See What I Mean? If you murder somebody for leftist reasons, you are an “activist”, not an extremist and your act of murder is not a “hate crime” but a “cry for justice.” But if somebody says “Whack jobs who kill people because they don’t like their views on furry critters are maniacs who should [Read More...]

Sandra Miesel writes me… On your coverage of the priest scandals: do you seriously think anything will really be done in the US or that Rome will take effective action? Some of my cynicism stems from being at one remove a victim myself: in the 1920s, my mother was repeatedly molested by a degenerate priest. [Read More...]

Win $1000!!! I felt bad about my impulsiveness in mentioning Bob Sungenis’ science kookiness about a non-rotational earth, aether, attacks on relativity, young earth creationism, etc. I once contributed to a book of his and had visions of people writing me saying, “Aren’t you one of those guys that thinks the earth doesn’t rotate?” So [Read More...]

It is, I am relieved to say, not at all clear that a priest murdered the Minnesota Girls Even their parents don’t think he did it. But there is the fact of those creepy diary entries. How many potential murderers is an average 15 year old worried about? [Read more...]

I’m just funnin’ Emily And, for what it’s worth, Rod Dreher is a puny testosterone based life form. I’ll crush him too. After all, what does a major metropolitan journalist whose site gets 50 geewillion hits a second have that I don’t have? Besides, as Vatican Radio–the Voice of Peter Himself–says, Competition: good. Vote selling: [Read More...]

Amy’s Cruel and Catty Jibes at My Charming Absent-Mindedness… only show how unworthy she is of a Vatican Archive Recording and how patiently I suffer wrongs. I cut such a noble figure it makes even me weep. [Read more...]

A New Guy on the Blog John Mallon has a brand new blog! Check it out! [Read more...]

Just a Reminder on the Welborn Rules of Engagement Email sent to me is fair game for publication on the Blog. [Read more...]

D’oh! The Unknown Mystery Guest (and competitor for Vatican Radio Archive recordings) is Rod Dreher at National Review. Y’see, there’s this little feature in email called the cc function. If you look at it, you can see who else was copied on the email, Mark. Well, anyway, my Cause remains Just. Who do you want [Read More...]

Anthemania! [Read more...]

Must. Win. Must. Win! Just got a note from Charles Collins at Vatican Radio, sent to me, Amy, Emily, Kathy Shaidle and Some Unknown Mystery Guest: The story on Catholic-blogging will appear tomorrow (Friday) on 105Live here in Rome. It will go out at (Rome time) 11:10 am, 5:10 pm, and 9:50 pm. Rome is [Read More...]

Also, A Lawyer Speaks! I agree wholeheartedly with your take on the lawyers’ First Amendment “defense” — assuming the lawyers are serious about it. However, I would like to think that they are asserting that defense as a formality without seriously intending to pursue it. Lawyers do this pretty often — they will assert a [Read More...]

Not Too Much Time. Finishing Beeg Prawject But wanted to tip hat to the inimitable Martin Farkus of Zounds! [Read more...]

I’m not a Lawyer… And so my “uh-oh” may spring from deep wells of ignorance here. But when Law’s attorney invokes the First Amendment thusly: “Well, first of all, let me take the first issue, the First Amendment. I suggest that we agree that I can have a continuing objection as to the First Amendment. [Read More...]

Spiderman for Bishop! Saw Spidey last night. Lotsa fun. Tobey Maguire was born to play him. And (you’ll be relieved to know) it is not rooted in the Paschal Mystery in any discernible way (though it did surprisingly have a sympathetic Aunt May praying the Lord’s Prayer and not being either a hypocrite, a dunce, [Read More...]

Steve Greydanus of Decent saw the new Star Wars Advance word: “It rocks!” Watch for his full review on his site when the movies debuts. [Read more...]

The Good, the Bad, and Ugly Accompanied by the weird whistly music from Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns, Domenico Bettinelli takes a look at Cdl. Law’s deposition (Score so far: Law seems forthright; Attorney questioning Law seems stunningly clueless); Voice of the Faithful (his take is similar to mine); and the revolting news that yet another [Read More...]

Voice of the Faithful Redux A while back, somebody sent me a link to Voice of the Faithful. Now the Major Media are starting to notice these guys. Andrew Sullivan, reliably confused about all things Catholic, has anointed them as one of the Church’s great hopes, so that’s a warning bell to proceed with caution. [Read More...]

When Sullivan’s Right, He’s Dead Right Sullivan reports the following bit of sly bias from the Gray Lady: “Dutch political leaders decided today to go ahead with the general elections next week, even after the killing of Pim Fortuyn, a right-wing politician who had stood a chance to become the country’s next prime minister. The [Read More...]

Cooling Down… My previous rant was written in rather a lot of anger. Credible charges of murder and coverup by the Church do that to me. I’m cooler now and, though I don’t see a lot of content I’d like to retract in the previous blog, I would like to apologize for the heat with [Read More...]

I Don’t Care What it Takes… I don’t care if we have to kick out a bunch of bishops and promote some librarians to fill the post. I don’t care about “domino effects”. Indeed, I welcome them. If the fall of one bad bishop leads to the fall of the rest of the bad bishops [Read More...]