It is incredible–and embarrassing–that Catholics are wasting their time promoting geocentrism

The latest spectacle demonstration of the conservative cafeteria’s spectacular charism of imprudential judgment and visible-from-space Wrongness is on parade as poor Jimmy Akin is forced to watch The Principle so we don’t have to. He discusses it here and here. I’m told he will have a third installment soon. Meanwhile, Dave Palm over at Geocentrism [Read More...]

“Convinced” Indiegogo Drive is Ending this Weekend

Here’s the trailer: If you want to help bring this film to the public eye and help do a work of evangelization, go here! In case you are wondering: No, I don’t make a nickel off this. Just happy to help in a worthwhile project. [Read more...]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: We have Christmas celebration for inner-city people. It is 12.22.2014. We ask that you pray that God saves, heals and renews a lot of people and that all go well. Father, hear our prayer that your word will be proclaimed and heard and that you work and will be done through Christ [Read More...]

What if Pope Francis’ Translators…

…translated other stuff in history?  Pretty funny. You’d think that a polyglot Church would get only the best translators.  But then you remember John XXIII’s reply to the question “How many people work at the Vatican?” A: “About half”. But the Vatican has untold riches at its disposal! Funny, funny Americans.  We are, at heart, [Read More...]

Why We’re Called the Catholic Church

Some reflections on the “Here Comes Everybody” nature of the Church over at the Register. [Read more...]

If we don’t accept the Gospel of Thomas, why accept the Shroud of Turin

A reader writes: I enjoyed your talk today about what was in the bible and why i.e. Churches were using some documents like Luke but not Thomas etc. Those “new” documents found in the second century that were “secretly” taught were rejected. I was wondering your thought on the shroud of Turin since it is [Read More...]

Br. Guy Consolmagno, Vatican Astronomy, Wins Carl Sagan Medal

…because Catholics like Albert the Great, Copernicus, Louis Pasteur, Gregor Mendel and Fr. George Lemaitre hate and fear Science. [Read more...]

You Shall Not Do Evil That Good May Come of It

Medill Innocence Project railroaded Alstory Simon into prison for 15 years with lies and deception in their zeal to end the death penalty. The ray of light in this story is Bob Braun, the prolife activist who stuck with Simon through thick and thin. That is being fully prolife. [Read more...]

All Dressed Up for Mars and Nowhere to Go

A devastating essay on the Mars One project and why we  are never getting off the earth. [Read more...]

The Coolest Christmas Present You Can Give to the Bible or Theology Geek in Your Life

is Verbum 6.0. I got me a copy the other day and it is so amazingly, ridiculously, rich in features that I could fill the blog discussing it.  It’s user friendly and intuitive and it just expanded my library by a thousand+ books.  It gives you a wide variety of Bibles with all sort of [Read More...]

In nothing is the gospel so evident…

…as in the contrast between the way Christ and the world treat the least of these. Pope Francis commissions showers for the homeless under St. Peter’s colonnades vs. [Read more...]

Good news on Mary, Mother of the Son

The conversion of the book into e-book format is complete and Marytown Press is now in the process of readying it for availability on line.  As soon as it’s up, I will let you know. Meantime, dead tree version is available here along with all my other books. [Read more...]

Hey Western Washington! Hope to See You!

Here’s where I’ll be tonight and Saturday: November 13 7:00 PM St. Mark Parish, Shoreline, WA.  Topic: Exploring the Our Father. November 15 11:00 AM Booksigning @ Alleluia Catholic Store, Kent, WA, 2:00 PM Booksigning @ Alleluia Catholic Store, Tacoma, WA [Read more...]

Bureaucratic Reshuffling=Sentence of Death by Ebola

You can find that much-needed and not-at-all-crazy perspective in this devastating satire from the mind of Outer Traddery here. What’s fascinating to me is how the author drops all pretense of admiring the work of people like Mother Teresa caring for the sick and dying, and makes abundantly clear that such work is a disgusting [Read More...]

Scripture, God’s Handbook for Evangelizing Catholics

…is out from OSV: Cardinal Wuerl says it is “inspiring”; Archbishop Kurtz calls it “engaging”; Sr. Dianne Bergant says it provides “a new perspective”; Dr. Scott Hahn declared it “an important book”; and Fr. James Martin SJ states that it is “a terrific resource for anyone who wants to experience—or invite others to experience—the Living [Read More...]

Excellent! Here’s a sample of fully prolife thinking

A reader writes: Since you have been calling on Catholics to be pro-life and not just anti-abortion, I thought you might want to know that 23 pro-life organizations filed a brief in an upcoming Supreme Court case, Young v. UPS, regarding a claim brought against UPS for pregnancy discrimination, in support of the woman whose [Read More...]

G.K. Chesterton introduces himself

This promises to be a fun series from Chuck Chalberg over at the wonderfully named EpicPew site: [Read more...]

Fusion Breakthrough?

A reader sends this along: The news cycle lately does nothing but make me mad or sad. But this … this could be civilization changing, for the better. I have yet to see this confirmed elsewhere. And it is so potentially civilization changing, that I am VERY skeptical. But if it is true, then was [Read More...]

Chicks on the Right Do a Bang up Job of Illustrating why…

…“The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend” should be written a thousand times on all those conservative cafeteria Catholic chalkboards full of “Don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good.” [Read more...]

The Salmon Cannon: Technological Apex of Civilization

I require this for my complete happiness and fulfilment as a human being: WE CAN DO GREAT THINGS! [Read more...]

Stop Letting Them Stampede You

[Read more...]