Disputations… has a nice critique of Greg Krehbiel’s letter. Okay. So it needs some nuance. The basic idea though is, Don’t tithe to support corruption. Tithe to support virtue. I like that idea. By the way, Disputations also is launching a droll reform initiative. [Read more...]


Bill Cork weeps over the parish built on human pride, St. Joan’s Not Catholic. Not even Christian. The bright spot: I’m not getting many reports of other parishes as outrageously apostate as this. Hopefully, we’re looking at the far end of the bellcurve. [Read more...]


Message of disrespect for chickens? If the animal is suffering physically, okay fine. Don’t hurt animals unnecessarily. But is a chicken really sitting there thinking, “I feel so violated! So used! I want to be appreciated for my mind! Not treated like a plaything!” No, the chicken is thinking, “mmmmm. food!” Animals are to be [Read More...]


Minute Particulars has an interesting discussion of problems with keeping all gays out of priesthood Judging from some of his more recent rants on the topic, I gather Mike Hardy missed my change of mind in this area a week or two ago. I now incline toward thinking those with a homosexual-orientation can sometimes become [Read More...]


In justice to Abp. Flynn: A reader writes: I read with interest your remarks concerning St. Joan of Arc Church in Minneapolis. I certainly concur with your feelings on the subject. That is until we get to your remarks concerning Archbishop Harry Flynn. A little background on St. Joan of Arc (hereafter SJA) is in [Read More...]


Somebody is way ahead of me in messing with the heads of Rich Nigerians By the way, turns out the right place to report this scam is 419.fcd@usss.treas.gov. [Read more...]


Different Intelligences My pal Steve Greydanus got to talk to Steven Spielberg and the exchange between Greydanus and various actors reminds me again of Dorothy L. Sayers remarks in The Mind of the Maker about the creative process and the mysterious ways in which artistic creativity is not the same as comprehension of the things [Read More...]


Interesting interview of Fr. Tom Doyle by Pete Vere [Read more...]


Shanley indicted I sincerely hope he and the creep in the Brooklyn diocese who suctioned money out of the school to fund his gay affairs will carry through with their blackmail promises and finger every scuz in the Church that they know of. Let the Enema continue until this crap is gone. [Read more...]


The Supremes Reject Execution for Mentally Disabled… and it appears some conservatives are disappointed. Me, I think the Pope is basically right in Evangelium Vitae: execute people if you have to in order to prevent further loss of life. Otherwise, don’t kill ‘em. This is not a “reversal” of Catholic teaching. The Church still says [Read More...]


Lucky for us the Earth Doesn’t Move Otherwise we might have hit this thing! [Read more...]


Another honest voice in the gay community Gay Radio Host: “Predatory Gay Men” Are the Problem Story: An openly gay radio talk show host has admitted that in the Catholic priest scandals, “what you have here are not pedophiles. You have predatory gay men . . . ” Al Rantel, a talk show host for [Read More...]


Unhappy with Me Been mulling over my posts for this week, particularly as regards the bishops and I think I’m guilty of uncharity. I’m awful damn quick to assume the worst and cast everything in the worst light. What do I know about Abp. Flynn’s management of his diocese beyond one flaky parish? Several commenters [Read More...]


Those rich Nigerians! Just got a fabulous offer. Oddly, it’s the same fabulous offer I’ve gotten several times (one of them was addressed “Dear Julie Andrews” because of this link on my site) Other times they’ve been Islamic converts to Christianity who just liked the cut of my jib. Once, it was a Nigerian general. [Read More...]


I kinda thought this might happen A source sez that “the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith will order the American bishops to halt its policy of removing abusive priests until Rome can rule on the measures. That means the Vatican is going to order an immediate halt to the removal from ministry of [Read More...]


If you have a burning need to know about arcane issues in canon law, here’s the place to go [Read more...]


2% of the general population is homosexual but 30% of all abusers are homosexual “Although homosexuals constitute only about two percent of the population, they represent one-third of child molesters. “The Gay Report,” the 1979 work of homosexual researchers Jay and Young revealed that 73 percent of homosexuals surveyed admitted to having had sexual relations [Read More...]


Elephant? What Elephant? A reader sez: Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions strikes again! A defrocked priest serves executive director of FDLC for 10 years, and they claim they “didn’t know.” [Read more...]


Some movement on the Scranton Front [Read more...]


More on the Higher and Lower Laws A day or two ago, I remarked on C.S. Lewis’ observation that those who do not obey the Higher Law find themselves compelled to obey lower ones. Had a conversation with somebody recently which prompted some more thought in that department, particularly about our episcopate’s relationship with the [Read More...]


Amy has blogged this but it’s worth noting the timing This story in the NY Times about the (surprise!) gay pastor who sucked tons of money out of his parish to lavish on his 18 year old gay lover, oppressed those who tried to stop him, and got boocoo help from his bishop in trying [Read More...]