Interview with Yr. Obdt. Svt.

Daniel Schwindt of Solidarity Hall and I had a good chat last week. Part 1 is here: Part 2 will be up next Monday. Gotta love that freeze frame that Youtube captured! [Read more...]

Artificial Music

Time was when music emerged out of the soul of a people and was created, like wine, ethnic foods, or cheeses by ordinary people and became popular because everybody liked it. It was more like the fruit on a growing vine than like a product (though, of course, musicians needed to be paid like the [Read More...]

Police State Good News (and Bad News)

Good News: “Amid a national furor over police militarization, the San Jose Police Department has decided to get rid of a 15-ton armored vehicle it received earlier this year from a federal military surplus program.” More Good news: San Diego School District returns utterly ridiculous giant armored vehicle. Bad News: While generously foregoing the vitally [Read More...]

Generation Narcissus: Payback is Coming for You. Repent

[Read more...]

Drones Coming to Disney

Drones don’t *have* to be for killing and intruding on your privacy.  They can also be fun. [Read more...]

Dear Silly People who call me a Damn Librul

Only in the diseased world of politicized, heretic-burning, right wing Americanized Catholic “thought” could I–a Catholic who believes all that the holy Catholic Church believes, teaches, and proclaims; who accepts completely the Church’s teaching on the pelvic issues; who hates abortion and euthanasia with a passion; who believes in the infallibility of the pope; who [Read More...]

Interesting Piece on Charismatic Catholicism

…in Crux. Yr. Obdt. Svt. turns up about midway through for a quote. [Read more...]

Heard this from the Lutheran Satire FB page

“I spent my whole life trying to put a battery in backwards before I finally realized that batteries don’t work.” – Every Fundamentalist-Turned-Unbeliever testimonial ever An apt summary of this tragic story. And sadly, a story you won’t necessarily escape entirely in the Catholic Church, if you happen to get sucked into some of its [Read More...]

Semiramis this! Semiramis that!

Fundies are constantly fretting that Mary is “really” Semiramis.  In fact, they worry about it so much, they create easily and documentably false memes: …just to lie other extremely gullible Fundamentalists into believing that Mary is Semiramis and Jesus is Nimrod, even though the statue on the top left is from Cologne Cathedral, south portal  and [Read More...]


Francis tightens the screws on abusers and the bishops who assist them. [Read more...]

Ted Cruz: There really is no bottom…

…to the despicable cynicism of this despicable man. First, he betrays Middle Eastern Christians for the sake of a fund-raising ploy. Now he declares that his critics don’t care about Christians. If the Thing that Used to be Conservatism supports this creep for President they will lose, lose bad, and deserve the beating they get. [Read More...]

Dialogue with Demas

In which we meet a confused Catholic and try to reduce the confusion. [Read more...]

FOX is, like, super-serious and stuff about supporting the troops

The only boobs on the ground were in that studio. Meanwhile, our Ruling Class continues to benefit from a feckless, trivia-suckled media who wouldn’t know accountability if it bit them on the nose. And the net result, as ever, is that the troops who will do the heavy lifting mandated by these chuckleheads get shoveled [Read More...]

Conspiracy Theory

Has anyone considered the possibility that the election of Francis is all part of a massive Jesuit plot to gain control of the Jesuits? [Read more...]

Prayer Requests and Works of Mercy

A reader writes: Please ask all the prayer warriors you know to pray for our daughter Theresa. She’s 9 and newly diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Father, hear our prayer for Theresa’s complete healing in body, soul, and spirit.  Give her caregivers grace, wisdom, counsel, knowledge, understanding, compassion, creativity, insight, skill and the proper technology to [Read More...]

I love Fr. Barron’s takes on pop culture

Who but he could relate World War Z to the Church’s teaching on original sin and redemption? [Read more...]

Another question about the deuterocanon

A reader writes: I have read your article on deuterocanonical books, your reasons on why they should be included in the bible. Can you provide a simplified version of that writing? Sure. Because the Church in union with Peter, the pillar and ground of the truth (1 Timothy 3:15) granted authority by Christ to loose [Read More...]

Question about Mysterious Pain

A reader writes: Here’s a theological question if you need blog material.  I have had a pinched nerve in my hip for 5 years.  Recently it just stopped hurting.  Did the Lord bless me with this, and, if so, why, since I am not at all a good Christian and there are good Christians out [Read More...]

Interesting piece of Marian Art

From St. Mary’s parish in Boise, IN.  A reader writes: Some people find consolation sitting in the front pew with her arm around them, and they like putting babies and small children in her lap. I like it. [Read more...]

Today’s Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

A reader writes Mark here is another opportunity MISSIONS VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY IN COSTA RICA. St. Bryce Missions is looking for people would like to help with the mommies at our pregnancy hostel. The pregnancy hostel is a place where indigenous tribal women come to stay before and after they give birth. They live many days [Read More...]

Question about the Septuagint

A reader writes: Hi Mark! I was reading your book “By What Authority?” (Really great by the way) and was sharing some of it with my evangelical friend, and he brought up something I wasn’t sure how to answer. So I thought I’d ask you. In the book, you mention that the reason the Church [Read More...]