I think I need to go see “Paterson”

Bill Doino, Jr. and Deacon Steven Greydanus both love it.  Good enough for me.  It’s good to see that apostate Jesuit and murderer of Han Solo Adam Driver has redeemed himself. [Read more…]

Capital Punishment – A Study in the Development of Doctrine, Part I

Over at Catholic Weekly: A reading from an ancient manuscript found in Jerusalem authored by Micha-el ben Mattityahu: We’re all familiar with the story by now. A weak pope with a long history of dubious opinions and reckless public statements has fallen under the sway of a liberal cleric with radical ideas and is overturning [Read More…]

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Yesterday, Deacon Steve Greydanus and I…

…celebrated his first Easter as a Deacon and 25th Easter as a Catholic by talking about our respective journey’s into the Church. We also celebrated being two dorks laughing at their own jokes by telling dorky jokes and laughing at them. [Read more…]

Next week, in Catholic Weekly, I will be starting a series on the Death Penalty

Here is Exhibit A on why: Man Executed in Arkansas Last Night Chose Communion for His Last Meal How was justice achieved against this guilty-as-sin fake penitent who richly deserved death?: [Ledell] Lee insisted upon his innocence from the day of his arrest through the night of his execution. He implored Arkansas to let him [Read More…]

How Ken Burns Would Have Made Star Wars

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Way to Go, Rick Steves

My neighbor the Travel Guru gives four million samoleons to house dozens of homeless women and kids. I’m pretty sure he’s not a Christian (judging from some of the commentary on his shows). But guess what? Neither are any of the people in the Parable of the Sheep and the Goats. That’s the point of [Read More…]

Rod Bennett and I had a ton of fun yesterday…

…talking about Constantine, gnostic gospels and why they were not “suppressed by the Church”, how “winners write the history” is a lie, the Trail of Blood theory, as well as article ideas and what it all has to do with a boring book called Better Living through Will Power: [Read more…]

Kevin O’Brien writes about why he believes…

and why we need Groucho Marx to help us evangelize: If this is all a lie or a pleasant fiction, we should burn all the churches. If this is all a lie, it is the worst lie in history. If the Church is merely a human institution, then it will only get even more corrupt [Read More…]

Bright Week Humor

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Trump refers to the military as “my military”

A former Secretary of Defense warns of what such a sinister banana republic cult of personality view does. There are few things more profoundly rejected by the entire American constitutional order than the idea that the our troops are the personal property of the President of the United States. [Read more…]

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Yesterday, Michael Lichens and I talked…

…with Sr. Rose Pacatte about movies, media literacy, theology, and politics–and Hildegard of Bingen: [Read more…]

Authentic Christian Holiness

This, not calls for the death penalty, is what real Christian witness looks like: [Read more…]

A fascinating documentary from the BBC on the Shroud of Turin

…piling up more evidence for its authenticity. I’ve always believed it to be genuine. If it’s a fake, make another one, using the technology available in 14th century France or 13th century Constantinople. Good luck with that. There’s even a credible line of transmission from first century Jerusalem to 14th century France. One of the [Read More…]

Today, I will be chatting with Sr. Rose Pacatte at 5 PM Eastern…

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Yesterday, Sherry Antonetti and I talked about Easter…

…and the Shroud of Turin: [Read more…]

A reader asks about the Infancy Narratives of Luke and Matthew

He writes: Hi, Mark, what do you make of the idea that Mt and Lk have contradicting accounts of Jesus’s birth? We were told today that Lk invented the census to get Jesus to Bethlehem (there is no historical record of a census at that time) and Mt has Mary and Jesus living in Bethlehem [Read More…]

A reader asks me to post her prayer request…

…for peace. Father, hear our prayer that we would avoid the scourge of war. Help us to listen to your Holy Church’s teaching on Just War and not commit again the murderous sin of pre-emptive war. We ask this through Christ our Lord. [Read more…]

Good for TESCO!

So last week, in postmodern Britain, a company called TESCO, clearly innocent of even the most rudimentary familiarity with Christianity, announced a sale on beer and wine with the sunny proclamation “Good Friday just got better!” It ranks higher than “Ham! Perfect for Hanukkah” on the Religious Cluelessness Richter Scale. Christian in Britain (and around [Read More…]