Why More American Muslims are Celebrating Christmas

This is a really hopeful sign for anybody interested in evangelizing Muslims rather than treating them with xenophobic paranoia. [Read more…]

The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ

The Twenty-fifth Day of December, when ages beyond number had run their course from the creation of the world, when God in the beginning created heaven and earth, and formed man in his own likeness; when century upon century had passed since the Almighty set his bow in the clouds after the Great Flood, as [Read More…]

Merry Christmas, all y’all!

Have a glorious Feast of the Incarnation! I will be fairly scarce over the Holidays but will try to check in now and then! God bless you for reading my stuff and may you and all your have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year! [Read more…]

Shaun McAfee remembered my Christmas Wish List!

*Sob* You like me! You really like me! [Read more…]

Yesterday, Deacon Steven Greydanus and I…

gabbed about “Silence” and “Passengers”: [Read more…]

This is why I am not a Cat Person

[Read more…]

Elizabeth Bruenig writes powerfully

…about her struggles with faith in a year of intense personal trials. God love her. [Read more…]

Glory be to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

It is snowing in Seattle on Christmas Eve Eve! [Read more…]

Here’s a fun game for the Holidays

Guess the film or book: Deeply traumatized member of the maritime working class, denied health care benefits and any kind of psychological help, attempts to work through his PTSD after a vicious attack by a wild animal that killed close friends and co-workers and left him permanently disabled. An equal opportunity employer with a multi-ethnic [Read More…]

Christmas Lives On

A lovely essay from a Christian who has done a fine job over the years evangelizing a segment of the population that often doesn’t get a lot of contact with the gospel. [Read more…]

A Resistance is Forming

Hate crimes are up 63% in New York from last year thanks to the ascendancy of Donald Trump. But citizens are pushing back.  Good for them! [Read more…]

Yesterday, Doug O’Brien and I talked about secular Christmas myths

…such as “Christmas is just a warm-over Feast of the Unconquered Sun” and “The census in Luke  never happened”: [Read more…]

Do you like “Connecting the Dots” and other fine shows on Breadbox Media?

Our Grand High Leader “Bad, Bad” Leo Brown writes Interested in helping your church or favorite nonprofit with a year end gift and at the same time help the amazing startup Breadbox Media? Message me on FB or respond here in the combox and I’ll let you know more. Now you know! [Read more…]

Please help Baby Hannah and her family!

Simcha Fisher writes: Please friends, pray for little baby Hannah and her loving family. Hannah was born premature, seemed to be doing okay, but then started having seizures. They now think she has a terminal illness. I can’t imagine what they are all going through. Prayer map in the comments. They are asking for the [Read More…]

British Boy Marvels at Kansas City’s Kindness…

…as he battles bone cancer. Such a beautiful thing to see. Bravo KC! [Read more…]

Yesterday, Rod Bennett and I talked about why good Christmas stories…

…always have an element of terror to them: [Read more…]

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in Old English

Incipit gestis Rudolphi rangifer tarandus Hwæt, Hrodulf readnosa hrandeor – Næfde þæt nieten unsciende næsðyrlas! Glitenode and gladode godlice nosgrisele. Ða hofberendas mid huscwordum hine gehefigodon; Nolden þa geneatas Hrodulf næftig To gomene hraniscum geador ætsomne. Þa in Cristesmæsseæfne stormigum clommum, Halga Claus þæt gemunde to him maðelode: “Neahfreond nihteage nosubeorhtende! Min hroden hrædwæn gelæd [Read More…]

Fascinating to see how people can overcome their differences

…in a genuine desire for the common good: We’re now in a horse race to see if tribalism or love of the common good will prevail. Put me down in favor of the common good. [Read more…]

Taking a look at the boring genealogy in Matthew

…and why it’s actually interesting, over at Catholic Weekly. [Read more…]

Yesterday, Michael Lichens and I had fun

…and you can listen to it here: [Read more…]

Fr. Michael Sweeney, OP is my favorite priest in the universe

Here he is talking about Advent in 2012. If you have a bit of time and want to meet a holy priest who is about the closest you will ever get to meeting St. Thomas in the flesh, here’s your man. I love him to bits. [Read more…]