Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss From the VOTF message board admins: “EACH MESSAGEBOARDER HAS A LIMIT OF 3 POSTS DAILY ON THIS BOARD. ONE OF YOUR 3 POSTS CAN BE A NEW TOPIC. ANYTHING OVER AND ABOVE 3 POSTS DAILY WILL BE DELETED. NO EXCEPTIONS. ADMIN. “Your post can not contain [Read More...]

Juanita Broadrick’s Old Friend Holds Forth on Taking Responsibility In a stunning new development, it turns out Bush’s presidency prompts Clinton to think and talk about Himself. [Read more...]

State of Connecticut Punishes Boy Scouts for Not Abiding by 1980 US Conference of Catholic Bishops Code of Child Safety Right thinking will be rewarded. Wrong thinking will be punished. [Read more...]

Southern Baptist Richard Land on the Situation, VOTF and other stuff Thanks to Sean Gallagher for the link. [Read more...]

Geriatric! Come back here you whippersnapper and I’ll hit you with my cane! Emily, I love ya, but you’re wrong. It is not a foregone conclusion that “abandoning …belief in the Resurrection, the Virgin Birth, and the Trinity….is the eventual fate of all congregations separated from Rome.” Is it a very real possibility? Yes, and [Read More...]

Oh dear. Another breach in the Fortress wall Rod’s address is, in case any readers want to protest the gross violation of journalistic integrity he committed by publishing an incorrect thought from a member of the gay community. [Read more...]

Tony Campolo has often been described as “prophetic” by secular media types Translation: he’s another shallow shill for Clinton and critic of healthy Evangelicalism [Read more...]

Speaking of Wonder Magazine… Another delightfully perpendicular writer and whiz kid behind Wonder is the, er, wonderful Lint Hatcher. [Read more...]

Another escapee from Festung Homosexual heard from A search party composed of representatives from the NY Times editorial board, ABC News, and CNN has orders to track Signorile down and, if necessary, shoot to kill lest he publish more incorrect thoughts. Meanwhile, a media blackout has the nation under lockdown in the hopes that not [Read More...]

The Lady of Shalott weighs in on Weigel, Granola and other Stuff [Read more...]

More on Savage Several readers seem to have the impression I was giving Savage an endorsement. I wasn’t. I was simply pointing out that Savage, in his profane way is acknowledging what I have pointed out elsewhere: that you can’t square the circle. Homosexual practice (not orientation) and Catholic teaching are irreconcilable and attempts to [Read More...]

Why I love Evangelicals Someday guys like this are going to discover to their surprise and delight that they are card-carrying members of what John Paul calls the Church of Mary and that that’s not bad. The Evangelical sense of committed discipleship is something I wish we could distill into a serum and inject into [Read More...]

Wonder Magazine has a website! The delightful (and sadly little known) Wonder Magazine has a website, edited by the delightful (and soon to be better known) Rod Bennett. What? You don’t know about Rod? He’s the author of a terrific book called Four Witnesses: The Early Church in her Own Words. After you are done [Read More...]

Nihil? Is that you? A reader writes: I’m appalled reading one of your blogs, “Back up your Birth Control …”, the comments on which go like this … oops … as this … ok, they go as this, “Says … ” … Here’s what you say, “Says whom?”. This is grammatically incorrect. “Says” is the [Read More...]

Fair Enough. I Can Buy That. A friend of mine, who is a world-class expert on the relationship between Church and State under communist regimes, writes: I just caught your post on the Cuban defectors, and the response of a hierarch about them. Remember, that given the circumstances he almost has to say what he’s [Read More...]

Jody, my blog’s Village Atheist and Self-Appointed Guardian of Truth in Journalism… has fresh difficulties facing him. First, of course, is the strange delusion he is suffering from that this blog is “journalism”. I thought it was my private forum for talking about whatever interested me. I’ll leave him to figure that out. Second, is [Read More...]

George Weigel on the Dumbness of applying Liberal/Conservative Templates to the Church [Read more...]

The Bishops’ Secret Letter Courtesy of Deal Hudson at Crisis Dear Friend, When I started this e-letter in April, my primary motivation was to have a way to get urgent information to you immediately. There are some things that just can’t wait to be printed in the magazine. This is one of those things. As [Read More...]

Un-freakin’-believable It’s unfortunate that 23 young Cubans used World Youth Day as an opportunity to seek asylum in Canada, organizers of the Toronto event say. But that celebration is an extremely religious and pious occasion, Paul Kilbertus, WYD communications director, told Tuesday. Refugee-seekers were neither planned nor welcomed. But a spokesperson for the Cuban [Read More...]

The Holy Spirit is Being Exceedingly Counter-Intuitive in Boston And yet. It makes sense. The great heart-cry of youth is heroism and it takes courage and nobility to face down jeers and opposition for being a sap in order to go to your Mother’s aid when she is extremely sick. [Read more...]

Alright! Now it’s available in easy to link text format! If you didn’t do it before, go read this insightful essay on the Scandal from Fr. Michael Sweeney, OP, of the Catherine of Siena Institute. [Read more...]