Support the Center for the New Evangelization

Paul Catalanotto writes: In the midst of the culture wars, I thought your readers my take some comfort in some of the things going on at my school.  Saint John XXIII College Preparatory in Katy, TX is in its 11th year and is dedicated to keeping the Catholicity in Catholic schooling.  Our enrollment is nearing [Read More...]

St. Peter Damien, Komminniss

It should be noted that he who takes from the wealthy rather than from the unfortunate to provide for his brother who are in need, or who supports some pious work, or, more importantly, who relieves the poor in their necessity, should not be counted an avariious man, but as one who justly moves common [Read More...]

Tesla Seems to be Doing Good Work

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An Irish Reader on the Gay “Marriage” Push in Ireland, as well as Other Stuff

He writes: Saw Leah Libresco in conversation with Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland on YouTube. Personally I think the man has a lot of motivation in anti Catholicism but heck. One thing that struck me is the veritable absence of philosophical dialogue in Ireland. (“Ye what?!”) It is over 20 years since I heard Neoplatonism [Read More...]

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Picture of Seraphim the Beauteous

…taken by Lucy the Cuteness: [Read more...]

Good to See a Consistent Prolife Ethic

It is one of the weird ironies of our culture that, when it comes to the death penalty, so many “prolife” Americans will drop their quarrel with AG Loretta Lynch (who loves death in all its forms, especially abortion) and cheer for her stumping on behalf of killing the Boston Bomber: “We know all too [Read More...]

Chickenosaurus is coming!

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Fr. Roderick Vonhögen isn’t merely an adorable geek

Though it may seem he is: …and though HuffPo, Buzzfeed, Breitbart, WaPo and 25,000 other folk may think so, the truth is, the man has hidden depths. F’rinstance, he writes to point me to this vital video of Fr. Christophe Mary Rebbacai, Pizza Maker of the Immaculate: I love being Catholic! [Read more...]

This killed me

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Why Do We Die After the Resurrection?

A reader writes: Hi Mark! I have a silly question but it’s something I’ve wondered about for a while now and I was hoping maybe you could shed some light on it for me. So I know that we believe that death came into the world through Adam’s sin, and that Christ, as the New [Read More...]

When Judging is a Virtue

…is under discussion over at the Register.  In it, we answer the challenging (for postmoderns) question: Was Dachau evil?  Then we talk about why such a stupid question is challenging for postmoderns. [Read more...]

Hey Western Washington! Mark Your Calendars!

May 20 7:00 PM I will be speaking at Holy Family, Kirkland, WA.  Topic: Beatitudes [Read more...]

A conversation about marriage. Join in!

A reader writes from Canada: I have an idea, and I am half-tempted to send it to our conference of Bishops in the light of the coming Synod on the family. But I don’t know if it makes any sense, so I thought I would “clear” it with you first (and if you decide so, [Read More...]

Walk Off the Earth Makes Everything More Fun

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The New Atheists are Back…

…Dumber Than Ever as Daniel Dennett looks at a Pew poll and sees, despite all the blandishments of reality, exactly what he wants to see, the imminent death of religion.  Damon Linker does the autopsy on Dennett’s perverse and wilful misreading of the data: The biggest problem of all with Dennett’s op-ed is the fact [Read More...]

Golly. Somebody lied and went “undercover” to a bunch of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

…to “expose” them on behalf of the pro-aborts. Who could possibly have predicted that? She says she was doing it for the Greater Good. I could swear I’ve heard that before. Sure, but everybody knows she lied so she obviously can’t be trusted, right? Yeah. How about that? Liars can’t be trusted. Or so it [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Found out today a friend of mine’s daughter was also in a car accident on Sunday in Rochester NH. She was with her cousin and her cousin’s 8 year old daughter. The 8 year old did not make it. They too were hit by a drunk driver. My friends daughter is ok, [Read More...]

The Future Isn’t What it Used to Be

In which we look at how our forecasts of the future (an obsession that really took off with the birth of science fiction, though was always a subtext of human storytelling) show us what each age is focused on. Over at the Register. [Read more...]

Pete Vere on America’s Kitchen Calvinism

He writes over on his FB page concern the latest GOP move in Wisconsin to humiliate the poor: There are four sins that cry out to God for vengeance: 1) Shedding of innocent blood; 2) Sodomy; 3) Denying the worker his just wage; and 4) ignoring the cry of the widow and the orphan. The [Read More...]