The Second Piece of Good News in 24 Hours And this one is from Our Man Vacationing In Dallas, Rod Dreher: Just got in a few minutes ago from Dallas, where we were visiting my wife’s family. I had to write and tell you some wonderful news from that city, which has been so badly [Read More...]

Rembert the Great Satirical Rhymes are Always Welcome A reader offers the following: Rembert G. Weakland O.S.B, “Maverick’s” now his name. Windy as hymns from Oregon, Courtiers his companions, Reminding him of his fame. “An honorary degree, endowed chair named for me, Varillas’ lifesize bronze bust of yours truly. “Published both near and far, Once [Read More...]

Here is the first ray of dawn in the Situation Cardinal George! Way to go! You da man! May God raise up many more like you. Reminds me of a famous tale from the life of St. Dominic. He was in Rome as the the story goes and the Pope bragged about the gorgeousness of [Read More...]

Here’s a valuable group doing valuable work The Cardinal Newman Society sends me this. If you want to do more than moan about the Church, you might consider informing the educrats running the various “Catholic” colleges here that their voiding their mucus on the Catholic faith is not the sort of thing that elicits funding [Read More...]

More on Harry Potter Here’s an interesting piece on Harry by Mike Hertenstein. After the Gandalf vs. Harry Potter panel at the Home School Conference this weekend, I was the Lone Contrarian arguing that Harry was mostly innocent, the books are certainly not occultic and though they are no more in Tolkien’s league than a [Read More...]

Worth noting A reader writes to say: Recall that Archbishop Curtiss is depicted in Michael Rose’s “Goodbye! Good Men” as a model of orthodoxy and sound policy. True indeed. One of the interesting marks of this scandal is that episcopal arrogance and folly seems to know none of the secular categories of “liberal” and “conservative”. [Read More...]

Great Scott! Another One! Gerard Serafin has a new blog too! [Read more...]

New Blog in Town Steve Mattson has a new blog–and from an unusual perspective: he’s a seminarian in formation for the priesthood. Check it out! [Read more...]

Ahem One last thing before I go: I AM THE CHAMPION, MY FRIENDS! I WENT ON FIGHTING TO THE END! I AM THE CHAMPION, I AM THE CHAMPION!!! You like me! You really like me! [sob! gush!] In this hour of complete triumph, I would like to graciously, maganimously, and (gosh darn it) humbly extend [Read More...]

I’m Gone to Host the Northwest Catholic Education Conference Conference Today and Tomorrow So posting will again be light. I hope the massive quantities of text I put up earlier will suffice for the nonce. And if you are looking for more, check out my Sheavings on my pretty, fancy pants website If you [Read More...]

Mailbag A reader writes the following ideas for any eager beaver journalists out there who want to pursue, not just exposure (we’ve got that, thanks!) but healing of the grievous wounds inflicted on the Body of Christ by evil clergy (see Shanley, Paul), and or idiot/abusive/corrupt/arrogant prelates (see, for the present, Curtiss, Elden [though the [Read More...]

And the winner of today’s Heartless Prelate Award… Bishop Elden Curtiss! This one’s so un-freakin’-believable I reproduce the article here in full: Curtiss could face charges of tampering in Madison County BY DAVID HENDEE WORLD-HERALD STAFF WRITER NORFOLK, Neb. – Omaha Archbishop Elden Curtiss could be charged with witness tampering after a conversation with a [Read More...]

Light posting today. Many errands to run. Back tomorrow most likely. [Read more...]

My Pal, the Wickedly Funny Doug Sirman, has a Blog! He emails me this: Y’know, this explains a hell of a lot. What’s wrong with the clerical sub-culture in a nutshell. From Amy’s blog: Imesch of Joliet facing criticism (Chicago Trib. Link requires…you know.) Joliet Bishop Joseph Imesch seemed unfazed as a lawyer questioned him [Read More...]

Great News! Peter Kreeft has a website! Dave Nevins is apparently building it in cooperation with Dr. Kreeft. This is probably best since, as anybody who knows Dr. Kreeft will attest, he understands and trusts no machine more complicated than a forge bellows. Check him out. Buy his books. Drink deeply. He’s a terrific (and [Read More...]

Chesterton Would be Pleased I found somebody was watching my blog through this link. I can’t, of course, log on. But I am gratified to think that, with enough imagination, anybody can live a life of adventure. [Read more...]

Fortuyn Kooky Turns out the late Pim Fortuyn was an advocate of pederasty. Another triumph of Dutch Catholic catechesis, no doubt. It appears that the Devil is up to his old tricks again. He always sends errors into the world in pairs so that, fleeing one, we will embrace the other. Islamofascism or Western decadence? [Read More...]

That Does It! No More Xylophones! The irrepressible Dale writes: Whether Luke’s set of musical choppers is best described as a xylophone, harpsichord or a Fender Stratocaster is beside the point. The real point is that he’s giving a brand new meaning to the phrase “tickling the ivories.” “Thank you–I’m here all week! Try the [Read More...]

One Last Word from Rembert the Great Himself Abp Weakland reflects on what a great and good man he is. And incredibly courageous too. Members of the Roman Curia often referred to me as a “maverick.” (The word comes from Samuel A. Maverick, 1803-1870, a Texas cattleman who refused to brand his calves like the [Read More...]

Violent Xylophonic Passions Continue to Flare “Luke is a mere primitive,” writes one reader, “He needs to learn more sophisticated (and hygienic!) forms of music. I have been playing music against my teeth while I brush my teeth since BEFORE LUKE WAS BORN! You should hear me knock out “Turkey in the Straw.” [Read more...]

I’ve Created a Monster After my inflammatory words about Islam, readers are hitting me fast and furious with comments… …about xylophones: A few minutes Googling produced several encyclopedia or other reference sites that confirmed that xylophones are made of wood. The name comes from the Greek word for wood. This site doesn’t [Read More...]