Fr. Richard “Weakland is the Future of the Church” McBrien… sifts through the ashes of FutureChurch in search of evidence of his own infallibility. An article quotes him, moments after he clipped on his collar for the cameras: A black mark on Weakland’s reputation should not undermine his philosophy within the church, theologians said. “Sexual [Read More...]

Lane Core is One with the Blogosphere! [Read more...]

Mail Call! Boy! Go away for the weekend and people keep writing! Here’s the mail round up! My pal Greg Krehbiel had his review of Attack of the Clones linked by Christianity Today. Way to go, Greg! A reader sez: Andrew Sullivan is arguing that JPII is not doing enough for the American Catholic Church. [Read More...]

Let’s Make Like the Druids, Running Naked Through the Wooids! Gimme that old time religion! That’s for me! Well, okay. Prescinding from the “running naked through the wooids” bit, and the “Druid” bit for that matter, my fambly and several friends will be departing for lovely Lopez Island in the San Juans (betcha you Right [Read More...]

Where’s NRO? Andrew Sullivan has wondered, sensibly enough, why nobody at the Weekly Standard has touched the Catholic scandal in its pages. Let me add this: why have National Review and National Review Online fallen silent? Lots of us first started following the scandal through Rod Dreher’s blogs on NRO, but he hasn’t mentioned it [Read More...]

Coupla Things and Then I’m Outta Here One person writes to urge me not to give credit to Weakland for having the grace to resign. Gotta disagree. Rome’s had a freeze on accepting resignations because of the Situation (didn’t want to make guys who were just retiring because they were 75 look like they were [Read More...]

Music in Massachusetts Nick Alexander writes: I am involved with the Proud 2 Be Catholic concert series in Salem, Massachusetts. It is the second in an annual concert that will provide entertainment, mass, Eucharistic adoration and activities for all ages. Top Catholic artists Fr. Stan Fortuna, Tony Melendez, Martin Doman, Bob Rice and many others [Read More...]

My final word on Weakland People are asking me if I don’t think I’m being too hard on him. It’s a good question. My answer is this: As recently as a week or so ago, Rembert Weakland, Defender Against the Oppressed, Accuser of the Abused (“Not all adolescent victims are so innocent. Some can be [Read More...]

Dale the Lawyer Weighs In Here’s the link to the handwritten letter from Our Man In Milwaukee to Marcoux. And here’s the Abp’s response to L’affaire Marcoux: “I have never abused anyone. [Depends upon what your definition of "abused" is. Believe it or not, I hate the fact I've had to break my Clinton Obfuscation [Read More...]

Another member of the Ever-Growing Phalanx of Episcopalian Bloggers is on the Air! Zach, meet Anne. Anne, Zach. [Read more...]

The Mysterious Working of Bill Donohue’s mind A friend writes me: Just got on my desk a faxed release from the Catholic League, responding to the Rembert Weakland news. “[I]t needs to be asked what social good is served when current disclosures of past indiscretions are made public? The time has come to invoke an [Read More...]

The Wonderful Steve Mattson writes: In connection to your recommendation to the Archbishop that he should chip off the millstone while he still has time, I was thinking of Lewis’s Till We Have Faces. The heroine has written a long complaint against the gods. In the process of coming to clarity about herself, when she [Read More...]

But Mark! The Weakland Article Doesn’t Prove Anything Recall Advanced Probability Theory, otherwise known as the Duck Test. The Great Man was willing to crush an abused family in court and even countersue them when the statute of limitations ran out on the fittingly named Fr. Effinger after he boffed their son. Now he’s willing [Read More...]

Lane Core on Zero Tolerance and Intellectual Sloth [Read more...]

In case you are tongue-tied… Here’s what I just sent to the Contact us link for the Milwaukee Archdiocese: “You promise a phony “listening session” now, Abp Weakland. Why not listen to the Holy Spirit instead of your own colossal ego and resign? You promise a “zero tolerance” policy for abusive priests. Why not show [Read More...]

On the other hand… “Last month, with sex abuse scandals battering dioceses across the country, [Weakland] said the Milwaukee Archdiocese would adopt a zero tolerance policy toward molestation by priests.” Physician, heal thyself. If you are going to adopt a “zero tolerance” policy, start by applying it to yourself, Abp Weakland. Don’t let the door [Read More...]

The Further Adventures of the Great Man Who Thinks Outside the Box Another Authentic Voice of Reform Who Can Talk Down to JPII heard from. The pattern I noted appears to continue. If a bishop is an actual abuser himself, he comes from the cutting edge faction of the Church that, until quite recently adored [Read More...]

Zero Tolerance Zero Intelligence [Read more...]

My burning question How can somebody be smart enough to have made hundreds of thousands of dollars and yet stupid enough to lose it to a transparent scam like this? [Read more...]

A reader objects… to my post about prayer for S.J. Gould: You state: “However, neither you nor I know that he or anyone else has ever died in mortal sin.” If your position is that we don’t know the destiny of any particular person, I agree. However, if your position is that we don’t know [Read More...]

Another Stupid Bishop and his Neglect Let’s get ‘em all out into the open so their flock can keep an eye on ‘em. [Read more...]