Wow. My respect for Megyn Kelly just went way up

MEGYN KELLY: In your op-ed, you write as follows: ‘Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many.’ But time and time again, history has proven that you got it wrong as well, sir. You said there were no doubts that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass [Read More...]

The Rhymes of History…

…is another fine offering from the Western Sojourn blog. [Read more...]

Pope Francis says world economic system inevitably leads to war

“We are in a world economic system that is not good,” Pope Francis said. “A system that in order to survive must make war, as great empires have always done. But since you cannot have a Third World War, you have regional wars. And what does this mean? That arms are made and sold..” Will [Read More...]

Dinosaur Comics Brings the TRVTH!

Somebody was explaining to me that it is vital for all *real* Catholics to refuse to trust the Magisterium since the council. He really believed he was “free”. All I could think of was Jesus say, “Go in fear. Your suspicion has made you a slave.” [Read more...]


Chris Koch is from Nanton Alberta. He spends his spring, summer and fall working on a farm in Torquay, Saskatchewan. Chris runs the planter & sprayer in the spring, and then a combine in the fall.During the winter he does some public speaking with a theme call “If I Can”.  He’s one of the billion points [Read More...]

Troubled by Nosy People Poking Around in Your Pantry?

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Praise Report and Prayer Request

A reader writes: You and your readers were kind enough to pray for my daughter, Jacqueline, who was diagnosed earlier this year with Stage 4 breast cancer.  She has undergone three orthopedic surgeries, two rounds of chemotherapy, and hormone therapy. She still has two more rounds of chemotherapy plus radiation therapy.  After each of the [Read More...]

Glenn Beck: “Liberals, you were right. We should never have gone into Iraq”

Repentance is good for the soul. Thing is, Andrew Bacevich, Pat Buchanan, St. John Paul and Benedict are not very accurately described as liberals.  But he means well and it’s good to see. [Read more...]

Good news! Justina Pelletier Goes Home

I hope her parents get a gazillion dollars in lawsuit money from the state for this. [Read more...]

Fun Contest!

So, apparently, people are upset about the Washington Redskins, which play some kind of sport point unit goal thing, having to change their name.  Funny old world.  I think it’s a golden opportunity.  How often do you get to name a sport point unit goal team something new? “The Washington Apatosauruses” sounds good to me. [Read More...]

EWTN Denied Exemption from HHS Mandate

Because a non-profit run by nuns and monks is not religious enough. And, of course, the Church needs to be punished by Those of Name. Resist. [Read more...]

Gall, Chutzpah, Nerve, Arrogance, Folly and Pride

Cheney:  Obama “so wrong about so much” For instance, his failure to prosecute Dick “Other Priorities” Cheney for war crimes. File under: Arsonist offers critical remarks on fire department. [Read more...]


“The Americans in their intercourse with strangers appear impatient of the smallest censure and insatiable of praise. The most slender compliment is acceptable to them; the most exalted seldom contents them; they unceasingly harass you to extort praise, and if you resist their entreaties they fall to praising themselves. It would seem as if, doubting [Read More...]

A reader has some glorious good news!

He writes: We reported this via letter to our parish (Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Everett), but thought it might be uplifting for some readers out there as well. My wife and I had trouble having our first child. After 2 miscarriages we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl in January of 2013. [Read More...]

A question above my pay grade

A reader writes: I read the following passage in an article from 14 year ago. It was linked to in a recent article about the 2025 meeting between Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew. If, however, Rome were to downgrade that council—and the Council of Lyons, which in A.D. 1274 issued a similar decree including the [Read More...]

The sort of thing bureaucrats with nothing to do find to worry about…

…is fretting over gender differences in hurricane names. [Read more...]

Hi. I’m 12. This is funny.

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The Mysterious Mind of My Granddaughter

“Now look here, egg. You can’t talk.” – Lucy the Cuteness, to her breakfast [Read more...]

Food for Thought

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The Certainly-Not-Fake-Named Reynaldo Pedregon writes:

Dear Potential Partner, We are facilitating for a private investor who is facing crises in his country. He urgently wants to relocate and invest his funds in a long-term business venture in your country/company under your supervision. The amount available for the investment is 35m euros( Thirty Five Million Euros). My Client is willing to [Read More...]

Weird Books

A friend who used to run the Logos Bookstore here in Seattle sends along this piece on bizarre books that people actually wrote (some of which he remembers selling). Here are just a few samples. There’s a lot more where they came from:   [Read more...]