krehbiel has plain words on Phillip Pullman [Read more...]

Victor Lams gives the latest scoop No sir, anti-catholicism isn’t dead. Why Our Lady of Good Counsel (whose pastor so eloquently explained that authentic Catholic faith is pro-choice) was brutally persecuted by those awful people who defend innocent human life from destruction. Happily, however, the pastor of OLGC was able to threaten them with arrest [Read More...]

There’s a truly evil author writing children’s books to poison them against God and Christians, as is so often the case, are running around panicking about the nonsensical “hidden satanic messages” in Harry Potter books instead of seeing the really obvious and blatant attack on their faith in Phillip Pullman’s work. Memo to Potter haters: [Read More...]

From the “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” Dept. My blog in praise of Abe Zelmanowitz get negative reactions from readers of Joe Katzman’s blog. I appreciate Joe’s generous defense. There are a number of places where, naturally, I would not have worded that defense as Joe has, but on the whole I am grateful for [Read More...]

A reader writes: I went out and read some of what ( Bob S has to say. I’ve come to a greater appreciation of his position, but I find his methods to be misguided, at best. First, in his defense, he sometimes returns to what he knows and makes some good points. I tend to [Read More...]

Get Ready! [Read more...]

Bob Sungenis writes: Mark has been kind enough to allow me respond to his August 8 blog entry as a means to settle a dispute between us. My contention to Mark is that I am not really bothered by him, or anyone else, disagreeing with me on cosmology. What I am concerned with is the [Read More...]

Bob Sungenis Demands an Apology So: I’m sorry. My blog was not intended to offend and I’m sorry it hurt your feelings. It was, however, intended to point out that there is a real danger in hitching your defenses of the Faith to utterly unnecessary (and frankly bogus) stuff like geocentrism and a non-rotational earth. [Read More...]

One tiny bit more on Signs and various anguished questions for the Therapist over at HMS blog Well, I can’t be the only one struggling with such questions, can I? I know that God will bring good out of it. But it’s hard to know how to navigate. Prayer that I do what is pleasing [Read More...]

I knew I’d get at least one Catholic lobbying for the damnation of Abe Zelmanowitz The apostles had similarly tribal ideas. “We saw a man casting out demons in your name and told him to stop because he was not one of us!” Here’s my reply. There’s more to union with Christ and the Church [Read More...]

The Silenced Salmagundi makes it clear “Shut up” his bishop explained, in the spirit of openness that Dallas ushered in. A rabbi I know once observed that God’s commands are given because we need to be reminded of certain things that are not natural for us. There is no command for parents to cuddle babies [Read More...]

David Morrison speaks the truth [Read more...]

National Treasure Amy Welborn on the Banning of Flannery by Bishop O’Donnell [Read more...]

From the “What’s wrong with this picture?” department This priest gets to blather on without check. This priest is told to be silent for six months. Fr. Sibley does not say why, exactly, he was ordered to be “silent in the public forum for the next six months”. Such orders (I am informed by my [Read More...]

Well, yes… but… My question is still: Do we know the comparative rates of recidivism among those who remain in religious life vs. those who are kicked out? I realize this poses major legal dangers to religious communities if some member abuses and I recognize there has been abuse at abbeys and such. And I’m [Read More...]

Abe Zelmanowitz: Hero May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. And yes, I think it extremely likely this man is in heaven. For some Christians, this is problematic since there is a common notion afoot that the only way to be saved is [Read More...]