I am Ichthus…

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Calvinist Eisegesis

A reader writes: The notion that the rich man is being punished for something he did (or did not do) to Lazarus is completely fanciful. Lazarus hung round the gate so that he would get fed the leftovers from the rich people. There is no reason in the actual text of the parable to assume the [Read More...]

This killed me

I well remember being in New Zealand years back, using the loo and having presented for my contemplation a roll of toilet paper that advertised itself as “New Zealand’s Most Trusted Toilet Paper”. Because if you can’t trust your toilet paper, what can you trust? And… Professional Tanning?  Seriously? [Read more...]

Gotta love that Colbert is such a Tolkien Geek

Extra points for the C.S. Lewis quote. I’m hoping Jackson will salvage the disaster of the second movie with the third. We’ll see. Here’s the trailer: [Read more...]

Sarah Harkins Memorial Fund

As you may know from other blogs, a beautiful Catholic wife and mother named Sarah Harkins died suddenly a couple of days ago after complications from bee stings.  She was pregnant.  Her family is, of course, devastated by this tragedy and some beautiful friends of the family have contrived to help them by setting up [Read More...]

I just had an idea for terrifying new Doctor Who monsters

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Aeronautical Dentistry

The boy in me shouts approval!!!! [Read more...]

La Liturgie de Heures

A new scent for when you are feeling la Catholique Francais vibe.  No.  Really. [Read more...]


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It’s the ingratitude that really hurts, you know?

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‘Dog Bites Man’ Is not News

‘Man bites dog’ is.  That’s why it’s news when George Will, Glenn Beck, and Hugh Hewitt break with the Conservative Media Hive Mind and argue that desperate poor children at the border should be treated like human beings and not like the disease-bearing alien terrorists that haunt the imagination of the anti-abortion-but-not-prolife right wing media’s vile [Read More...]

Human toothaches…

… get pulled by the Pliers of Justice. Be strong, you sobbing blobs of empty hysterical outrage. There will be plenty of other opportunities to obsess over ruining other people’s comfort and hope. [Read more...]

When Worlds Collide

Raymond Arroyo interviews the late Elaine Stritch: Not something you see every day. [Read more...]

Stupid Francis-Hating Conservative Tricks

Talking Hairdo at Breitbart complains that Francis is helping kids at US border but not persecuted Iraqis. Yeah. Why doesn’t he unleash some drones or Swiss Guards on ISIS? Um, your honor, the Pope has no divisions. He can pray (and has) for the persecuted Christians in the Mideast. He can express his love and [Read More...]

Pretty Balanced Account of Israel/Palestinian Conflict

…though way behind on the body count. I don’t look to the leadership of either the Israelis or Palestinians for any hope at all.  I look to God and, God willing, the small and unheard of people who are, on both sides, determined to live in peace.  People like Pelosi, who pretend that Hamas is [Read More...]

One Reason for Not Punishing the Poor

…is that we might be next. [Read more...]

More Proof of What a Liberal Disaster Pope Francis is

Here he is writing with naked approval of socialism: “Socialism took two main paths — the democratic and the totalitarian one. Democratic socialism became a healthy counterbalance to radically liberal positions in both existing models. It enriched and corrected them. It proved itself even when religious confessions took over. In England, it was the Catholic [Read More...]

A conservative reader from Kentucky writes…

Mark, the conservative Republican chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the Ky state senate has written a very humble and thoughtful piece on immigration and the crisis on the border. He is a state legislator, not a member of Congress, but he could be a rising star in the Ky GOP and is a refreshing, [Read More...]

Reader Thomas Snowden writes to thank God and Youse Guys

Sez he: I wrote to you back in March asking for prayers for my baby daughter, Beatrix, who has been in the hospital for most of her life.  At the time, we were planning for her to transfer to Boston Children’s Hospital from Atlanta for additional surgeries.  Well, we finally were able to bring her [Read More...]

France Offers Asylum to Mosul’s Christians

An embarrassing coda to a decade of disgrace for the United States.  We should be offering asylum to every single one of these people, since it was our war that resulted in this catastrophe.  Instead, it is the reviled French, who wouldn’t be stampeded into that gigantic act of folly and who got the “freedom [Read More...]

More Muslims Like This Please

Top Muslim leaders condemn ISIS persecution of Iraqi Christians. Good to see. [Read more...]