Speaking of the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

Here is a piece by Yariv Binnun, the creator of the Israel Instititute of Biblical Studies, on the evolution that led to its creation.  Very interesting stuff! The Story behind eTeacher’s Foundation  The use of the cellular phone in Israel began in the 90s and by the mid 90s cellular phones had become widespread. I understood [Read More…]

The Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

Here’s a piece I wrote for Catholic Exchange on a nifty idea called the Israel Institute for Biblical Studies. The idea is to join on-line courses taught by world class experts in biblical languages that you can take in the comfort of your own home.  The classes (worth college credit at the Hebrew University of [Read More…]

Yes, Virginia. The Church Wants the Death Penalty Abolished

Part II of my series on the Death Penalty at Catholic Weekly. The problem is this in a nutshell: For centuries, the Church affirmed the power of Caesar to execute capital criminals. But since Evangelium Vitae, the Church has called for the abolition of the death penalty. Ergo (say traditionalists) the post-concilliar Magisterium is contradicting [Read More…]

Bishop Barron on the Scientism of Bill Nye

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Speaking of which…

The Pope is paying rent on a beach for disabled people. [Read more…]

Pope Francis gives a TED talk

Everything you need to know about this man is summed up in the words “He has preached good news to the poor”. So it’s only natural that this born apostle would use this technology to evangelize and speak to wealthy people in the first world with access to technology about inclusion of the weakest in [Read More…]

I just learned about malaphors!

How delightful! Fave so far: “I can see through you like a book!” [Read more…]

Day 100

Con man lies through his teeth in front of cameras, then attacks media who quote him accurately as “fake news”: Why on earth do any of his defenders continue to defend this liar? I mean, if you are paid shill like Spicer or Conway, sure: prostitutes are worth their wages. But why do the people [Read More…]

Attention Bibliophiles!

A reader writes: My name is Tom Kiser and I own Vivarium Books, a used bookstore. I have a small apologetics library assembled by James Likoudis for sale. Attached is the list. Please let me know if you would be interested or if you know of a good home for these. The price is $1,500 [Read More…]

Yesterday, Doug O’Brien and I…

…talked about the death penalty and the folly of the Dem leadership’s purge of prolife Dems on the final live stream version of Connecting the Dots before our switch to a podcast format. We even got a call from a listener!: [Read more…]

On the air with Doug O’Brien at 5 PM Eastern…

…on Connecting the Dots, talking about all manner of politics and Catholic social teaching.  Give us a call at 1-573-4BREAD4. [Read more…]

The Death Penalty Two Step

When those eager to kill defend the death penalty, one extremely common lie is “We’re just thinking of the victims. What about them? What about their need for closure? Bleeding heart liberals who oppose the death penalty never think of the victims!” But then, when the victims of capital crime come forward and beg the [Read More…]

Please pray for the Pope

… on his trip to Egypt. Pray, not merely for his protection (he himself seems to be fearless in his trust in God’s protection) but particular for the success of his trip in advancing the kingdom of God. The Holy Father is not playing defense or wasting any time maundering over the retreat of Christendom. [Read More…]

The best thing he does is fail

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Those Madcap Resisters

The Administration in its effort to gin up xenophobic fear and malice toward people with brown skin, started a “criminal alien” hotline (1-855-48-VOICE) where people could call in and tell tales of the enemy bacilli infecting our great white nation. Presumably that includes the babies and children threatening to kill us all. Instantly, the hotline [Read More…]

Trump Says “Major, Major” Conflict with North Korea Possible

Two narcissistic sociopaths with no regard for the lives of others hold the fate of millions of innocent people in their hands. Trump, recall, is a man who analyzes the world in terms of ratings. He actually boastingly compared his ratings to 9/11, making clear his sociopathy. He used the suffering of a widow he [Read More…]

Yesterday, Deacon Steve Greydanus and I…

…talked about Confederate statuary, the Civil War, and Bill Nye: [Read more…]

There is something seriously sick with the Church…

…when a bench of judges is scandalized by the merciless cruelty and lust for vengeance of an Administration whose loudest champions are self-proclaimed real Christians. I watched last week as one Christian after another on FB cheered for meting out draconian punishments to innocents who made minor blunder or broke trivial rules. When a judge [Read More…]

On the air with Deacon Steven Greydanus at 5 PM Eastern…

…on Connecting the Dots, talking about life at the movies.  Give us a call at 1-573-4BREAD4. [Read more…]

Bill Nye, Dimestore Eugenicist

An engineer in a lab coat posing as a philosopher does a pop sci show where he asks, “Should we have policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world?” The term for “extra kids” a few decades back was “nutzlose Fresser” or “useless eaters”. Curiously, those who go about deciding who [Read More…]

Yesterday, Rod Bennett and I…

talked about Rene Girard, scapegoating, and Merian C. Cooper, among many other things: [Read more…]