The Keen Discernment and Priorities of the Thing That Used to Be Conservatism

Pop quiz on who said what here. Here’s today’s lie from the Right Wing Lie Machine: Now that torture defenders are copious documented as having defended torture as they lie that “we only splashed water in the faces of three high value targets” the attempt to make the case for fog and pretend to be [Read More...]

Australians Deal with Terrorism…

…the way you should. Virtue: It’s not just the way to heaven, it’s also smart. [Read more...]

I often hear from people wondering how you figure out what Catholic dogma is

Behold! Three essential books for learning Catholic dogma. [Read more...]

Dale Ahlquist Replies…

… to the silly Puritan attempt to deny the sanctity of Chesterton based on his enjoyment of food and drink. Shouting “Fatso!” is a curiously favored tactic of two classes of people in my experience: Reactionaries and schoolyard children.  I don’t know why somebody would use it to try to stop the no-brainer belief that [Read More...]

Times Have Changed

Chesterton once said, “The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected. Even when the revolutionist might himself repent of his revolution, the traditionalist is already defending it as part of his [Read More...]

The Great Thing about Getting to be Catholic…

…is that even our statues worship statues: [Read more...]

The Airborne Beer Story

In honor of our vets from the Battle of the Bulge, on the 69th Anniversary of its beginning. [Read more...]


…and abortion support are why the Dem handwringing rings so hollow for a prolife person who holds the complete teaching of the Church on the dignity of human life.  Obama’s reluctance to do anything about torture springs from his still greater reluctance to face GOP blowback on his program of unilaterally ordered murders of innocent [Read More...]

Australia Just Showed the World…

Exactly How to Respond to Terrorism. Well done, Oz!  Well done! [Read more...]

Dear Catholic Torture Defender: Here is what you are struggling to defend

BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS: Sir, did the ends justify the means? FORMER VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY: Absolutely. BRET BAIER: No doubt in your mind? DICK CHENEY: No doubt in my mind, I’m totally comfortable with it. Meanwhile, back in the Church: 1789 Some rules apply in every case: – One may never do evil so that good may result [Read More...]

Today’s Act of Lying Desperation in Defense of Torture

Cowardly draft dodger defends anal rape.  He uses two lies to do this.  One is the vague suggestion that it was medical care because it was done in response to a hunger strike (you know, like refusing to treat bullet wounds, neglecting injuries until a prisoner lost an eye, and freezing prisoners to death was [Read More...]

Hey Western Washington! Here’s Where I’m Speaking This Week

December 15 7:00 PM St. Bernadette Parish, Burien, WA.  Topic: Mary, Mother of the Son. December 16 7:00 PM Visitation Parish, Tacoma, WA.  Topic: Where are You with God? December 20 Prince of Peace, Bangor Trident Base, Silverdale, WA. 7:00 PM Talk: Incarnational Evangelism Hope to see you tonight at St. Bernadette parish!   [Read more...]

“Prolife” Hero Dick Cheney doesn’t care that we tortured an innocent prisoner to death

On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Cheney said he would use the questionable interrogation methods “again in a minute.” Host Chuck Todd asked Cheney to respond to the Senate Intelligence Committee report’s account that one detainee was “chained to the wall of a cell, doused with water, froze to death in CIA custody.” “And it turned [Read More...]

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God

Dear Torture Defending members of the Party of Personal Responsibility:  Your beloved blameshifting lie that nobody is criticizing Obama  and the Dems is false: It is true that the brunt of the blame still falls on those who ordered and still actively defend mortal sin and war crimes.  But that’s because some of us still [Read More...]

Getting Ready for Judgment

…is our topic of discussion over at the Register today. [Read more...]

10 Things Not to Say to a Convert

A pretty funny piece from Abby Johnson. I like the graphics. The only thing she left out was “You just did it to get rich and turn the Church Protestant.” [Read more...]

God Won’t Let Fat People into Heaven…

…according to New Puritans who think Chesterton was too portly to be a saint. It’s moments like this that the influence of American Puritanism on American Catholicism makes me just want to roll my eyes. It’s an odd thing. One of the constant refrains I run into from both uber-Trads *and* Total Pelvic Liberty Progressives [Read More...]

Zippy Catholic is Back in the Saddle, Talking about Usury

Sez he: Given the Pope’s relatively recent strong public denouncement of usury, I thought your readers might be interested in my recently published (and even more recently polished) Usury FAQ. Reminds me of a piece I wrote one time after reading Dante on the surprising connection medievals made between the sins of sodomy and usury. [Read more...]

Since Charles Krauthammer is in the News Defending Torture

…and various manly readers from Pewsitter have busied themselves in my comboxes with the standard “Real Men Torture in Order to Stop Evil, You Pantywaist Moral Idiot” rhetoric, as well as reciting the routine Ticking Time Bomb Scenarios, and resuscitating Fr. Brian Harrison’s long-repudiated-by-Fr-Harrison tormented attempt to claim that torture in pursuit of life-saving information [Read More...]

Colbert’s Greatest Interview: Smaug

The Colbert ReportGet More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Report on Facebook,Video Archive [Read more...]

Yay! This is My Body is now available on Kindle!

[Read more...]